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  • Thursday June 7th 2001
    That Time 11:00 pm-
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    Well it’s that time of year when the Sand Festival comes into town. The Sand Festival is the local carnival for the small town I live in. Every year it gets smaller and lamer. This is also the time of year I run into old classmates. Especially because this year is the tenth year anniversary of my class graduating from high school. I’m really not sure if I want to run into some of my old class mates. Some things are best left forgotten. And some things are best left unsaid.

    There’s one I really possibly don’t want to run into. Maybe, it’s just a hunch that I didn’t want to run into her. I have developed a new way of thinking since the last time I ran into her. Thanks to “that one girl” I have some new ideas. These ideas may be off base. But they have entered my head.

    This one has a Husband. She has had the Husband for a long while. I met him a few years ago coincidentally enough at the Sand Festival. It seems this year I didn’t notice her. But I got (I think) a look from the Husband. Again it’s just me. I could be way off base. But it makes me wonder what kind of stories this guy has been told. And I wonder if the dude gets a good chuckle off of my expense.

    Back to the ten years thing. It doesn’t seem my class is going to have a ten year reunion. But the idea of the prospect of going to one has made me think. It makes me think what the fuck have I done with my life in the last decade? Huh? Really what the fuck have I accomplished? Nada. Not a thing. Oops, wait there is this website. So in ten years I have only managed to make a website and then manage to get fired for it. That’s it. Nothing else. No family, no house, nothing.

    Fuck it. Isley was right. I went home and wrote about her.

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