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  • Friday October 6th 2006
    Shithole Robbed, Again 3:02 pm-
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    Man what a day off. Nothing like talking to the man and having your domicile searched.

    The "Good" Cops Card

    Update 4:49 pm
    So as it turns out the shithole that I was fired from was robbed at an undetermined time yesterday supposedly. I have no concrete dates and times because the good cop/bad cop that questioned me didn’t having a fucking clue as they decided it was best to come right away and question me.

    They were following procedures they said in questioning me. They had asked for names of employees recently fired. They were prepared enough when they arrived at my house. One local police car, one county car, and one county van (paddy wagon?). At the station they had also already called in the csi guy to get my finger prints. So excuse me if I don’t believe the “we are following procedure” cover story.

    The questioning was a standard affair. The “good” cop asked the questions and the “bad” cop wrote down what I said. The “bad” cop looked like he was very good at being the tough guy bad cop. The whole questioning revolved around them asking pointed questions all leading up to the same place. As I asked questions back it is revealed that computer equipment was stolen.

    So all of the questions of course did lead up to the inevitable end that I’m am a computer guy so I would steal the computers. I was asked what I had access to. I was asked if I had ever been in stuff that I shouldn’t. I was asked if I knew anyone else who would be disgruntled enough to steal from work. Which I replied everyone who works there, past and present.

    The whole thing was rather scary. If it is as I suspect and I was point blank accused of stealing the shitholes fucked up computer. I don’t know of anyone stupid enough to want to steal those shitty virus ridden computers. I wouldn’t that much is fucking certain. I’m sure as shit not going to keep the shit I stole at my house. More than anything I took that as an insult to my intelligence.

    Let me be perfectly clear that there is nothing I want from that hotel. The only thing that will please me is to hear that the place went out of business. I would smile if I heard that something very fucking horrible happened to either the gm or the sheriff. I won’t waste my time wishing for their demise. In good time every one of those worthless cocksuckers will get whats coming to them. Some sooner than others.

    Since getting a new job I was ready to forget about filing my complaint against the hotel regarding the Equal Pay Act. But now I’m more than ready to take this complaint stuff to the bitter fucking end. I’m also going to use the Freedom of Information Act to get copies of the police report concerning this matter they felt I was worth talking to about. I’ll post that info here when I get it.

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    Saturday October 7th 2006
    Unemployment 2:04 pm-
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    Small update on my unemployment status. Those bastards at the worst hotel ever fought my unemployment. Which really is no surprise seeing the character (douche bags) of both the gm and the sheriff. First pic is the notice of them fighting. The second is the notice saying I get unemployment.

    Shithole Fights Unemployment Shithole Looses, I Win

    Worthless fucks. Honestly I will never stop bad mouthing these people. I will take great glee when we are sold out and people will ask for where else they can stay. I will take great pains to explain how bad the hotel is and how worthless the employees are that run it. I also will enjoy spending my free money from those assholes for my week and a half of unemployment.

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    Friday October 13th 2006
    The Story So Far 6:01 am-
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    Been a while since I wrote. A recap is on order I imagine. All links open in a new window (tab).

    Everything really started when they hired a female night auditor that made more than me. Which pissed me off enough to file an Equal Pay Act complaint against the worst hotel ever. Meanwhile the higher paid night auditor had some issues doing her job. Then I went on vacation. While on vacation I published two articles looking at the worst hotel ever’s owners and managers. My vacation ended and the next day I’m “fired” over the phone.

    For the next week and a half I drink lots of beer, apply at a number of places, file for unemployment, and update my compliant against the worst hotel ever with the people at the Illinois Department of Labor. I also get my last paycheck and get a copy of my ten page personnel record. The first week of October I’m visited by the police, whom consider me a suspect of a recent robbery at the worst hotel ever. They question me, fingerprint me, and search my house. Around the same time I win my week and a half of unemployment that the worst hotel ever decided to fight.

    Which brings me to right now. I’m working again. As an auditor. I do not wear any red. I wear the blues of the chain I prefer. I’m making more money. This hotel has competent managers and employees. Everyone is kind to each other. And so far I’ve seen no sneaky back stabbing take place. It’s a little strange to work at a place that wants to make money. A place that really cares about the customers. They even pay their bills on time. This hotel is the polar opposite of the worst hotel ever.

    I plan to write more about this new hotel. But it will be positive writing. I can compare the two hotels. I can write about how a real front desk manager acts compared to how the sheriff did things. I can write about the other auditor who does not have bad eyes and studies physics in college. It’s going to be a little weird as I turn into something positive all of the sudden.

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    Thursday October 26th 2006
    Supreme Commander Beta 2:11 am-
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    The Supreme Commander Beta is up on Fileplanet. Here are shots of the game:

    One Two
    Three Four

    Supreme Commander is a RTS made by the same guys who made my favorite RTS of all time Total Annihilation. Let say right now that Supreme Commander is Total Annihilation 2. Make no mistake about it. When this game comes out it will be a must have for anyone who loves RTS games.

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    Saturday October 28th 2006
    Equal Pay Act Update 1:48 pm-
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    The contender for the biggest douche bag in the universe responds to my Equal Pay Act complaint:

    One Two

    For fun the gm douche bag cites two of my posts: Equal Pay Act and Times Up. My response will come in 30 days.

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