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  • Thursday August 3rd 2006
    IM Chat Log 4:02 am-
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    [03:52] Turk: Shithole Inn plans for future
    [03:52] Gawain: is that you?
    [03:52] Turk: yep
    [03:53] Gawain: hows that cattails?
    [03:53] Turk: Colleen Vivian is a twat
    [03:53] Turk: it sucks bad
    [03:53] Gawain: aw
    [03:53] Gawain: but it serves good home cooked food at an afordable price!
    [03:53] Turk: bad food
    [03:53] Turk: worse service
    [03:53] Turk: jesus
    [03:54] Turk: that end of the building would be burned down if I was in charge
    [03:54] Gawain: Vivian currently is working on her master’s degree with the American Intercontinental University online. She received her bachelor’s degree from them in business management, with emphasis in marketing. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA
    [03:54] Turk: yeah
    [03:54] Turk: she’s a twat
    [03:54] Gawain: holy crap dude. the Intercontinental University Online
    [03:54] Gawain: seriously.
    [03:54] Gawain: god I wouldn’t want that published.
    [03:54] Turk: heh
    [03:54] Gawain: Id just say I was getting my degree.
    [03:55] Turk: well she is working for the bottom of the barrel
    [03:55] Gawain: This whole article is written poorly. I wonder if I should call your hotel up and ask them If they need a new public relations manager.
    [03:55] Gawain: because jesus christ.
    [03:55] Turk: no such thing
    [03:56] Turk: thats as good as the daily news gets
    [03:56] Gawain: I can’t believe she referred to your area as “working class”
    [03:56] Turk: heh
    [03:56] Gawain: thats rule number fucking one.
    [03:56] Gawain: you NEVER put your customers in a “class”
    [03:56] Gawain: jesus.
    [03:56] Turk: twat
    [03:56] Gawain: what makes me sad is that she probably makes more than me.
    [03:56] Turk: god
    [03:57] Turk: don’t make me think about that
    [03:57] Gawain: lol
    [03:57] Turk: a twat makes more than me
    [03:57] Gawain: her plans include adding a new vending area? THAT IS HER BIG PLAN? ANOTHER GODDAMN SNACK MACHINE??!
    [03:57] Turk: no
    [03:57] Turk: there are no snack machines in the hotel
    [03:57] Turk: none
    [03:58] Turk: as it is now
    [03:58] Gawain: it says shes adding a new vending area.
    [03:58] Turk: yeah sure
    [03:58] Turk: when?
    [03:58] Gawain: I guess that could be a little in-house shop or something.
    [03:58] Turk: news to me
    [03:58] Gawain: lol. its you.
    [03:58] Gawain: they’re gonna give you some boxes of candy bars to sell.
    [03:58] Turk: we have a “gift shop”
    [03:58] Gawain: HAHAHAHAH
    [03:58] Turk: they are open 7am-11pm
    [03:58] Turk: thats it
    [03:58] Gawain: “we’re adding a new vending area. Here he is now, working behind the desk.”
    [03:58] Gawain: HAHAHAHHAHA
    [03:59] Gawain: “hey vending area, go peddle these candybars”
    [03:59] Gawain: im dying
    [03:59] Gawain: hahahahaahaha
    [03:59] Gawain: I can see you wearing a little paper hat
    [03:59] Gawain: hahahahahahahah
    [03:59] Turk: not very funny from were I’m sitting
    [03:59] Gawain: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHHAHAHAhihagovrebaw
    [04:00] Gawain: oh jesus. oh god. hahahah
    [04:00] Gawain: I woke meg up. shit.
    [04:00] Turk: heh
    [04:01] Gawain: I can’t explain to her why this is so funny.
    [04:01] Turk: heh
    [04:02] Turk: it’s not funny

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    Friday August 4th 2006
    In The End 1:29 am-
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    The Highlander Movie taught me one thing: in the end, there can be only one. "Look out for number one" is another saying that does not involve cutting off peoples' heads. At this point and time I need to be thinking about me. The number one thing is my happiness. That's my goal. Pretty simple. But right now I'm not even close to that goal.

    The hotel is always blocking my goal of happiness. It sucks the life from me and I let it do so. I think I've finally woken up. Here is why: the night auditor hired to replace the lady quitting on the 10th of this month is making ten dollars a hour. The last raise I got put me up to 8.75 a hour. That was well over 5 years and 6 months ago. Which really confuses me. I've been here longer than any of the current managers. I have not missed a day in ten years.

    So why don't I make what the new people get? What is my sin that I get paid 1.25 less than them? Is it this website and my attitude? Is it that I expect managers to show some common courtesy to their employees that makes me such a bad employee? If you listen to Some Guy I'm not even fit to work in the industry. Again, because I speak up about the things that I see are wrong? I'm a bad hotel employee because I expect these things that I see wrong to be fixed?

