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  • Monday January 17th 2000
    The Real World 6:21 am-
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    Well all kinds of interesting things have been going on here in the web world and also back in the real world. I have had a tremendous boost in hits thanks to those fine people at www.ishouldbeworking.com who you go and see by the way. I went from a meager following of three people (and you know who you are) to almost an average of 60 hits a day. I forgot to put up a link to the www.ishouldbeworking.com link page I’m on. I’m at the top of the page for now. So that’s pretty cool. The only bad thing is if I’m going to actually get people who keep coming back I’m going to have to do more than one update a month as my schedule has been the last couple of months. So I’m working on that. I should have a new installment of the Management Memoirs done soon, I’m just waiting on some editorial help that a friend said they would do.

    I’m also kicking around an idea to start a sort of guest commentary page. Another suggestion from my editor friend. So if you are bored and want to write anything, it doesn’t have to be about hotels or anything just something interesting or hell even something not interesting. I would like some more people to get involved in this just send to me. The e-mail address is @hotelblues.com. I also have a few people that write stuff every once in a while. So I’m hoping to hear from my old bud Sergei Fedorov one of these days. So write in.

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    Saturday January 22nd 2000
    Back To School 10:46 am-
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    I made a trip down to my old high school today. I have not been back for almost a year. I like to go back every once in a while just to see the few teachers I liked. It’s weird to go back there, the school has changed. The main reason I went back was to go and see my old Football Coach who also doubles as a History teacher. Mr. Peterson started when my class were freshman so I think we got to know him better than the rest of the teachers we had. It was like we started high school together in a way.

    While I was sitting there talking to him, I for some reason couldn’t help but think of this one time around my freshman/sophomore year when I was out for basketball. It was at practice and someone came and told Mr. Peterson some bad news. I really don’t remember who told him or if he came to practice knowing this bad news. So any way we had been doing some running drills or something and Fago had falling down and twisted his ankle or some shit like that. So Peterson gave me his keys to go and get bandages and stuff like that. Keep in mind the keys were not only to the coaches office but his keys to his car and home. The varsity coach was leaving to go home around this time so Peterson stressed not to forget to bring the keys back up.

    And of course I forgot the keys down in the office, which I made sure was locked when I came back up. Well he took care of Fago and then asked for his keys. This was when I figured out I left them down in the office. Without sounding as if Peterson was a bad guy He quite frankly snapped. He was pissed. I remember that his face got as red as can be. He told me to go and do stairs. That’s when you run up the stairs and then back down the stairs and repeat. Now under normal circumstances I hate doing stairs. But he was so mad that I obliged him no problem. In fact after he had cooled down and explained what had happened he told me to stop doing the stairs. I clearly remember telling him “That’s ok Coach I’ll just keep doing stairs.”

    You see his uncle or aunt had passed away and he took it pretty hard. But when Peterson told you to do something you did it. There was no smart mouthing or any of that shit. I think (and I’m not a coaching expert) that those ten years ago when my class was in school still, discipline was something we believed in. And I admit that I didn’t really care to much about discipline in the classroom. But for sports I really believe it means something. I don’t claim to know what the football coach for South Beloit is like now but I do know that their record is zero wins. We had a winning record back in the day. My last to years in school is what I’m talking about. And I think it had a lot to do with the coaches we had. You figure out who coached at that time.

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    Friday February 4th 2000
    Because I Can 11:00 am-
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    Well I was going to write a brief bit mentioning that January 31st was the second anniversary of this website, and just didn’t out of laziness. I think it’s kind of funny that this page has made it to two years old. I was out of work last year for the first anniversary of the site. My readership has went up and my frequency of putting up something new has gone down. So I am going to try to put up something more often. I got the forth part of Management Memoirs that I’m stuck on right now, writers block can suck sometimes. Once again I make an offer to anyone out there (be it I know you or not) to write something if you have something you want to say. My old History Teacher told me I should give social commentary a shot, yet I just can’t make up my mind what social commentary is. So if you happen to surf by and you want to be heard send me an e-mail or sign the GuestBook or even toss it in the message board.

    The one other bit of news that is worth mentioning is I have a new Spider coming on board to write some stuff. I have known the guy for a long time so he should put up some interesting material. Spider was a pen name I used to write some rather offensive bits with out having anyone think it was me. It worked for a while. But some people are smart and figured out my so called writing style. Ok only one person that I know of actually figured it out (Hi Pete!). Any way the new Spider has his own password to the server and his own set of tools so he has pretty much free reign to do what he wants. But I trust him with my baby. Hopefully Spider will have something up later today.

