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  • Friday December 9th 2005
    Steak Stink Room 1:14 am-
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    I had a rocket scientist tonight people. I swear the amount of stupid inbred retards this hotel attracts is amazing. This “guest” (and I use the word lightly) calls me up from his room. The problem being that the room smells like steak. Now at first I figured it was the guys foreign/drunken accent and I was miss hearing him. I’ve worked in the place a long long time and I’ve never ever experienced this phenomenon of rooms stinking like steak.

    So once it was established that it was his room stinking of steak I immediately came to a number of conclusions. First and foremost is that this guy was looking to get a discount. Secondly that the guy was just slightly off his rocker to use stinking of steak as his excuse to get the money off his room. I’ve heard a lot of stupid excuse people would use to get money back but this clenches it as the dumbest one yet.

    Now I’m the kind of person who enjoys these assholes. So I go through the proper steps to deal with this nutter. First I apologize for the stinking steak smell of his room. Now I knew the guy wanted money back. But he (they really always) couldn’t cut right to the chase. He had to embellish his story of stinking meat for much longer than needed. Next I offer him the solutions available to me at this time of night. The only one being moving from his steak stinkified room.

    But of course this would solve the problem and cut against his goal of money back. So of course it’s a no can do on the move. These kinds of cheap ass guests always have a counter to the easy fix to their problem. This guy had a friend that was of course heavily medicated. So heavily medicated that a move was not possible. The guy won’t give up though. He keeps me on the phone like I’m holding back my team of top secret steak stink cleaners. I have to tell him that the only option tonight is moving. End of story.

    Well of course this goes against his goal of getting money back so we come the end of our conversation on the phone. These guests next almost always make an appearance at the desk. To be able to hammer home the tragedy of their complaint. In this case I’m privileged with about twenty more minutes of this guys steak stink. Honestly it’s at this point in this game I would like to be able to tell the cheap bastard to pack it in the ass and get the fuck out of my hotel. But I can’t. I only reiterate the only solution to his steak stink room is moving and I tell him further solutions await him in the morning with the managers.

    Before the guy leaves the front desk area he reaches across the counter to offer me his hand to shake. I hate when they do this. I do not want to shake a customers fucking hand. I haven’t the slightest idea where his hand has been and I would rather not touch it. Of course this is slightly rude I suppose. I always pause awkwardly for a minute before excepting the handshake. After the guest leaves I make a beeline tot he bathroom to wash my now possibly infected hand.

    Now to be clear I want to mention that I don’t really give two shits whether there was a stink of steak coming from the guys room. Don’t care in the slightest bit about these peoples bullshit stories. True or not it’s always the same thing with these kinds of customers. They want money back because their fucking cheapskates. I’ve seen these kinds of people quite frequently in my time at the hotel and I can spot them from a mile away.

    The last talk I had with this guy I made it clear that he was not going to get a lot of help in the morning from management seeing how he refused to move. If you refuse our help at the time of the complaint how can you expect something to be done eight hours after the fact. This of course was a outright blatant lie, a bluff if you will in my attempts to foil these kinds of people. Management would have gave this guy money back. And that goes against my purpose in life of sticking it to the guests when I can.

    After about thirty minutes I got another call from my guy in the steak stinky room. He had fallen for my bluff. The guest called apologizing left and right about his mistake. The steak stink was from the room service they had ordered earlier. He blubbered a few times with apologies. He made sure to tell me not to mention this to the managers in the morning because it was all a mistake on his part. I of course accepted his apology and told him to have a good night. You see the extent these people will go to save a few bucks? It disgusts me more and more. But I’m happy that this unhappy costumer has been dealt with in the manner they deserve.

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    Tuesday November 18th 2003
    Hotel Hate! 7:00 pm-
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    You know what else pisses me off? When a guest says to me “I haven’t seen you here before.” Now maybe this is some trivial shit here. But I just heard this shit and I wanted to rant. I’m in the ranting state of mind. And the littlest thing could set me off.

    Back to the “I haven’t seen you here before” shit. How do you respond to that? Really now I mean it. This is like a training question. How would you the hotel employee respond after a guest told you this “I haven’t seen you here before” shit?

    My answer? My suck ass corporate shill answer? It was “third shift works odd hours sir. We do four days on four days off. So there is a stretch of days you wouldn’t see me.” Kinda long winded huh? But this is the way you have to answer this kind of stupid guest question.

    Now what I would have liked to say to this guest? It would go something like this “Haven’t seen me before? I have only worked at this shithole for the last fucking decade. Open your fucking eyes you blind stupid bastard!” Or something like that, followed by a psychotic nervous breakdown were I nearly beat the guest to death with any blunt instrument I can find.

    Man I have to check my gay points thing, because I just may have to mark my self off some for this kind of negative professional winning attitude (sort of like those gay professional winning words except not as gay because I came up with the term). What kind of points should I dock my self? I think ten points will be fair. 2 more points and I have 35, to bad no one knows what really happens when you hit 35. I guess I’ll get a paid day off or something nice like that. To bad I’ll never really get 35 at the hotel, thanks to the fact some managers have nice schedules.

