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  • Monday October 3rd 2005
    Get IE! 1:58 am-
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    See now it’s shit like this that I personally find very amusing. Someone has made a spoof of Get Firefox called Get Internet Explorer. It’s of course probably not meant as anything other than a joke. But I like it. In fact I’m so sick of all of these Get Firefox links I see when I use IE I’ve added a special link down on the bottom of my site. You’ll only see it in anything other than IE.

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    New Poll 10:58 pm-
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    There is a new poll over on the sidebar. It asks what is your favorite mmorpg? I’m more than just a little burnt out as of late with this genre and wondered what everyone else played? If anything needs to be added just post a comment to this entry.

    What is your favorite mmorpg?

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    Wednesday October 5th 2005
    The Recap 12:27 am-
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    It’s been a long time since I wrote about the hotel. I’ve only briefly mentioned that there is a new front desk manager. I wanted to take the time to bring everyone up to speed on what’s going on. Because I’m thinking really hard about what my future holds at the hotel. And to be honest I want out of the place more than I ever have.

    So let’s start with this front desk manager. Like his predecessors this guy never felt obligated to meet his employees. It was four or five days until I even met the guy. Which I have never understood about these people that come in and don’t make an effort to meet their employees. Then the guy schedules a mandatory meeting on payday. At the time we actually get the checks. So right off the bat this guy is going out of his way to inadvertently rub me the wrong way. These items I have mentioned before and I just wanted do the recap.

    On the day of the meeting I go in a hour early. Because I was either going to get my check then or I would come back in a hour and get my check and not come back to the meeting this guy scheduled. Needless to say I got my check. I also introduced myself to the guy. Because it was obvious that he didn’t give a shit to meet me. I had the opportunity to tell the guy some of the things I felt were wrong with the front desk. The exact thing I said to him was that the front desk was like a western town without a sheriff. It was in chaos and everyone did what they wanted because there was no law there. I told him that it was my opinion that he had to step up and make sure they all understood he was the new “sheriff” in town.

    And to my surprise the guy actually used this metaphor in his meeting. He mentioned to the front desk that he was the new sheriff in town and that his word was law. I thought it was neat little gesture on his part. But it also meant (to me) that he more or less promised that he would do the job the correct way. That this chaos that had befallen the front desk would be put to an end.

    Here it two months later and what has changed? Nothing has changed. The new sheriff in town isn’t worth the tin in his badge. Things are still wrong as chaotically as before this guy came into the picture. The front desk clerks do what they want. There is no consistency in what they do. Which is funny because the guy went on in great lengths about how the front desk has to be on the same page. That everyone has to follow the same procedures. And it’s just not happening. And the sheriff? I don’t ever see the guy. It’s kind of hard to be the sheriff when your never there.

    And let me also touch base on some of the other issues I’ve mentioned in the past (and some I haven’t). When I was “interviewed” for the front desk manager job it was mentioned that extra duties would fall on the front desk manager. The gm was very cryptic about all of it and would not spare any details. The usual cover story was given to me that he didn’t have all the details himself. So as it turns out the front desk manager is doing two jobs for the price of one. Which I think is foolish if the rumor is true that the sheriff makes under 20 a year. I wasn’t really excited at the idea of more to do and I was offered 25 a year. So it makes me wonder about the new guy.

    I’ve also thought about this “gm” and his offer to me about running the front desk. I think it was all bullshit. A fabricated story to give the appearance that people within the company can go higher. It’s a fairy tale these assholes have tried to spread since they came into power back in 2002. A fairy tale I helped spread thanks to my own big mouth here on the net and in the real world. It was all bullshit. I honestly don’t think they ever had any intention of making me the front desk manager. It also appears that the gm’s claim of me being the second in command was also bullshit. Again I’m not surprised or hurt by any of this. I’m more pissed I let my self eat this shit hook line and sinker.

    Not that any of this matters. I don’t care anymore. The hotel will continue it downward spiral and not one thing will change for the better. My only hope is that I will be able to get my two weeks vacation in before I quit or get fired again. Of course there is the off chance that the place will finally close. Either way it doesn’t matter to me. I just know I have to get the hell out of the place.

    TWLiPxZ DUgtJShXrlop Mj vr
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    Tuesday October 11th 2005
    Darkness Rising 3:47 pm-
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    I download the 817mb installer, I patch, I crash, I downgrade my video drivers, I install old drivers, I spend 1 plat on my horse, and finally I crash again. At least they are taking the servers down. So far it’s been a hoot.

