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  • Tuesday May 1st 2001
    This And That 1:20 am-
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    Few Things. I bought a cd burner a few weeks ago and I have turned into a Napster freak. But Napster is coming to an end. Are there any alternatives to Napster? That anyone knows of?

    My days as a manager on duty are over with. I was asked what days I couldn’t do the MOD on. So I told them that my only request (except I said It wasn’t a request it was a demand) was that I don’t work weekends if it’s a weekend I’m off from the audit. I checked the MOD schedule for May and I’m not on it. That’s ok. The MOD thing was cool and all. But I was doing them a favor, not the other way around.

    I want to say hi to gmason who is a big fan. It’s neat to finally be able to talk with someone I don’t know like that. It’s strange that I have a big fan. It could have been sarcasm. Still it was nice talking with you.

    Also tomorrow me and my friends go down to Lan Planet. I’m looking forward to that. Except I wonder what games we should play? I have played FPS long enough, but the rest of them are kinda new to it. I really want to try out Counterstrike because I hear so much good about that mod. On the other hand I would like to dabble with Tribes 2 again. My newbie buds have never played the first Tribes so I don’t know if we will play that one. Maybe we will keep it simple and do Quake 3 or UT. Whatever we play it will be fun. I plan to kick some ass. Against my friends. The kids that play down there a lot scare me. I won’t mess with them.

    That’s about it. It’s hard to believe that April is all over. Time flies.

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    Early Morning 9:00 am-
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    Well the sun has come up and I missed it. I always miss the sun coming up. I’m just always doing something that makes me miss that kind of thing. Not that I’m a big seeing the sun come up kind of guy. I’m more of looking up at the stars kind of guy.

    Anyway Adrian had signed the GuestBook a few days ago and I forgot. Here’s what he had to say:

    Hey Turk, long time no see. Sorry I haven’t been around to talk lately. You may have heard of my unfortunate accident with the coffee urn on Easter Sunday. Or maybe you haven’t. I got 2nd degree burns with some 3rd in spots on my right foot. It sucks really bad. Well, at least I might get workman’s comp (or so ‘they’ tell me). Hey man talk to you later. Have fun on the site. Its still lookin good. Gotta go.

    Yeah getting the shit burned out of you would suck. I hope you recover easily enough. It would be so kind of “them” if they gave you workman’s comp. Except I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

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    The GuestBook 4:43 pm-
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    Someone with the moniker MM had this to say in the GuestBook:

    I’ve been reading your site for a few days now. I’m intrigued. It’s like real TV, in a way. You divulge information well knowing that anyone can read it.

    I am unlike you in many ways but very similar in others. I have been trying to quit smoking forever. I smoked a lot of pot in my youth. I am also very bored with the bar scene.

    I wish you luck with the smoking thing. On another note, Don’t think for one moment that you are the only one out there trying to find something meaningful in life. I am no longer looking. I am MAKING things meaningful. Figure out what is important to you. Forget the opposite sex. It is the one who does not search who finds. If you are getting bored with life, create something new to enjoy.

    I will not be writing again, so in my final closing; Find a new job. That place will be the death of you.

    Thanks for the comments. Really I mean that. It’s been a week so far that I have gone with out a cigarette. The pot thing I should clarify was just last summer. And I agree with you on the finding what your looking for when you don’t look. Sometimes I forget that. I can beat the hotel. I have confidence in that thought. It already beat me once and I’m not letting it happen again. Over my dead body I should say. Oops, shit maybe your right.

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    Geek Alert! 5:30 pm-
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    Lucas Arts has a page up giving us a sneak peak into one of the games they will be showing off at this years E3. It’s a real-time strategy game based on the engine that powers the Age Of Empire games. And this one won’t blow like Force Commander. Here’s the poop:

    Star Wars Galactic Battleground

    The destiny of a galaxy hangs in the balance and you’re in command. Star Wars Galactic Battleground lets you lead the armies of Star Wars to victory in intense, real-time strategy clashes. Enter the fray as the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Trade Federation, Wookiees and other civilizations in campaigns that will determine the final outcome of the Galactic Civil War. Star Wars Galactic Battleground: Take control!