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    Thursday January 30th 2003
    I Hate People 3:50 am-
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    I did a quick search for this posts topic and came up short. This surprises me. So let me say with no doubt in my mind, that I hate the hotel’s guests. I hate them all. They are the stupidest people I’ve had the displeasure to meet. Drunken hillbilly stupid sonsabitchs.

    Take that in for a moment and you may ponder why it is I work at a place of business that one has to deal with customers. If you asked me this question I would have to just stare blankly at you. Because I don’t have the slightest clue why I work at the hotel.

    Back to the drunken hillbilly stupid sonsabitchs. I don’t care who they are. What I mean is if the guest is just some family traveling to those assholes that are with some place of business. It’s that last group I hate the most.

    I don’t give two shits what company you are with. Just because you happen to work for the guys who make the machines that makes the shakes at McDonald’s doesn’t mean I’m going to treat you like your god. Fuck you and fuck your company. I treat everyone the same way they treat me. Of course this may not be the best way to handle a hotels clientele.

    But why is it that people act like that? Does working for so and so company make them a better class of person? No I think it doesn’t. And I understand that these fucks are big money for the hotel. But I will not take this kind of shit from these before mentioned drunken hillbilly stupid sonsabitchs. If your an asshole to me, then I’m going to be an asshole right back at you.

    These guys that motivated me to write this for instance are either to drunk or stupid (possibly both) to look up a phone number for a bar. So naturally these fucks call me and want me to get the number for them. I tell them I don’t have a phone book handy and to try the phone book in their room. Then they ask me what time this bar closes. In their drunken stupor and possible ignorance assume I work at this shithole bar part time. So I tell them I don’t know. A simple truthful answer.

    Well this isn’t good enough for these fucks. They hang up and call back, but this time a different asshole asks the same thing. The skill of looking up a phone number is to much for these guys? I tell them the same answer as before. This is when I get the “I work for so and so” line. I again state that I don’t have a phone book handy and they hang up on me. So I decide to look up the number and I call the shithole bar and ask what time they are open till. I call the incompetent asshole back and relay the information.

    Then these great guests of the so and so company walk out the front doors of the hotel with open bottles of beer. Which is kinda illegal in these parts. I would have liked to called the cops on them, but didn’t. The very brief one hour goes by and these even drunker fucks come back.

    One of the gentleman (and I use the term lightly) asks me how much a cab ride costs from the shithole bar to the hotel. I was kind of baffled that the guy who just took a cab didn’t know what he paid for the cab ride. Again I give him the honest answer that I don’t know what the going price is on a cab ride. This jackass then goes on with his drunken hillbilly cohorts on how he “can’t believe that this guy doesn’t know what the cab costs.” I say to him that I don’t use the cabs, I have a car. Hence I don’t know what the prices are on the cab rides.

    Again to me this is a pretty logical answer to his drunken statement. But this drunk fuck keeps repeating how he can’t believe that I don’t know the cab prices. It was around this point I wish I could sterilize the whole lot of these asshole, for the sake of mankind. I’m sure that if these drunk fucks can even remember the events of the night in the morning they will probably complain about me.

    And the thought of this doesn’t bother in the least. I do my job. And the one thing I know is part of my job is not putting up with the kind of drunken hillbilly stupid sonsabitchs the hotel attracts. Man I hate people.

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    Thursday September 26th 2002
    This And That 10:58 am-
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    Jesus I hate my job. It’s the people you know. I said this before, even recently. But I can’t stress how much I hate the people at the hotel. And yeah it’s my job to see the people and interact with them. But god almighty I hate it. If I could only be left alone to do my job I would be so happy.

    And it’s the little things that get me thinking like this. This fucking chucklehead comes in this morning. He wants a room. He says he wants it for one day. So I inform him that if he checks in now he has to be out at noon. It’s the way it is. It’s the way it has always been.

    But this asshole has to try to play games. He says to me that the manager had let him do it before. He can’t even get the managers name right. So I tell him if he doesn’t like it he can check in when the manager is here. He asks if she comes in this morning. I tell him no she doesn’t.

    So then the guy leaves. He goes out to the his car and sits for a minute or two and comes back in. Ok now he wants the room. So I reiterate that check out is at noon. And I also charge the asshole full rate for his little stay.

    That’s terrible isn’t it? But you know what? That’s the way it is. It’s my hotel when I’m there. I don’t care who or what has told some customer that the rules are different for them. Not on my shift. I do follow some rules.

    And for the record I treat everyone like this. I don’t give a shit if you the customer thinks they are important. I don’t care if you own a business or have a lot of money. I don’t care who it is you think you know at the hotel. All that doesn’t mean a thing to me. I treat others as they treat me.

    I also want to say this is all dedicated to the schmuck in 254.

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