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  • Wednesday May 1st 2002
    In The News 11:58 pm-
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    Here is a Beloit Daily News item I missed all day today because I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Morrowind. The Daily News served up another one of it’s trademark articles. An article with the five dollar handle “Ramada sold at auction to unnamed buyer!” Per the usual with these items it’s been reported without the guy who wrote it getting an inside source.

    Here is the snip from this informative gem:

    “The purchaser has requested anonymity and Amcore intends to honor that request,” said Amcore Bank Vice President of Special Assets Ron Carlson. “I thought this was … very good for the community. I also thought it was great for the purchaser.”

    Carlson said the buyer was from the Stateline Area, and indicated he would continue operating a hotel on the property. The new owner would take over the property within 30 to 45 days, Carlson said.

    So this Mr. Anonymous spent less than 2.3 million to get the hotel. A local guy who can throw that kind of money around. The article also states how First Rockford Group looked into picking up our hotel, but didn’t even enter a bid because of the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) issues we have.

    In the coming 30 to 45 days it will be fun to see just how much of this press release will turn out to be in fact absolute bullshit. Not that I think the Daily News would kiss ass with some high rollers, no they are reporters. I would be willing that Mr. Anonymous isn’t local. And maybe Mr. Anonymous has a reason he doesn’t want his name released. But then what do I know?

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    Thursday May 2nd 2002
    The GuestBook 2:27 am-
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    Just filling in tonight because Turk is at work. Turk isn’t supposed to write about the place while he is at work. It’s ok if he writes nasty shit when he isn’t at work though. Makes no sense. These slippery fucks are a little more reasonable than those last bunch of assholes. Anyway enough of my commentary on the hotel I previously worked at.

    Turk called to tell me to do this post because there was a juicy GuestBook entry. Someone who has decided to go the chicken shit route had this to say in the GuestBook:

    Name: ……. …….
    Email: ………
    Where: the man himself
    Date: May 01, 2002
    Time: 08:55 PM

    My concern with the hotel is how they treat their workers….now back in the day they seemed to treat them pretty good by giving days off with promise of vacation time and raises….yet after over a year i have yet to see a raise and my vacation time has been ripped out of my hands….why u ask?…..because only full time who average 40hrs. a week can get it….so whats this policy trying to say the part timers are with shit and do no work so they do not deserve any comp. for their hard work…. Now with the raise usually people are suppose to get them around 6 months so by my calculation i should of had just about 3 but yet i haven’t seen one….hmmmmm thats telling me my “bosses” must think what i do is total bullshit….. Now to bring up the past month or two…..can i ask you people if u have been working some where for over a year and someone from another dept. comes in and your sch. starts getting based on whats convenient for them and not you….even though it doesn seem you would have the upper hand because of how long u’ve been in this job and all you know how to do?….but YOU DON’T…..your sch. getting bounced around out of control to fit his sch. and not yours…..hmmmmmmmm is this right no no i dont think so…. My last comment is if i could kiss my bosses ass and maybe even throw in a little tongue then sit on my ass and not do my job….maybe just maybe i could get the upper hand in it all….

    Now I shouldn’t call this no-name a chicken shit. The way it reads this person works there at the hotel. I think it’s cool that you have the balls to say something. Because I know for a fact a lot of the people who work there are week kneed corporate shills.

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    Friday May 3rd 2002
    Mind Games 2:27 am-
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    So I let the FDM know about the last GuestBook entry. Not because I want to get whoever it was that signed into trouble. It is a small step in regaining my credibility. I feel that as of late my site has grown complacent in “their” eyes. I want to take steps to make sure that “they” realize that’s not the way it is.

    So of course the FDM is all bent out of shape about this little entry. The FDM wants to know who it was that wrote that entry. My only advice to the FDM is to sign the GuestBook and reply. I really do enjoy it. And I have nothing against the FDM. The FDM is one of the remaining old timers. But then on the other hand I wouldn’t trust the FDM as far as I could toss the FDM off of a high cliff.

    Also a reminder to anyone who is put off by this. If you write me or sign the GuestBook and you don’t want your name mentioned, I won’t. I also won’t tell who you are. This is a place where everyone is free to express their opinion. Me, you, and even those management types. Write in and express your views on whatever it is you want. Don’t forget this still is the good old US of A.

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    Saturday May 4th 2002
    Fascist Mentality 2:28 am-
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    Lets get Constitutional Rights and the First Amendment right up front right now. Ok? Now I’ve heard that the FDM is going to fire whoever wrote that GuestBook entry. Now I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but this fascist kind of threat won’t work. Fascist that’s a strong word isn’t it? But that’s what this is. It’s also called bullshit.

    I guess I will have to direct people to my favorite lawyer Leonard Crabs. This kind of scare tactic just isn’t going to slide. Fuck I hate this shit. This is why I hate managers. Here is what Find Law’s Dictionary has to say about the two laws regarding badmouthing a person or business:

    [Libel] a false published statement that injures an individual’s reputation (as in business) or otherwise exposes him or her to public contempt.

    [Slander] defamation of a person by unprivileged oral communication made to a third party.

    Note the wordage “individual’s” and “of a person” ok? Now look at that entry again. Does this John Doe mention any names? Nor did they name a specific hotel brand or location. So the FDM is grasping straws if they think they can fire a person because that GuestBook entry. Damn I hate small minded people.

    So as I had recommended to the FDM this morning, take it up here at this site if you have a problem. Sign the GuestBook. Speak your mind in a way that would make the writers of the First Amendment proud.

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    Sunday May 5th 2002
    Confessions Of A Marvel Fanboy 2:39 am-
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    Man was I ever wrong about the Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man is the best superhero movie since the first Superman. Spider-Man the Movie follows the origin of the comic book to the tee. Nothing was dropped because of political correctness.

    Here is an example of what I mean. In the comics Uncle Ben is murdered. When Peter Parker takes the law in his own hands he finds out it was a guy who had robbed the wrestling promoter that he did not try to stop. I figured in this day and age of bleeding hearts Uncle Ben would have been spared.

    And it’s a good thing that Uncle Ben died. Uncle Ben snuffing it is that pivotal moment in Peter Parkers life when he finally understands what “with great power comes great responsibility” means. If you dig the comics you have to see this flick.

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    Wednesday May 8th 2002
    20,000+ Hits! 8:22 pm-
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    Well it was a long ride and it took a little over four years but I have broke the 20,000 hit mark. For me and this site it’s a big deal. Also here are the results as of this post in the Poll asking what you think about my website design:

    43% 6
    14% 2
    Not Bad
    21% 3
    Keep Trying
    7% 1
    It Sucks Bad
    14% 2

    I want to thank all of you who voted in this poll. Mostly you great people who picked excellent and even you assholes who picked it sucks bad.

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    Thursday May 9th 2002
    Morrowind Shots 1:33 am-
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    Here are some Morrowind screen shots. I really am digging this game. Especially after giving up the mmorpg DAoC. These screen shot are at the resolution of 1152×864. It really is a beautiful game graphics wise.

    It’s a rpg. But you don’t ever have to complete the main storyline. You can go off and be whatever you want to be and you can do whatever you want to do. Lots of fun. The game also comes with a game editor that let’s you do anything. Check out the fourth shot.

    Morrowind Shots Morrowind Shots
    Morrowind Shots Morrowind Shots
    Morrowind Shots Morrowind Shots

    The pacing is a lot different than that of DAoC. Sometimes leveling up seems to take forever. Sometimes all you get to kill at first are rats and crabs. But hang in there it will be worth it.

    Pick this game up if you have a nice computer and graphics card. Because this sucker needs some muscle to run.

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