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  • Tuesday March 2nd 2004
    Death & Birthday Blues 3:52 am-
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    So it’s March again. Which means I’m getting older again. And that is a sore spot for me. I don’t age gracefully, in fact I get worse at it each year. I don’t like getting older. It’s something I have to deal with. I’m just not very good at it.

    I go through this kind of post every year. Maybe it’s my way of dealing with it. I can’t but feel that getting a year older just means I’m a year closer to death’s door. Maybe that’s what the problem really is. The big sleep isn’t something I’ve spent to much time worrying about in the past.

    But now for some reason it’s been bugging me. I’ll wake up at night and just not be able to get the thought that I’m going to die out of my head. I don’t know why all of the sudden this is something that worries me. I’ll get over it I’m sure. I’m going to have to. It’s just the way it is. You live and you die.

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    Friday March 5th 2004
    The Vow 6:38 am-
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    In an effort to support Gawain in his crusade of not updating his site I have decided to join him in his silence. I will not break this “vow of silence” until he does. I say we all support the big G in this manner. Be it blog, diary, or website. Don’t update. Do it for the entire web blogging, diary, or website community.

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    Tuesday March 9th 2004
    This And That (Now With Hate!) 6:33 am-
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    So I signed up over at Diarist.Net to have my humble site listed in their Registry. Doing this goes against my personal beliefs. For one (and don’t tell anyone) I hate (like really hate) having my site being refereed to as a Journal, a Diary or a Blog. So it’s odd that I would have myself listed at this place. Of course in the end it is another hit or two.

    And on that topic of hate. I also hate the places that pander to these people that find the need to run that kind of thing. Diaryland, Live Journal, and Blogger to name a few. These “hosts” deal the same bland and stereotypical look and feel to the internet like a guy who sells coke to a drug addict.

    And I know a few people that use these services. So I know it’s not all bad what these places offer. But I wonder why they use these places? And I expect a reply to this because it’s something I’ve always wanted to know. How hard is it to setup and run your own website? It’s not that expensive, so that can’t be an issue. Find yourself a nice content management script (and not that fucking Movable Type) and get to it. Sure it’s not as easy as that. But at least try.

    Because if I can do it anyone can. And I know my site is far from perfect. My html is crude and ugly. I don’t even properly use css. In fact I don’t even really know html (ok a little). But who needs to with such products like Microsoft Frontpage (not trying to pimp the evil empire, it’s the only one I know of)? So I say to you diarist’s, you journalist’s and you bloggist’s be creative and be original (or at least steal someone else’s hard work). Again if I can do it so can you.

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    Wednesday March 10th 2004
    Horizons Review 11:53 pm-
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    I picked up a copy of Horizons: Empire of Istaria today. It’s a game I had the “pleasure” of beta testing. Not that the beta was as bad as Shadowbane or anything. Horizons does have a very cool trade skill system. But that is really it.

    I install and patch. When the game loads it tells you your in que for authorization. I was 150 something in line. Finally the game loads. All I see is sky and fog, and a few buttons for character creation that don’t do anything when clicked on. I decide to go look at the support page over at the games site. These two paragraphs were in red:

    3/10/04 Following today’s maintenance, players are reporting that when they login the only thing they see is the sky and fog. Our development team is aware of this issue and we are currently working on a resolution for this. Please do not open a case regarding this since it is an issue that we are already looking into.

    3/10/04 (3PM PST) There is currently an issue with players logging into the website and into the game. We are aware of the current situation and we are limiting the number of players that can login at once, lessening the load on the web and game servers. If you are having difficultly logging in, please do not submit a support case. Instead please wait 15 minutes and then try logging in again.

    So I’m supposed to wait? I can’t open a support case. I can’t do dick with this game I wasted 50 bucks on? But I did do something. I uninstalled the game and canceled my free 30 days for this piece of shit. It’s now my back drink coaster, just in case my Shadowbane disk fails in that job.

    This is just another event that makes me really happy with Mythic and their game Dark Age of Camelot. Some of these game developers should quit before they have to inflict this shit on the people that play these games.

    So in summary. If you see this game on the shelves in your local software retailer just walk away. It’s not worth the trouble. Play Camelot or even that god damned EQ if you have to.

