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  • Wednesday December 29th 2004
    SW:KOTOR:TSL 5:19 am-
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    So I’ve been playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (developed by Obsidian Entertainment) on the Xbox these last few days. It’s not what I would call a sequel, it’s more like a expansion pack really. Not that it isn’t a good game. It’s just more of the same with some new feats/force powers/prestige classes thrown in with a new story. You can sway your party members to your side of the force, which opens up a whole new angle on the game. But it loses some of the immersion that I loved about the first KOTOR.

    I’ve only made it to the second planet so far and I’ve yet to feel any of the Jedi Guilt that I experienced in the first game. You know the stuff I’m talking about, those conversations with Bastila where she nags the shit out of you for doing a bad dead. I miss that. And sure it was probably all scripted sequences in the first one. I just find myself missing that here in this second game. I just don’t feel like my party members care if I am good or bad in this one. I don’t notice them questioning me if I’m bad.

    And I’ve done my fair share of bad deeds in KOTOR:TSL. My favorite evil moment so far was using the Jedi Mind Trick to force two thugs in Nar Shaddaa to give me their money and then jump off a ledge so they plummeted to their deaths. The lack of nagging is making it so much easier for me to be evil. I find it refreshing. I’m looking forward to embracing the Dark Side like the way a fat guys craves candy. And I don’t consider myself evil really. It’s just that I relish the fact I can do the evil things I would like to do in real life but can’t because of the those pesky laws we have in these kinds of games.

    There is a down side to playing this game. It’s cut into my World of Warcraft play time even more than the 500 issues of the Amazing Spider-Man comic did. And don’t get me wrong. I have no intention of quiting WoW. I’m just taking a minor break is all. Anyway this time away from WoW insures all my friends in the guild will be a higher level than me and thats the we it should be.

    XoYZw Qr b I PRic a
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    Saturday July 19th 2003
    Jedi Guilt 6:27 am-
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    So I’m playing the Xbox game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and I’ve been enjoying running around in this rpg. It’s a game made by Bioware, the same folks that made the great Baldurs Gate games. Kotor (as it will be refered to here on) plays more like the above mentioned Baldurs Gate games than Bioware’s other rpg Neverwinter Nights.

    And this is a good thing. Really it is. I mean come on who doesn’t want to have fake romances with computer controlled npc’s? And this little point is were I may have a problem with the game.

    First let me explain the setup here. As long as you haven’t had your head buried in the sand for twenty years you will probably guess a Star Wars game is going to let you be a Jedi. And I say this because I don’t want to ruin anyones experience with the game.

    My biggest problem is I want to be evil. I like being evil. I’m not Gawain evil, but I enjoy taking candy from babies. So I want to become a Dark Jedi. No problem there right? Wrong. I picked this goody two shoes Jedi chick and she constantly rides me about my “so called” evil deeds. And some of the things I do don’t really rate high on the evil meter.

    How bad is it to threaten a weakling npc vendor with death so I can get a discount? Not that bad the way I figure it. But oh no, the game gives me a Dark Force Point! Bad me. And the nice Jedi chick tells me she’s so disappointed in me. This should be no big thing, right?

    Well I notice that I reload my game and I go and be all nice with this little puss vendor. I pay full price for my purchase and everyone is happy. Except me. I didn’t really want to reload my game. It was some kind of guilty reaction to a stupid computer game character. I mean how bad is my life that I have to worry about how computer characters think about me?

    Not a lot really is the answer I expect I will get. But of course I do plan on murdering this nice Jedi bitch and getting some nice Dark Force points for it. Of course the damn game probably won’t even let me kill members of my own party. But hey I wouldn’t be truly evil if I didn’t try.

    Originally appeared at Digitalalloy.com

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    Friday July 18th 2003
    This And That 1:57 am-
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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is everything I hoped and heard it was. Wow what a game. If you dig Star Wars and you have a Xbox go and get this game. You can see the influence of Baldur’s Gate in this game. The boys at Bioware have another hit on there hands.

