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Old Days

In the different sections of this webpage I have made mention of the “Good old days” so I decided to show you some of the employees of the good old days. This is not meant to be a total listing of Good old days employees, just a selection of some that I have pictures of.

First we have Kevin. Kevin worked the front desk. He’s got that clean cut preppie look I know, but he’s far from it. Hell of a guy.

Second we have Tyrone. Tyrone used to be a bellman at the hotel. And I once got his mom to slap the shit out of him. It was very funny to me.

Third you got me. And what the fuck are you looking at?

Forth we have Jennifer. She like Kevin was a front desk clerk. She was a really nice girl. A blonde, but nevertheless a nice girl. You should have seen the way she hemmed her skirt up so it looked like a mini-skirt. Ouch.

Last but not least we have one of my good buddies Kenan. Kenan. was a fine nice lad until me and Troy turned him to the darkside. We perfected the Jedi mind trick at work. (That basically was who ever pulled off the biggest bullshit lie to a guest and they fell for it) But how we were once the teachers he is know the master.

Your what hurts? My twin brother.
What the fuck are you looking at? Jennifer the attractive front desk clerk!
A dark jedi, strong with the force is he!

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