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    Thursday March 11th 2004
    Twiddling My Dick 12:26 am-
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    There is a mandatory meeting I have to attend at work. It covers the new “handbook”, insurance, and whatever else is important that deems the meeting mandatory. Standard stuff really. It’s what I’ve heard already that makes me chuckle.

    It’s the no games and no internet part of the handbook that I’ve heard about from others. Which is cool. I don’t mind that at all. There are no games anymore on the work pc I use. After they failed at removing the games themselves, I got rid of the rest of the games myself. I don’t need computer games to make it through the night at work.

    I do need the use of the internet. Otherwise I’m just going to be twiddling my dick for seven hours. And that is the sad thing. What I do for my job takes me no longer than one hour. So what is it I’m supposed to do for the other seven? I don’t go to any sites one shouldn’t be viewing from work. In fact I haven’t had anything to say bad about this place for a long while.

    And that’s because I’m happy with my job. I’m getting forty hours a week and that’s all I want. The only thing else I could ask for was vacation pay, and it seems that is coming back. So you won’t see anything bad written by me about my place of employment. I got no reason to say anything bad. Except for this no internet shit.

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    Friday March 12th 2004
    It’s Meant To Scare You 3:35 am-
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    Well I missed the mandatory meeting. But I did get my hands on a copy of the “Company Handbook” and wanted to comment on one section in particular. That would be the “Use of Computers and Electronic Equipment” section of this handbook. It starts out reminding me that:

    The Company prohibits employees from using the company’s equipment for personal use.

    No shit sherlock. That’s a given. But it happens anyway. But it’s kinda like the fact I’m breathing “their” oxygen while I’m at work, which I’m sure is against Company policy as well. It then goes on to say:

    Playing computer games at any time is prohibited… Employees will not bring discs, CDs, tapes, or any other electronic data storage device from outside into the workplace.

    Boy they sure got all their bases covered. I like the last part about electronic data storage devices. That wording eliminates a lot of things. Next we have this bit that echo’s the opening:

    Online (Internet and World Wide Web) access is limited to employees who have a business related need.

    I got it the first time. This just hammers the topic home. I’ll know better the next time I want to use their computers and internet for my own personal use. Now we get to the stuff that’s supposed to make you really afraid:

    …employees have no right to privacy and will not expect privacy. The Employer reserves the right to monitor the employee’s equipment at any time, with or without warning.

    Someone hold me. No wait, this doesn’t frighten me. These inept people are going to monitor me? When they couldn’t even delete some games I had installed and hidden? But it goes on:

    The Company reserves the right to inspect and monitor any incoming and outgoing correspondence received or sent by an employee to or from the Employer’s premises, or received or sent using Employer equipment, or that is received or sent via a messenger or service that is paid for or subsidized by the Employer. This right extends to all internal and external mail, messages, electronic correspondence, electronic bulletin board accounts, national electronic messaging service accounts and any other correspondence service that is paid for or subsidized by the Employer.

    One word for you people: Encryption. I use PGP and I would like to see you genius’s crack their encryption protocol. In fact all of this is a very bad bluff. There isn’t a single one of them in management that would even begin to have even a glimmer of any idea what this above paragraph even means. Let alone actually having the know how to monitor someone on the work computers. So the next paragraph doesn’t even have to be quoted as this is just an attempt to scare us ignorant employee’s.

    In fact this kind of thing really irks me. They can’t even track the websites one visits unless they request a log from the Parent Company that provides the isp we have. One just has to make sure that the history is deleted after using the browser. And if your really paranoid just use something like Ad-aware to find out if the computer is being monitored.

    As long as this kind of mentality is in effect my workplace can also start looking else where when it comes to anything regarding computers and websites. Any hope of me helping on these kinds of things just disappeared.

    And keep in mind I have yet to sign any written agreement to not discuss these kinds of things with anyone. So there isn’t much you can do about it. It is unfortunate that there has to be this level of distrust between an employee and employer. Trust is followed by respect. And as long as you lack the one, you won’t get the other.

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    Monday March 15th 2004
    Beware! 5:50 am-
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    If your superstitious watch out for today. Today is the Ides of March. I’m not one to worry about days like this but it doesn’t hurt to be paying attention. Maybe if old Julius had been he may have lasted a little bit longer.

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