    Epic real-time strategy set against a backdrop of the entire Star Wars saga

    Conflicts involve six key civilizations: Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Wookiees, Gungans, Royal Naboo and Trade Federation

    Execute your campaign over land, sea and air with over 300 different units and structures in single-player campaigns, skirmishes and multiplayer battles

    Combat arenas extend from interstellar asteroids and aerial encounters to submerged cities and ground battles

    Deploy vast legions of units into battle-up to 200 per side with units that can include bounty hunters, Jedi Knights, stormtroopers, X-wings, AT-ATs, snowspeeders, AT-STs, Wookiee Kas tanks and droids

    Manage your resources and integrate the power of upgradeable technology into your strategy, such as Wookiee ingenuity, advanced Gungan biotechnology and Jedi stamina. Each technology level brings new wonders and new forces.

    Accessible gameplay built upon the familiar RTS engine adapted from Ensemble’s popular Age of Empires series

    Use the scenario editor to create custom single- or multiplayer battlegrounds with virtually any Star Wars units and settings

    And here are two screen shots from the game (as usual with this kind of thing click them to make them bigger):

    I really hope this one live up to it’s potential. Three update in one day, the force is with me today.

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    Friday May 4th 2001
    This And That 12:30 pm-
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    Me and my friends trip to Lan Planet was a lot of fun. We played for about two hours. The Saddlers are in the military mode so we played a lot of Soldier Of Fortune. Now I had never played SOF on-line so it was pretty fun. We also played a little Quake 3, Counterstrike, and some UT. We had the most fun with SOF and Quake 3.

    I did whip some major behind with the Saddler boys. It wasn’t fair. They hadn’t played a lot. The young Saddler is only around four or five so it wasn’t a fair match up. But you learn from doing. In fact we had a surprise playing Quake 3. Kurt the wonderful gentleman that owns Lan Planet jumped in and evened the playing field. I was enjoying fragging the newbies a little to much.

    Again I want to say just how much fun Lan Planet is. And again I say if you are in the Rockford, Il area you have to go. It’s just the whole atmosphere of the place that I dig.

    Another note, today I’m going to the movies with the Izer’s. We are going to see The Mummy Returns. Of course before the movie we are going to dinner. I have not went out since I quit smoking. So this should be interesting. I wonder if I crave a smoke while I’m sipping an alcoholic beverage.

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    Monday May 7th 2001
    Bored At Work 1:00 am-
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    I’ve fallen back into my X-Files kick. It’s heating up and the two part season finale is starting next week. I have been going through a cool X-Files Fan Site I found. It’s called Rohan’s X-Files Realm and it has a lot of info to dig through. I have missed a majority of this seasons episodes, so I have been reading the episode guide at the site.

    The Mummy Returns was an ok flick. It wasn’t the best movie ever and it won’t replace the Indiana Jones flicks. But it was a fun flick. If you liked the first one then you’ll dig the sequel.

    Now that I have talked with a few of you that visit the site, I have to file it under be careful what you wish for you may get it dept. I had a chat with one guy/gal that I considered just a little odd. Another person e-mailed with a one sentence question. You have to understand I’m a very suspicious guy. I want to know who I’m dealing with before I go and give them details. I hope no offense is taken.

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    Thursday May 10th 2001
    The GuestBook 2:50 am-
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    Pookie signed the GuestBook and had this to say:

    Name: Pookie
    Email: pookierocks@yahoo.com
    Where: a butt buddy
    Date: 05/09/01
    Time: 10:15 AM


    What up! You need to update this shit more often. I only look at it every now and then but you haven’t added shitttttt. You know when you say that you are suspicious of anyone you don’t know… my guess is that you probably know everyone who has ever signed in. Live long & prosper.

    Gosh Pookie I don’t know what to say. Really I don’t. This is the first time I had one of you people to sign the GuestBook. I have never had anyone representing the gay community sign in before. Tell your butt buddy thanks for another hit.

    But really, I don’t always know all of the people (or whacko’s as I call them) that sign the GuestBook. I can guess. Sometimes they will leave hints. Like you Long Live and Prosper thing. That’s a Star Trek reference. And I have to say that after Secretive I’m a little tired of this whole “guess who I am” bullshit.

    Anyway thanks again. I will try to update more often for my gay readers like you Pookie.

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