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  • Tuesday July 4th 2006
    Independence Day! 11:36 pm-
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    Here is a one sided conversation with Gawain:

    Session Start (Turk:Gawain): Tue Jul 04 23:23:39 2006
    [23:23] Turk: Happy Independence Day!
    [23:24] Turk: do you realize of the five people so far I’ve seen at the hotel, they have looked at me oddly when I said that. And responded isn’t it the 4th of july?
    [23:25] Turk: which makes me feel to smart and sad that americans as a whole are fucking stupid
    [23:25] Turk: one person answered my question of how old the country is by saying 235 years old
    [23:26] Turk: so not only are they ignorant of their own history, they are also bad at subtraction.

    Be proud America in your people.

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    Friday July 7th 2006
    Nightaudit.com 1:30 am-
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    Every now and then I look around for other sites like mine. Not that there are any site just like mine. What would the odds be on that? No I just look for other sites that cover the hotel/audit topic. So now and then I do a google search for night audit just to see what I can find. Mostly I find links to sites that really are not what I’m looking for. And of course I’m usually in the top 10 in this google search.

    This time when I did my search I found another site. I found Nightaudit.com. A forum that’s set up for people just like me. They currently only have 9 registered user and a total of 2 post (one is mine) and I felt like maybe just maybe I could shift them a little hits by writing about them. Because I know what it’s like to not get a lot of visitors. My first five years were like that. I’ve already informed my forum guys about the place. It would be nice to get some kind of community going regarding this line of work.

    But let’s be clear on what my idea of a community should be. Gawain sums it up perfectly in this aim chat excerpt:

    [00:27] Gawain: lol. its like the luke skywalker to your darth vader.
    [00:28] Gawain: you’re all like.. luke… I am your FUTURE!
    [00:28] Gawain: and they’re all like.. NOOOOOOOOO
    [00:28] Turk: according to whois it’s been registered since 04
    [00:28] Gawain: lol. with zero posts?
    [00:28] Gawain: jesus, you shouldn’t even bother.
    [00:28] Turk: first post there is from 2/6
    [00:28] Turk: yeah
    [00:28] Turk: well
    [00:28] Turk: what the hell
    [00:29] Turk: a community type thing has always been my goal
    [00:29] Turk: just tainted with hate of course
    [00:30] Gawain: lol. and a pinch of disgust.

    I’m not interested in management. Nor do I want to maintain any kind of management friendly vibe in any community I happen to be a part of. I think that (taking a quote form Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta):

    Employees should not be afraid of their managers. Managers should be afraid of their Employees.

    That would be the basis of any community on the net for night auditors that I would have a part in. Which really is what my website is all about really. I’m sure that anyone who frequents my site probably already knows this. I’m sure as that website grows and picks up some people we will find out just what kind of place it will become. Either way if your an night auditor be sure to head over there and sign up so we can see what kind of community it will become.

    On a side note if your idea of a night audit community falls in line with mine make sure to visit my night audit forum and register for my forums. We have over 20 members and over 700 posts. Which until Nightaudit.com gets going you can be sure to find a little more activity in my forums.

    nY v qHcwGsdRUzVguuziozXjIaYs
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    Wednesday July 12th 2006
    SALR 1:42 am-
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    SALastRead (SALR for short) is a Firefox extension to enhance your Something Awful forums browsing experience. It adds several features to the forums, including highlighting threads and posts you’ve already thread, adding a “Jump to New Posts” button to threads on the thread list page, Quick Quote and Quick Reply windows to post new replies to the forums without having to wait for the forum reply page, Text-to-Image functionality to convert links to images into inline images, tracking threads you’ve posted in, and a SA Menu allowing quick access to your favorite forums.

    New Version
    SALR Nightly Build from the official site

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    Thursday July 13th 2006
    Times Up 3:44 am-
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    I make eight dollars and seventy five cents a hour. I've not received a raise in over five years. That's half a decade. I've been told that is a long time to go without getting a raise. I'm also told quite often that I should have my head examined for still working at the hotel. For this half decade it's not really bothered me all that much. It's not bothered me because I knew that the hotel was not getting it's 8.75 a hour from me. If they are lucky they get about 1.25 a hour from me any given night.

    This all changed late sunday/early monday. You see not only did I not give them a full days wage I also played computer games every night at work. It ended when Node 1 died. Which it's not very surprising when you look at how the hotel handles computers. How any of these computers have lasted as long as they did is nothing but luck. When we got WinPM we received 8 computer systems. We now have 2 or 3 left running. I've often told these stupid fucks what they need to do. They choose not to listen to me. Which is fine. Let their retarded "IT" guy handle this shit.

    So I played games. I played a lot of games. I played EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, and City of Villains at work. Each night I played these games for just about the entire 8 hours. It's what made having this crap job ok. It's why I didn't mind making only 8.75 for the last 5 years. Where else could I get a job were the bosses are so dumb that they let the employees play computer games all night? It's even worse when you realize that the management had no clue I was doing so. Nor could they stop me if they wanted to.