    One Two

    I’m just pretty stoked that I got a horse to be honest.

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    Monday October 17th 2005
    Fun Questing 11:59 pm-
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    Questing in Dark Age of Camelot has never been something I enjoyed. Which in comparison questing was one of the features that World of Warcraft got right. Now comes the newest expansion pack for Camelot called Darkness Rising and something surprising has happened. I find myself actually enjoying the quests that this expansion offers. So far doing the Champion Quests have been nothing but fun.

    I’ve managed to solo my way right up to this nasty bastard below in these two screenshots:

    One Two

    Geryon just doesn’t want to go down. I need to find a good group and get past this guy so I can continue to enjoy this game. That and I want to get at least two Champion levels before the enthusiasm wears off so I can get some saddle bags for my horse. It just would make the horse experience that more complete if I had saddle bags.

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    Tuesday October 18th 2005
    Cake/Pie WTF? 12:30 am-
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    This post is about a half eaten piece of cake/pie (whatever the fuck it was). Since I can’t hear this shit from the individual (yes you) I figure they can find out stuff from other sources as well. Of course it is my site so it’s just as good as coming from me personally.

    I was told yesterday when I came in (by the only good front desk employee we have) that I was accused of throwing away some kind of baked food the night before. I’m told that the person bitched for a rather long time about me and this baked good I supposedly had done away with.

    So for the record here is what really happened. I came in to work like any other night. I had my twelve pack of Diet Mountain Dew with me as I always do. The twelve pack is placed in the fridge in the back of the front desk where I always put it. Now anytime I find shit left in this fridge I take it out of the fridge and place it on top of the fridge.

    I do not clean up after lazy front desk clerks. So any shit I find left behind I leave it where I find it. For example plates of food that certain individuals are supposed to take back to the kitchen after they eat or in this case a fucking half eaten piece of god damn cake or fucking pie or whatever the fuck it was.

    That fridge back there is not yours. It’s not mine for that matter. If you leave shit in it your just asking for it to go and vanish. It’s rather inconsiderate to think that just because your fucking cake/pie is in the fridge I’m not going to put my pop in there. I like my pop cold. Pop goes in the fridge. It’s very simple. You see me come in every fucking night with the twelve pack?

    So I expect an apology. Because the last I saw this piece of cake/pie it was sitting on top of the fridge. So the accusation that I threw it away is false. Not that I really give two shits if some front desk clerk says. I don’t give two flying fuck if the person apologizes either. This incident is just further proof just how little the Sheriff is really doing to change the place.

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    Let’s Hunt And Kill Jack Thompson 1:49 am-
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    Jack Thompson. This guy is getting way to much press. Honestly I’m sick of it. The best thing we could do is just leave this lunatic alone. Let him spout his bullshit and hope that the mainstream press doesn’t pick this fuck up and run with it. Eventually I can see this guy being my generations Fredric Wertham. Thompson is the same kind of beast as Wertham was. All Jack needs is a Senate Subcommittee or two to vomit his spiel at and they would burn games just like they did comic books (echoing in my mind that great mentality of the Nazi’s).

    The more I read about Thompson the more I think the guy may be half right. I say this because the more I read about this lawyer scum bag the more I wish for bad things to come to him. Not that I personally would kill Jack Thompson. That would be wrong. Which if you listen to him the fact I play all of these violent video games I should want to kill Jack Thompson with my bare hands in cold blood. So I’m an anomaly then. But I would like Jack to become a martyr for his cause. I would laugh quite heartily if I was to read that Jack Thompson was brutally murdered.

    Which leads me to my idea for a video game. Not at all that different from Jack’s A Modest Video Game Proposal, except I don’t want to make claims about donating money I don’t have. It’s very simple and the title is the title of this item your reading. Which of course comes from Bill Hick’s bit “Let’s Hunt and Kill Billy Ray Cyrus”:

    I think it’s fairly self-explanatory. Each week we let the Hounds of Hell loose and chase the jar-head, no talent, cracker-asshole all over the globe till I finally catch that fruity little ponytail of his, pull him to his chippendale√ɬ≠s knees, put a shotgun in his mouth and “pow”.

    Of course the potential is far more than just a video game alone. I think it would make a great reality tv show as well. It would be the first reality tv show I would watch.

    In closing I will leave you with the very wise words of Mike Krahulik:

    I think we can all agree that young kids should not play violent video games. I think we can also agree that they should not watch violent movies or read pornographic magazines. That’s a job for parents not Jack Thompson.

    Which I think is something all who support Thompson should read.

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