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  • Saturday July 6th 2002
    Bob Is Back 7:10 am-
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    Crackhead Bob is back. Here he is sounding off on the way the retarded hotel management does things:

    when one of the bellmen quit, i had plans of taking over his position. i asked the gm if i could do this. he said no because i was needed in the restaurant. now they hired a new server and cashier and now I am no longer needed. so basically i was used until they found a replacement for me. i think that is totally bogus. why didn’t they hire anybody sooner? i mean if that is what they wanted to do, then why didn’t they in the first place. so now i am a full time bellmen, which i wanted to be in the first place, and no longer work in the restaurant NO MATTER WHAT.

    Man that’s the way it is. “They” will use you until they are done with you. What you want does not enter into the picture. The other thing to remember about “them” is that if it would make sense then “they” can’t do it. It really is as simple as that. Common sense isn’t something these collected heads of knuckle we have for managers have. You should know that by now Bob.

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    Tuesday May 14th 2002
    More Bob 10:23 am-
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    You see this is what I want. Employee interaction. Employee revolution. Crackhead Bob makes another return:

    Subject:WORKS SUCKS pt. 2
    I am back again to say how much hate my job. I got to work tonight and I wasn’t to happy when I got there. Every FUCKING table had no silverwear on it I had no water glass again (BIG SUPRISE) and no silverwear rolled. What the FUCK is up with the morning staff. I mean DAMNIT. Even if they were busy, its not like they are busy all FUCKING day, there probably is a period of at least a couple hours that they aren’t that busy that they can role silverwear or stock water glasses or fill ice. Tonight I rolled all of the silverwear that we had and it was not enough for all of the tables. I had at least 15 tables that did not have silverwear on them. When I told my boss that we did not have any more rolled silverwear and only one water glass she told me to put paper napkins on all of the tables that did not have rolled silverwear on them and put silverwear on the paper napkins, like I did when I first started 3 yrs and 9 months ago. It was bull shit. Not once has the morning staff ever had to do that. I come in a lot and see tables with no rolled silverwear on them. Why didn’t the morning staff do what I did last night? I have no FUCKING clue. I also had to wait for the dishwashers to put some water glasses threw the machine so I could set the tables. So the last hour of my night tonight sucked ass. I was so pissed off when I was told to do that. I wanted to say no, but I knew if I did I would get bitched at. So I said “FUCK IT” and did it. Well I gotta go. I will be back next time when something pisses me off at work. Bye for now.

    Bob don’t edit out you naughty words. We are all adults. If you want to say fuck, you go right ahead. No censorship here. Exercise you freedom of speech man!

    I wonder how “The Dude” likes this? You laughing now?

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    Monday May 13th 2002
    Return Of The Return Of Bob! 9:14 pm-
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    Well as promised good old Crackhead Bob has made a return trip to this website. His comments on events at the hotel are interesting and provocative. With out further ado the remarks of Crackhead Bob:

    Subject:WORKS SUCKS
    Hey I’m back. Its been a while since I was here. I need to get a few things off of my chest before I go insane. Where I work, people think that they can leave when ever. Even though their work is not done yet. I have told my boss about this one guy who did it to me 4 Sundays in a row. NOTHING FUCKIN HAPPENED. I am so pissed off. Now if I decided to leave and not finish my work I would probably get bitched at. Yes I admit I left yesterday without finishing some of my work but I also came back and cleaned up what I could. I got to work Mothers Day and a little after 7:00 AM and when I got there I noticed that the restaurant did not have any water glasses or coffee cups and now silver wear rolled. I know for a fact that when I left the following saturday night there was silverware in the tub and I had water glasses and coffee cups. Now you would think that the so called MOD’s would order more water glasses for such instances where we don’t have enough. I have had that problem where I don’t have any water glasses one to many times and I am getting really pissed off about it. How am I supposed to serve my customers if I don’t have all of the equipment. You would also think that the MOD’s would stay and make sure that their employees stay and finish their job before they leave, but NO they do not, they leave early. Another thing about Mothers Day; why in the Hell did the banquet area have a ice cream machine for the brunch and a harp player again. The hotel doesn’t have the money to be spending on stupid crap like that. They could be spending it on more important things (BILLS OR RAISES FOR EMPLOYES). Thank you for your time. I have to go now, but I will be on later. See ya

    His point about the ice cream machine and the harp player is a valid one. It does seem like a waste of money for such a little trifle. But what can you do?

