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  • Tuesday March 4th 2003
    This And That 12:37 pm-
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    So you can see there is a new poll running. The last one is now officially over. That one was kind of rigged from the start. I never had any attention to do a website for the hotel. That’s just the way it is and nothing no one can say can change my mind on the subject.

    Which brings me to the new poll. I find it interesting on just how many of you actually know me. In the real world, that is. Because I think the majority of you people don’t know me. So it makes me wonder why that hotel that is the place of my employment gets flustered by what I do here. That is of course if they even give a shit about this site.

    So if you have a chance go vote in this poll.

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    Friday March 7th 2003
    Sobo Coach Quits 1:21 am-
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    My Sobos are in the new again. Potthoff leaving on a high note and Potthoff to leave Sobos are two articles telling about how the Sobo Coach is leaving for greener pastures. I don’t know what to say. Here is a blurb from the second story:

    “The seniors were happy for me and glad that we’re moving on at the same time,” Potthoff said. “But there were some underclassmen who looked a little upset, and it’s going to be very difficult for me to leave them.”

    Apparently it won’t be that difficult for Potthoff to leave them, huh? And sure what do these Senior who are graduating really care if their coach leaves. These guys had a great run and it really doesn’t matter any more for them. But what about these underclassmen? I would be a little upset also. Here is another bit from that second story:

    The move is good not only for Potthoff’s career, but also for his family. He and his wife, Marsha, have lived in Woodstock for seven years. His commute to work will now be 15 minutes instead of 55 minutes.

    So the way it sounds not only money is a factor, but the convenience of being close to home also plays into his difficult departure form South Beloit. And I can’t blame him there. This is a definite case of tough love. Now I don’t want to sound harsh. But I guess I am. I think whatever Potthoff’s motivation (good or bad) it is a blow to the people and any future football team of South Beloit.

    It’s unfortunate this is happening, whatever the reasons. But the Sobos have been down before (I’m not saying their down now) and have came back when no one thought they would. Coaches also come and go. This is another one of those things. Be it for money or because of bullshit school politics. These abandoned underclassmen have got to keep a chin up. And even if this seems to be that their coach is deserting them (and he is). These kids have got to remember that (and I don’t care who say’s differently) they won this championship, not the coaches. And if they have the heart and the determination they can do it again, even without the great Potthoff.

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    Tuesday March 11th 2003
    Charter Suck’s 12:46 am-
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    So for the last three days my high speed internet connection at home has been dead. I’m a little pissed at the fine folks at Charter Support. I’ve called these clowns a total of three times. After the first call I had their procedure down step by step.

    It’s kind of amazing how there are only a handful of things they can suggest for you to do. The second call the wonderful guy at Charter Support told me more or less it was my problem. The words he used were that I had a software or hardware problem on my end. Jeez could you cover yourself a little better than that?

    Fuck this really pisses me off. Just the fact I have to use my back up AOL account pisses me off even more at these fucking clowns at Charter Support. But at least I’m on the net. That’s what I keep telling myself.

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    Wednesday March 12th 2003
    Charter Suck’s Less 5:58 am-
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    Ok the last time I posted I was a little angry with Charter Support. I now have a working net connection at home. My problem is still more or less a mystery. I called Charter Support late last night and the gentleman I spoke with was more helpful than the last few. He didn’t volunteer the info I got from him. I had to ask the right questions. Which makes me think of the Dilbert strips were Dogbert runs a abusive tech support service.

    What I asked was if my firewall would cause any kind of problems. The guy said yes that could be. I told him I was running Zone Alarm Pro, and then asked which firewall they recommend. And of course Zone Alarm is at the top of their list. So I uninstalled Zone Alarm. Still had the problem. I reinstalled Zone Alarm. And I still had the problem.

    So because of the fact I was starting to show signs of withdrawl I decided to try a clean install of the os. Well not a totally clean install. Maybe a not as clean as it could be install. To make a long boring story a short boring story, I now have a working net connection.

    And to make it worse the second tech guy I talked to was right. Some where there was a software issue. I still can’t figure that one out.

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    Wednesday March 19th 2003
    War!? 11:49 pm-
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    Well it looks like the first shots have been fired in our war with Iraq. Both CNN and MSNBC have stories telling about our “decapitation attack” to kill Saddam Hussein. CNN’s headline reads ‘DECAPITATION ATTACK’ in big bold letters. MSNBC has a nice picture of Baghdad exploding. Their headline is WAR, with a nice red bullet point that states “Initial strikes aimed at killing Saddam”.

    So here is were I have to be careful. Because I don’t want to go and pull a Dixie Chick or anything. But I was reading my copy of the Constitution and I had to re read it a few times because I was confused.

    Section. 8.
    The Congress shall have Power…To declare War

    So my question is this Operation Iraqi Freedom a war? Or has the definition of war changed? Dictionary.com defines war as:

    A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties.

    The following bit from the MSNBC story says:

    President Bush told the nation Wednesday night that the “opening stages” of Operation Iraqi Freedom were under way. U.S. forces stepped up what had been intended as an initial softening of the battlefield by launching an aerial bombardment of Baghdad in an attempt to kill Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

    Kinda sounds like a start of a war to me. I found a interesting link on google called Declaring and Waging War: The U.S. Constitution that sums up my query here. So let me repeat that I’m not bashing what’s going on over there. I’m not for or against it. In fact I have no real opinion on this subject that I will utter here or any where else. I’m just thinking aloud.

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    Monday March 24th 2003
    Link 3:01 pm-
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    One of the latest posts from a site I check out now and then has something that I can’t help but think is directed toward me. Now maybe I’m paranoid and maybe this site isn’t talking about me. Here is just a bit from this article:

    I’ve heard some people… commenting is the word I’ll use… I’ve heard some people *commenting* on the US attacking Iraq. I’ve heard some people saying “Oh, the headlines say war. Is this a war? I thought Congress was supposed to declare war. Or at least that’s what it says in this thing called the constitution… Yada yada yada…”

    Later as you read on this guys says “…you could take a second or two out of playing video games…”

    Of all that this guy said this one little bit bothers me the most. Fuck you man! I don’t play video games, ok? Video games are what kids play, alright? I happen to play Computer Games. And there is a difference.

    Other than the video game thing I agree totally with what this dude says. I can’t argue with the guy at all. If he’s talking about me. Go take a look at the site and if you got any questions or comments leave them in the forum.

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    Wednesday March 26th 2003
    Galciv Shots 8:41 am-
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    Galactic Civilizations is the game Master Of Orion 3 should have been. If you made the mistake of buying MOO3 let me tell you that a true successor to MOO2 is this game, not that piece of shit that is called MOO3. Here are some shots showing off this great game:

    Galciv Shots Galciv Shots

    Galactic Civilizations is one of those strategy games that are referred to as a 4x type of strategy game. I never can remember what the four x’s stand for, so don’t ask me. It is a fun space empire kind of game and it is tons of fun. Check the link up above for more info than you’ll know what to do with.

    Another neat thing about Galactic Civilizations is that you can buy it directly from the developer and download it as soon as your credit card clears. You also have an option to pay five to ten bucks more to get a cd shipped to you.

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