    But now this job just isn't good enough. The lack of raises has finally caught up with me. I can go and find another job and get payed more to do the same (no games) thing. Why settle for this piece of shit job now? It's not like these clueless fucks at work even give a shit. So while I go from playing computer games all night I now will be getting my resume put together and be using work time to look for a new job. It also means I have more time to work on my website. Which is the next best thing to playing games at work.

    It just feels like my time is up. My time has been up for a long time. I've just postponed it. Maybe in august I will do the unexpected. Next month is special because that is when the lady who does the audit on the weekends is supposed to quit. It would be rather satisfying to quit at the same time just to really fuck them over good. No two weeks notice either. Eight dollars and seventy five cents a hour doesn't get them a two weeks notice. At 8.75 they would count themselves lucky if I called them up in the middle of then night to say go fuck yourselves. Nope I'm going to leave nice and quiet. When the times up.

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    Saturday July 15th 2006
    Titan Quest 8:37 am-
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    For the last couple of week all I’ve really been doing is play Titan Quest.

    One Two
    Three Four

    Not going into details. But it’s a Diablo clone. A pretty good one. But it lacks something. Possibly the story is lacking. Blizzard had a way of sucking you into the game with their awesome cut scenes. They made you want to play to be able to see the next one. Needless to say if you enjoy these kinds of hack and slash rpg’s be sure to grab Titan Quest.

    [drain file 3 show]

    VhQvUGM fHRwdf Ta U ghKQ
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    Friday July 21st 2006
    How Bad? 12:20 am-
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    So how bad does the hotel’s bar and restaurant suck? It sucks so bad the gm approves a local redneck bar to put up flyer’s:

    Enjoy Some Great Music And Karaoke Performed
    By DJ/KJ’s <Name Removed> And <Name Removed>. Have Fun Singing, Dancing
    Or Just Kick Back And Listen….

    Eat, Drink And Have A Good Old Time!

    ***Saturday Nights 9 pm Until 1:00 am. ***

    I know our bar and restaurant sucks. Believe me I know. But jesus do we need to advertise a place like this? This bar above is the kind of place that closes at bar time and then opens again early in the morning. It’s the kind of place that has a sign out front saying they will tow away any car that is not American made.

    But this is the place the gm wants our costumers to go to. Which says a whole lot of his ability to run the hotel. I’m starting to really wonder about this guys qualification’s. Perhaps it was a padded resume that made the owners hire him. Or more likely it is another sign that the owners have less a clue than the managers they hire on how to run a hotel. Either way it’s sad. Sad that this is the way the hotel is.

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    Saturday July 22nd 2006
    Comments! 10:01 am-
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    A a guy named Some Dude posted this comment. Every now and then I get one of these. But this is supposedly from fellow night auditor. So much for solidarity huh? Now really quickly I’ll answer each point of his message and then we will look at just possibly who and where Some Dude is, just to give a comparisons between the two of us night auditors.

    I am astonished that you haven’t been fired!

    Honestly this is the only point I agree with you on.

    The attitude conveyed on your site doesn’t seem congruent to the type of attitude needed for the hospitality industry.

    Well fuck me you are way to smart for me man. I don’t think I could even use conveyed and congruent in the same sentence.

    I am a night auditor because I choose and love to do it.

    Believe it or not I also am a night auditor because I choose and love to do it. You may find that hard to believe. But it is true. Perhaps you should read over this site again and see if you can get a clearer picture of what I deal with at my hotel.

    It seems you are soo miserable; if so, why not find another occupation?

    As stated before I love my job. I even love the hotel I’m at. It’s not me, it’s the clueless owners and managers that make me miserable. I was there first. So I expect them to get their shit together and start running the place the way I see it should be run. Which even if my idea of how a hotel should be run is totally wrong, can the chaotic mess these people are causing be the right way? You will have to let me know about that Some Dude.

    Some Dude let’s take a look at him now. Here is his ip. This ip is tied into the first. Which makes me wonder why such an exemplary auditor would be doing google searches for night auditor blog while on the clock at such a nice hotel. Did you read enough to make your opinion of me? I think your more than just a night auditor. Perhaps you are also a Night Manager? Come on you can admit it. Don’t you think your entire statement is suspect just because of your manager status. You managers are in some sacred brotherhood I sometimes think. You all got to stick together and fight the evil injustice that I represent?

    That maybe a tad melodramatic but it’s funny how every manager I get tends to disagree with my views on my hotel. Perhaps you should join in the discussion of night audit in my forums. You will see a different face that the auditors wear over at NightAudit.com. Maybe we could even discuss these topics further. Because I feel like trying to explain myself if you really are a fellow night auditor. So that jut maybe we could win you over to our brotherhood.

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