    I wish to commend Bob for his lack of cowardice in his posting of comments. Not to many employees have that kind of balls. But of course you know that if “they” find out who you are they will try to put their fascist moves on you. Threats of firing and write ups will be tossed around. I bet “they” don’t laugh at this site now.

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    Return Of Bob 1:20 am-
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    I’ve heard through the grapevine that Crackhead Bob will be making a return to this site. If you missed Bob the last time you can read about him in these two posts: Comments! and Bladders And Such. I just want to say that I’m looking forward to hearing from you Bob.

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    Thursday December 27th 2001
    More GuestBook! 7:42 am-
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    Iggy is back! It’s been a long time since I heard from my frequent GuestBook contributor. Here’s what she had to say:

    Woaaahhh! Someone grab the reins of this runaway horse! What is it with all of the changes to the HO EL? hehe. “So many changes, so little time…Someone grab me another hair wrap please.. this one doesn’t look good on me. I really like Bin Laden’s.. do you think I will look as good in white as he does?” ACK!!! I hear these Paks have taken over the hotel? Les and John are gone..so sad. :( Some of the gossip I heard (I saw a couple of the old gang recently)was that the lady who always reminds me of Mrs. Frankenstein (her hair mind you) ratted on the manger, and then took over the F&B position as her reward? Is this true or what? Fill me in, you didn’t mention too much on your site when I went a ‘browsing. On a sadder note, I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Keep your chin up and your faith strong, as hard as that might be. Many ((((HUGS)))) Coming your way! Iggy

    Let me start with the gossip. John quit on his own. He had his reasons. Les got shit canned because of some racial remarks made towards the guy that’s here mismanaging the hotel. Yeah the Bride of Frankenstein sales lady had her hands in that mess. She’s a huge brown nose so it’s no surprise. She didn’t take over F&B. Shit she can’t manage the sales department out of a wet paper bag, so her as the F&B would have been a joke.

    As far as the Paks taking over the hotel, well that ain’t exactly true either. We are managed by a company out of Texas. Presumably run by Texans. These boys are just here as overseer’s. Nice enough guys. I got nothing against them. My problem is with how these Texan fucks are running the hotel into the ground.

    I got no comment on the white turban. It’s good hearing from you Iggy. My chin is up, because as I said I’m a tough guy.

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    Saturday November 3rd 2001
    Bladders And Such 5:41 pm-
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    Crackhead Bob returns. He’s trying to corner in on his own greatest hits. Bob brings up some of my habits, which includes massive binges of Mountain Dew:

    Hey turk what’s up. How long do you think you can go without drinking Mountain Dew. I hear from my sources that you bring a twelve pack with you almost every night and by the morning when you leave it is almost all gone. Is that really true? If it is then DAMN. I must praise you because if I were to do that I would be pissing all night and most of the day. Well I gotta go. I will talk to ya later.

    Well my bladder is trained after many years of hard drinking. I would bring in a twelve pack and leave in the morning with half of it gone. I’m still smoke and Mountain Dew free.

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    Saturday October 27th 2001
    Comments! 2:11 pm-
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    Finally someone has used the comment function of the website. Not counting me talking to my self. Crackhead Bob stopped by with this to say in the comments on Uniforms from the 24th:

    Subject:uniforms suck ass
    hey what’s up turk. I think that the whole uniform thing sucks. It should be the way it is now. Everybody is used to it and everything. Why change. I think that the new owners can shove a stick up their asses. Well I gotta go. Just thought I’d comment on the whole uniform thing. Talk to ya later

    Don’t forget to Register Your User Name Crackhead Bob. It’s not necessary, but it makes sure only you have that snazzy handle. As far as the stick it depends on how splintery it is.

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