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  • Thursday September 2nd 2010
    Unbreakable Chat Log 11:53 pm-
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    Me and him have had this conversation a few times already:

    [07:00] Gawain: Watching “unbreakable” again.
    [23:30] Turk: jesus why man?
    [23:30] Turk: have I not expressed my hatred of unbreakable?
    [23:31] Turk: the newb (who I thought saw it too) just saw it recently and he hated it too
    [23:35] Gawain: Really? Its probably in my top 10 favorite movies. Its certainly my favorite of Shamylaminanian’s films.
    [23:35] Turk: psst
    [23:35] Turk: the first one he did was a fluke
    [23:35] Turk: I liked that one
    [23:35] Gawain: yeah it was okay.
    [23:36] Gawain: But I liked unbreakable a lot more.
    [23:36] Turk: unbreakable offends me as a comic book collector
    [23:36] Gawain: I thought the ending was a little bit meh, but I loved Bruce Willis as a normal dude who learned he was actually a super hero.
    [23:37] Turk: and it does not at all mirror comic book stories
    [23:37] Turk: and that’s why I hate it
    [23:37] Turk: it’s all bullshit
    [23:38] Gawain: I guess? The authenticity of the comic book bullshit is a very distant concern to me over the fact that bruce willis playing a reluctant superhero kicks ass.
    [23:38] Turk: well your not a comic collector
    [23:38] Gawain: true.
    [23:38] Turk: and or don’t take comic books seriously
    [23:39] Gawain: I suppose that its similar to the way I hated that fucking Sandra Bullock movie where she was a computer security expert and some super hackers had created a way to hack any computer on the planet using a tiny pi symbol in on a website. That sort of made me furious.
    [23:39] Gawain: But I think that technically unbreakable was a better film.
    [23:40] Turk: yes exactly
    [23:40] Turk: to the sandra bullock thing
    [23:40] Turk: not that its a better movie
    [23:41] Gawain: Still, I enjoyed unbreakable. I’m sorry that it wasn’t authentic for you nerds.
    [23:41] Turk: apology accepted
    [23:41] Gawain: I think its probably the most “realistic” depiction of what would happen if a dude suddenly found out he was a super hero, comic bullshit aside, and that’s why I like the movie.
    [23:41] Turk: oh bullshit
    [23:41] Turk: in shallies little mind sure
    [23:42] Gawain: What would be different?
    [23:42] Turk: this unbreakable conversation goes back as far as 2006 by the way
    [23:42] Turk: what would be different?
    [23:42] Gawain: yeah yeah, what would be different?
    [23:42] Turk: I would have to watch the piece of shit again
    [23:42] Turk: samuel l jacksons character for one thing
    [23:43] Gawain: If a dude who was super strong and resilient found out in a sudden way beyond his control that he was in fact a “super hero” how would his reactions be different?
    [23:44] Turk: its jackson man
    [23:44] Turk: his character
    [23:44] Gawain: meh, that was just the foil. its unimportant to bruce willis’s character. Say he found out in a different way.
    [23:44] Turk: what was it black fury? for fucks sake
    [23:44] Gawain: What im saying is that his reactions are what I would expect to such an event.
    [23:44] Turk: sure sure
    [23:45] Turk: as I said in the past
    [23:45] Turk: that movie just rubs me the wrong way
    [23:46] Turk: I should like it
    [23:46] Turk: but I don’t
    [23:46] Gawain: … Is it the gay thing?
    [23:46] Turk: it’s mostly that it’s that fucking shamalamadingdongs movie more than anything
    [23:46] Turk: is there a gay plot in it?
    [23:46] Turk: I don’t remember
    [23:46] Gawain: No, I mean, how you’re gay, and there wasn’t a gay character in it for you to empathize with.
    [23:46] Turk: I don’t like m night shamamma
    [23:47] Turk: ahhaahahahaaha
    [23:47] Gawain: hahahahahaha
    [23:47] Turk: yes yes that is it
    [23:47] Gawain: man I totally pulled that right off.
    [23:47] Gawain: You are the best straight guy ever.
    [23:47] Turk: my hatred for m night shamalama has turned me into a poofter
    [23:47] Gawain: You’re totally the smothers brother with the mustache.
    [23:47] Turk: this may go up as a chat log on my site
    [23:47] Turk: I so need to post something
    [23:48] Turk: the one with the mustache is the cool one?
    [23:48] Gawain: no, hes the straight man.
    [23:48] Turk: your the dumb fucker then? ok
    [23:48] Gawain: yeah.
    [23:48] Turk: I can live with that
    [23:48] Turk: you being the dumb fucker
    [23:48] Turk: this is so posted on my site
    [23:48] Turk: admitting your the dumb fucker
    [23:48] Turk: I WIN!!!!
    [23:49] Gawain: You don’t win. I got you to admit to being homosexual.
    [23:49] Gawain: Though honestly it won’t be a big surprise for anyone you know.
    [23:49] Gawain: So I guess maybe you do win.
    [23:49] Turk: I would rather be a peter poofter than a dumb fucker
    [23:50] Gawain: Good thing I guess, huh?
    [23:50] Turk: stop being funny now I need to copy and paste this

    I’m so desperate to post something here. Thanks to Gawain for letting me be the “straight” man.

    [00:00] Turk: boy don’t do a google image search for dick smothers
    [00:00] Turk: wow
    [00:01] Gawain: you need to add that to the chat log.

    I’ve changed my gravatar to the Dick Smothers image below. I have found an image for Gawain to use as well.

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