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  • Tuesday June 12th 2001
    Dead! 11:00 am-
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    So Timothy McVeigh popped his cork yesterday morning. All I can say is good riddance. But there are of course a few nut cases floating around that think McVeigh either is a hero or a product of wrong doing. All I can say is bullshit.

    First up we have Timothy McVeigh Was Telling The Truth It’s Not Your Father’s Mind Control Technology. Kathy Kasten believes it was all implanted microchips. Here’s my favorite quote:

    Those of us who have been researching and investigating rumors of microchip implants for the last 10 years heard that Timothy McVeigh was claiming to have been implanted by the U.S. Army, we could only nod our heads.

    Now I am not by no means a super patriotic guy. But I think that this lady has watched way to much X-Files. This chick works for the University of California.

    The next two kind of go hand in hand. First we have Timothy McVeigh is going to be murdered by Inmate #27523-013. Inmate #27523-013 is also known as Ron Cole. Inmate #27523-013 defense of McVeigh is that McVeigh was at war. And Inmate #27523-013 is using the war is hell defense here. You know the war is hell defense right? In a state of war (sometimes and it’s really to bad) innocent people get killed. Inmate #27523-013 himself is in the clink because “I was raided and arrested by the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Unit on May 1 [1997]. I am a prisoner of that war…”

    For the record Inmate #27523-013 is a member of the Branch Davidians. Inmate #27523-013 supports McVeigh:

    ..the knowledge that my compatriots are backing down in the face of the McVeigh verdict turns my stomach… Not because I support violence or enjoy my environment (which, now, is prison), but because I am right, we are right, the patriot movement and what it stands for is right. As true patriots, we must understand, as General Sherman did, that “war is Hell.” and we’re right in the middle of it.

    And in the same vein of the war is hell defense here we have a message posted on the Free Market forums entitled Timothy McVeigh: An American Hero! No quotes from this one. Just read it yourself. Unbelievable is all I can say.

    Well that’s it. Just wanted to point out a few of these guys. This is six days in a row that I have wrote. Usually I only write while I’m at work. I’ll see if I can keep this up.

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