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Big Fan

Here is a chat transcript from May first and second. This is from a conversation with an AIM user that is a big fan. The idea I have a big fan is a little odd. I just find it strange. But it’s cool. I have taken the liberty of changing the name of the person involved. I hope no offense is taken. This is just something I wanted to share with the rest of you. The idea being that I will get more participation from my silent audience.

Big Fan: hey man
Turk: hey.
Turk: who is this?
Big Fan: i checked out your website
Turk: Thanks.
Big Fan: im a big fan:-D
Turk: Really? That’s cool.
Big Fan: yep yup
Turk: Why? I wonder why people read it.
Big Fan: cuz its interesting
Turk: You from my neck of the woods?
Big Fan: i don’t know
Big Fan: where’s that
Turk: State line of Il and Wis.
Big Fan: nope
Big Fan: Florida
Turk: Neat.
Turk: Wow. Work in hotels?
Big Fan: no
Big Fan: i wait tables
Turk: Close enough.
Big Fan: ever heard of Phillips
Turk: No.
Big Fan: nm
Big Fan: hi
Big Fan: i know your there
Turk: hi
Big Fan: what are u doing
Turk: Just checked someone in.
Big Fan: to what
Turk: The hotel.
Big Fan: what hotel
Turk: The hotel I work at. I’m at work.
Big Fan: which hotel
Turk: Like brand?
Big Fan: yea
Turk: Holiday Inn.
Big Fan: which Holiday Inn
Turk: South Beloit
Big Fan: where is this hotel
Big Fan: i meant where is South Beloit
Turk: In South Beloit, Il. South Beloit is on the stateline right in the middle of il/wi.
Big Fan: cool
Turk: Not really. Middle of no where.
Big Fan: do you have a holiday inn directory with you or near you
Turk: yeah.
Big Fan: will you check something for me
Turk: What?
Big Fan: go to the state of virginia
Turk: ok
Big Fan: and see if there is a holiday inn express in south boston virginia
Turk: yeah
Big Fan: my roommate’s dad owns that one
Turk: really.
Big Fan: yup
Big Fan: his son works at the marriot courtyard up here in fairfax
Turk: Cool.
Big Fan: his family is into the hotel owning business
Big Fan: he is a patel
Turk: Well if that’s his thing cool.
Turk: cool.
Turk: oops.
Big Fan: i myself own a casino
Big Fan: in Atlantic City
Turk: Really?
Big Fan: its kinda small
Turk: How old are you?
Big Fan: but its gets the bills paid
Big Fan: 29
Turk: And you wait tables in florida?
Big Fan: yea
Big Fan: i don’t like to show off what i have
Turk: Sure, me also.
Big Fan: when your in my situation you’d know
Big Fan: you get bored with there’s nothing for you to do
Big Fan: so me i like to be down at the beach
Big Fan: do you have a directory of Atlantic City
Big Fan: look up Dream Castle
Big Fan: i know the people who own the Taj Mahal
Big Fan: i met them at the AAHOA convention
Big Fan: its an indian hotel organization
Big Fan: so were really close
Big Fan: is your hotel booked?
Turk: Nope.
Big Fan: how many rooms are vacant
Big Fan: what’s your occupancy rate per year?
Turk: 78 out of 172 rooms rented. Occ per year I haven’t a clue.
Big Fan: is your holiday inn an award winning hotel
Turk: No. And it’s not my hotel I’m just a peon.
Big Fan: lol
Big Fan: how old are you
Turk: same as you. 29.
Big Fan: cool
Big Fan: are you interested in the hospitality industry
Big Fan: like would like to someday own and operate a hotel
Turk: Not a chance.
Big Fan: why not
Big Fan: its easy
Big Fan: find a location with a lot of demand for hotels
Turk: Because I don’t like the Hospitality biz. Easy it may be but it’s not for me.
Big Fan: then find yourself some cheap labor
Big Fan: what are you interested in
Turk: The internet and computers. And a dab of art.
Big Fan: is that area corporate business or vacation business
Turk: A little of both.
Big Fan: mines all vacation business
Big Fan: LOTS of tourists
Big Fan: some of ’em are so such idiots
Turk: Yeah guests are like that sometimes.
Big Fan: sometimes?!?
Big Fan: if one little thing goes wrong they pout like 5 year olds
Turk: Yeah, well the guests are always right.
Big Fan: but Mr. Hotel Manager my bed is tucked in a little too tight
Big Fan: yea, but they don’t have to act like it all the time
Turk: They just want what they think they deserve.
Big Fan: what they deserve is my foot in their ass
Turk: Sometimes. Sometimes no. It depends on the guest. Sometimes killing them with kindness is a lot more fun.
Big Fan: haha
Big Fan: you mean like annoying the hell of ’em
Big Fan: or talking in an annoying tone
Turk: yeah.
Big Fan: what are you doing
Turk: Surfing.
Turk: You?
Big Fan: papers
Big Fan: did you finish the audit
Turk: what kind of papers?
Turk: Not yet.
Big Fan: payroll, deposit, invoice, etc.
Big Fan: what time is it over there
Turk: 1:44am
Big Fan: working late?
Turk: ten to eight.
Big Fan: the night shift, aye

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