    And because of these beliefs/ideals of mine I deserve to make 8.75? I'm not worth any more is that it? Some new person that I doubt will stick around as long as me gets 10 bucks to start. That's fair I suppose isn't it? I tell you what is going to be fair. August 10th the one lady quits. Also on that day the sheriff goes on vacation. With any amount of luck I am going to do my damnedest to quit that day. It's only fair that I repay the hotel the same loyalty it shows me.

    I told the sheriff in the beginning I would not give two weeks notice and I have every intention of upholding that. It's the least I could do. If I get my way this is what I'm going to do. On the 10th I'm going in at 11pm as per the usual. After the second shift person leaves I'm going to call the gm in his hotel room and tell him he has 5 minutes to come down and take over. Five minutes later I'm leaving. If the gm is down at the desk or not I'm gone. It will have been a long time coming. And yes it's a cheap, childish thing to do. I don't care. It's going to make me feel good.

    I'm going to track my progress to the deadline on the 10th here on my site. I'm going to write about it in every detail. The places I go to apply at, my resume, anything that provides information on my progress towards my deadline of the 10th. I have a lot of work ahead of me and I'll need all the luck I can get.

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    Monday August 7th 2006
    F&B Troubles 2:19 am-
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    Trouble in the F&B department:

    August 5th 2006
    Management and Employees:

    This is to notify you that as of NOW Cathy P and Karla B have resigned. We do not feel we owe the Management any notice due to the fact we have already been replaced and you are using us to train your new staff.

    The F&B Manager has hired <Name Removed> as the Restaurant Manager (who has no experience in the restaurant business but is a friend of hers)? <Name Removed> was hired to train as Bar Manager, which he told numerous people both at the Shithole and outside the Shithole. Another new hire for bartending was told her hours would increase as soon as Cathy and Karla are weeded out. This conversation was overheard by another Management employee who informed both Cathy and Karla of this. When Cathy approached the F&B Manager with this info. The F&B Manager told her she needed to chose between Management and bartending. Cathy found the remark confusing, as a Restaurant and a Bar Manager have already been hired along with two other bartenders that are in the training process.

    After three years of loyal service and numerous hours of personal time that we have both invested into the Shithole we have decided not to be used by F&B and the GM to train our replacements.

    Good luck and Goodbye to all of our friends.

    Even though I’ve often said negative things about the hotels restaurant and bar I do feel for the employees of the hotel. To have to put up with this kind of treatment is terrible. This is further proof of the kind of management at the hotel. The kind that does not give two shits about it’s employees. They don’t even care to hide the fact that they try to replace someone. If you work there and you think that the management gives a shit about you, I’m sorry to say that you are sadly mistaken. This management team does not care about it’s employees and they don’t even try to fake it. They are the worst management this hotel has ever had. And they are some of the worst people I have ever had the displeasure to meet.

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    Wednesday August 9th 2006
    The Issue 1:52 am-
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    I was late getting to work tonight. The second shift lady not wanting to have to work my shift calls the sheriff. The sheriff tells the second shift lady to call the gm. Big surprise there. So the second shift lady calls the gm’s Douche Bag’s hotel room. She gets no answer. Another big surprise. She is smart enough to leave the gm a message. Which at just about this point I show up 24 minutes late.

    The second shift lady explains everything that had happened in my 24 minute absence. She warns me that the gm Douche Bag may call in regards to her message. Which he does. Now mind you that I’ve not spoken more than three or four words to the gm since the first time we talked and his subsequent commenting frenzy. His call is as brief as any of our recent conversations. It went something like this:

    Douche Bag: I hear you were late. What is the issue?
    Me: Issue?
    Douche Bag: Yes the issue.
    Me: The Issue why I was late?
    Douche Bag: Yes.
    Me: The issue is that I was late.
    Douche Bag: Ok.

    Now the whole thing was very confusing to me. For a number of reasons. The issue? I’m still stumped by that. The issue is that I hate my job and you and everyone at the hotel and that I have to talk myself into coming into work and I have to continue to talk myself into staying once I get to work. That is the fucking issue. Can I tell him that? Should I have told him that? Fuck him. If the gm does not know my issues with the hotel by now, he will never know them.

    And when did being late really become an issue? The idiot seemed to get by quite fine without ever getting or trouble. I wonder if she had to ever explain the issue of why she was late. And she was late every single goddamn day. I wonder if this will become an issue. I wonder if they will write me up for this? Keep in mind the idiot never got written up for the time she was super late. The idiot was never written up as far as I know.

    Not that any of that matters. I’m filling out applications and turning them in with my resume. It is only a matter of time and luck now. All I need is a job offer and the issue is all gone. I’ll take any job that is full time and equal in pay to this current job. I doubt very much that I will make my “deadline” of the 10th. It will not bother me if I miss my mark. If I do, oh what a glorious day that will be. And my day will come. I have nothing but time.

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    Thursday August 10th 2006
    Equal Pay Act 9:25 am-
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    Equal Pay Act:

    The Equal Pay Act of 2003 prohibits employers with four or more employees from paying unequal wages to men and women for doing the same or substantially similar work, requiring equal skill, effort, and responsibility, under similar working conditions for the same employer in the same county, except if the wage difference is based upon a seniority system, a merit system, a system measuring earnings by quantity or quality of production, or factors other than gender.