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    Saturday February 12th 2000
    Happy Birthday Lainey 1:00 pm-
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    Well it’s been a whole year since my friends the Isley’s became parents. Last year this time wasn’t much of a happy occasion. But today is different. A year ago the kid came fighting into this world. Now she has to fight off all of the people that love to come over and see her. That is the kind of change for the better that I like to see. Anyway the kid has made turn a little more mellow maybe. I don’t even try to play the tough guy around her any more. I couldn’t even if I wanted to now. I am just a big softy I guess. So I say Happy Birthday Elaine.

    On the bad side of this event, I would like to say that a years time has came way too fast. That pace of time has sped up again. In no time we will be celebrating her 16th birthday. That is the only thing I can say is bad about my friends having kids. Lets see in 15 years it will be? 2015 right? Ok in 2015 I’m going to be…. Oh shit I’ll be forty-three.

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    Tuesday February 15th 2000
    For You New People 1:35 pm-
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    I talked to a few of the ladies at work who have just entered the wonderful realm of personnel computing who had a few questions. Now I don’t claim to be a super genius when it comes to this pc stuff. I have been around. So I put up this page that covers how to add pages to your favorites and how to surf to other sites. Now these may seem like a stupid thing to have to show people. But it isn’t. For someone just starting out these are some pretty important questions. So those of you who are already web-savvy can just skip it.

    Now another thing I was telling these ladies about is the AOL Instant Messenger program. It can be downloaded here. This nifty little program lets you talk to other Instant Messenger users or even those people who are actual AOL users. So if you want to be able to IM like all of those AOL fools grab this guy.

    And because I’m feeling nice here’s a link of the day I borrowed from Blue’s News. The link of the day is a place called The Guide To Being L33T. You have to go and read it to really get it. Of course the newbies won’t get it. Sorry.

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    Sunday February 27th 2000
    They Lived Mostly Happily Ever After 10:38 pm-
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    I just finished watching the Story Of Us a Rob Reiner movie starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Phiffer. Now the trailer for this flick kind of gave the impression that there was going to be a unhappy ending. Seeing that I know how Hollywood works I expected a 30/70 chance of a bad ending. I got to say that I was actually pulling for the unhappy ending. Why you may ask? I guess I am kind of sick of the always cheerful ending in some movies. To me that mentality just does not seem to be rational.

    To explicate a little further. You take your average guy or gal (or dude and dudette if that is your particular vernacular) most of the time life isn’t a happy ending. Not that a persons life can equal a two hour movie, there is many ups and downs. I just wish that the movies reflected more of a normal house hold. Why is it that in the movie the people are always rich. There jobs are always real cool. In the movie Bruce was a writer. His wife played by the lovely Michelle Phiffer made the crossword puzzles in the papers. To me that does not reflect what might be the target audience of this movie.

    My oldman in his time has been a janitor, a truck driver, and has had lot of other unglamorous jobs. Same goes for my mother. We never lived in real fancy house or went to real fancy restaurants. All in all everything was pretty average. And hey I’m cool with that. I like average. It not as bad as bellow average and it’s not as good as above average. It’s right there in the middle. I would like to see more movie that capture that kind of feeling.

    Now I’m not saying I don’t like a happy ending in movies. Going to the movies is escapism and should definitely give one a chance to escape. Otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of the movie going experience. Here is what I’m proposing. This of course would put more work in it for the people who make the movies, but who cares that’s why they make all that money. I want movies to come in two flavors, a happy ending and then the unhappy ending. So depending on mood a person could watch the ending that they were really in the frame of mind for.

    Take Casablanca for example. There is a flick that has an unhappy ending. Rick lets the love of his life fly off with some asshole politician. And all poor Rick gets is some French guy to be friends with. Bummer. This is where my alternate ending policy would really kick in. I love watching Casablanca when I’m in a bad mood. But how about when I’m especially chipper and want to see a happy ending for poor Bogart? Damn it if it wouldn’t be cool to see the dame get off of the plane to go running into Rick’s arms. Yeah! That would be cool.

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    Wednesday March 1st 2000
    No News 5:30 am-
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    No news for the entire month of March 2000. But here is a snip from a post in 2001 that tells a little about this month:

    Last March was a lot of fun. The birthday outing was really good. Me and the Izer’s had fun that night. And thanks to the Harem Scarem Escort Service I had company that night. No not that kind of company. We went and saw the Julia Roberts movie Erin Brochivich. Which turned out to be a really good movie.

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