    I’ve already become a Jedi and I’m working through Dantooine right now. The D20 rules work perfect here and my guy is one duel wielding bad ass. I need to find another saber. Right now I’m using a lightsaber and a vibro sword. A cool thing they did with items is allowing some items to be upgraded. Kind of like the way items are handled in Diablo 2.

    I guess I’ll be on vacation from Dark Age of Camelot for a little bit. But don’t worry I’ll still check in now and then while I enjoy my time in a good Star Wars rpg.

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    Wednesday July 16th 2003
    Needs And Wants 4:03 am-
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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a game that I must have. It is a game I want. It is a game I need. Yeah I’m a geek. More to the point I’m a Star Wars Geek. But this game has what a Star Wars fan wants and needs in a rpg. Forget the mmorpg based Star Wars game. Buy this one.

    If you don’t believe me read this. Yeah it’s just an IGN review. But if what this guy writes is true, well I will find myself very busy with this game.

    Needs And Wants Needs And Wants
    Needs And Wants Needs And Wants
    Needs And Wants Needs And Wants

    And it looks great. I just can’t wait to get it. It’s in stores today. And I will be camping out the local Gamestop if I have to. I may even need to take a break from Dark Age of Camelot for this one. But not for to long of course.

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    Saturday January 4th 2003
    More Xbox 11:58 pm-
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    Well I just beat Halo on the easy setting. I admit it’s not really that much of an achievement. Not much of an achievement on easy, on the higher difficulty it’s a different story. And again I say Halo is a great game. It is one of the better fps on any system. The PC version won’t be out for a while. At least thats the way it sounds. I was amazed how much better the graphics were when I moved the xbox to a 27 inch tv. The old tv was an ancient little thing, compared to the 27 inch.

    I also picked up the Xbox game Mechassault. This another game I picked up because of the guys at Penny Arcade. Mechassault is one of those Xbox Live enabled games, which me not having Xbox Live doesn’t do much for me. But it does have a really decent single player campaign. I’m having some difficulty picking this one up. I’m getting there, but I would get my ass handed to me playing online. So I’m no Mech King, but I’m trying.

    I need to pick up a good RPG for my Xbox. I have three choices. Two of them are games I already own. The third game isn’t out yet.

    First choice would be Baldur’s Gate:Dark Alliance a great game I played the hell out of on the PS2. I’m not sure I want to buy it again. There really isn’t much re-playability left on that one.

    Second choice is Morrowind. Morrowind a game I have had for the PC for a while now. A game I still have yet to explore fully. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what Morrowind can offer. I most likely will pick this one up because it’s out now.

    The third game isn’t out yet and there really isn’t a solid release date as of yet. But who can pass up a honest to god Star Wars single player RPG? Man not me. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic like Halo is one of the reasons I bought the Xbox. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is another Xbox title that is supposed to be coming to the PC. SW:KOTOR is developed by Bioware. Bioware are the guys who did the classic Baldur’s Gate games. Again a must buy.

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    Saturday December 28th 2002
    The Xbox 6:01 am-
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    I bought a Xbox. I bought a Xbox and Halo. I bought a Xbox, Halo, and the Xbox dvd controller. Oh yeah I got the Xbox that includes the two sega games. Two games that will never enter my Xbox.Two games I sure as shit wouldn’t have wasted my hard earned money on. JSRF Jet Set Radio Future and SEGA GT 2002 are the kind of games I really don’t like. I don’t like racing games. JSRF is the kind of console style game that makes my head hurt.

    Halo is quite good. I was worried about it. I was worried about the whole using a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. Me and FPS on consoles usually don’t get along. I’m not having that problem with Halo. Halo’s controls just work. Sure I need some practice with the sniper rifle, other than that it just works.

    With the Xbox I have upgraded dvd playback. My poor old PS2 was just not doing it. All the dvd’s that had problems with the PS2 work fine on the Xbox. And I have zoom now. The Xbox will also rip audio cd’s onto it’s hard drive. How cool is that?

    If this site is lacking in updates it can be blamed on Halo, Dark Age of Camelot, and the AOD guild site. Man I need more time.

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