    So I make 8.75 and two new hires make over 1.25 more than me. Does anyone think that the above law applies to my situation? I think it does. Guess what? The people at the Illinois Department of Labor think so as well:

    Played [drain file 34 hits] Times

    So now all I do is download the pdf and print it out at work, fill it out at work, and finally mail it out at work on their dime. So either I get a raise or the new ladies get a pay cut? Either way it only seems fair.

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    Tuesday August 15th 2006
    Thrones of Chaos 7:53 am-
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    I love playing mmorpg’s. The one thing I like better than playing mmo’s is reading about those really shitty ones that seem to come out of the woodwork from no where. My favorite train wreck used to be Shadowbane. But now I have to switch over to the mmorpg Thrones of Chaos. A game that has had many names: Realms of Krel, Realms of Torment, and Age of Mourning. Who if you remember (or read the wikipedia entry) was the focus of a Something Awful’s article and then legal threats made by the developer.

    So it surprised me when I read an article over at mmreviews.com and followed the link to the games forums to see a forum post announcing an interview over at Shacknews. The article called Shacknews – Thrones of Chaos Q&A, which naturally made me wonder does the Shack do pr spin for those assholes now? That forum post was up late last night. Yet there is no link to this article on the Shacknews frontpage or a comments page like the other articles have. And they can’t ask anything about the “games” troubled past at the least? Just seems odd.

    I’m sure it’s nothing. But it is odd that such an ass kissing write up like that is posted before the actual post date and then the fact it’s missing from the main page of Shacknews. It will be interesting to see if this article ever appears on Shacknews, I would love to see the comments section once it does. The way it’s going this game will have more drama than Dark and Light.

    Shacknews finally “published” their Throne of Chaos piece at 10:55 am. The comment thread for the article is here.

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    Wednesday August 16th 2006
    New Auditor Update 2:55 am-
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    How about an update on the new night auditor? Because it really is funny in a sad way. As I may have mentioned there is a new night auditor to replace (who can’t be replaced) the one who left. This person has had four days of training. Two days of front desk training and two days of audit training. Four fucking days total.

    This is a case of her being able to pick the shit up in four days. Not that it is that complicated. Now supposedly this lady has experience in the hotel field. Apparently she has experience doing the night audit as well. She must have lots of experience to make more than me right? Four days training and the fact she is making more than me say to me that she should be able to pick it up in four days. But I’m beginning to wonder.

    Today the new auditor worked the first shift. As a bonus this four day trained person is training another new person. Nothing like the blind leading the blind huh? First shift I think is fairly simple. You check people out. At this hotel that is about what they do. You can’t expect to much from the candidates we get here. They also “balance” credit cards.

    This in itself has become a huge joke. The thing is I expect any night auditor that makes more than me to be able to at the least balance credit cards. Below will be visual aids for auditors who know what I’m talking about (and people who can read and do basic math as well). First we have scanned pictures of the new auditors “balanced” credit cards for her first shift. Visa and Amex is all she had at first glance. These open in a new window:

    Amex Cards Visa Cards

    Now when I first looked at her paper work it looked fine. It’s when I started to actually look at the reports that WinPM generates that I started to get confused. And at first I overlooked the obvious. Here is her Amex Report and this is her Visa Report. If you compare the reports to her adding machine tape bunch of folios you can clearly see (if you can read and do basic math) that her shit does not balance.

    Now I’m thinking to myself maybe she forgot to remove folios that she may have adjusted off because of a mistake or costumer complaint. So I pushed the amex/visa to the side and started with mastercards and discover. The new auditor also had mastercards and discovers according to the reports I use to balance. Yet she had no paper clipped folios with the adding machine tape to show she balanced them. You have to remember I am assuming that this new auditor at the very least can read and do simple math.

    Foolish me. Once I printed up her Mastercard Report and her Discover Report did it start to become clear what had happened. Well not clear but I knew what she did I should say. Her mastercards were in with her visas folios. Her discovers were in with her amex folios.

    I literally laughed out loud when it dawned on me what she had done. The new night auditor is fucking stupid. This may seem harsh. Look again at those first two scans. Do you see how the words American Express and Visa are highlighted in yellow? She did that herself with a yellow highlighter. Every folio of hers is highlighted like that. Whether it be amex, visa. mastercard, or discover.

    She took the time to highlight the shit. If she can read she should be able to see that her folios did not balance. She’s the one who added the folios up. So either she doesn’t now how to balance credit cards or the new night auditor can not read or do basic math. What do you think it is?

    It amazes me even more when I remember that this new auditor is making more money than me. Perhaps if I was an idiot who can not read or do basic math I would get a raise? Maybe I need to start acting like the rest of these retards we call front desk clerks and night auditors. Maybe then I will get a raise. Because at this point I’m so fucking depressed in my current work situation that I maybe willing to act like the rest of these tards if that will get me a raise.

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