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  • Thursday April 1st 2004
    April Fool, Not Here 12:23 am-
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    Traditionally on the first of April one writes up some bullshit make believe crap that is never true. I stopped even trying to do this kind of post as my imagination just can’t do this kind of thing. My ideas for an April Fool’s Day gag are all morbid, revolving around some kind of personal tragedy of some sort. And in the end I think only myself would be amused by that kind of thing.

    The first idea that pops to my mind when this day springs around is the “I died” kind of post. I would either have my best friend post it, or just post it in his name as him. And start out with:

    It is my unfortunate responsibility to inform the viewers of this website that Turk has passed away.

    Which again, I find this rather amusing. Just to be able to see the reactions that come in (if any). I’m morbid enough to want to have a practice funeral. Just to see what kinds of things people would say about me. And I would be just as amused by the negative comments as the good.

    The next idea is one that would take to much work to pull off. And I’m always tempted to start early on this one. The idea is to come out with an announcement that reveals that this entire website and content it contains are fiction. Say some kind of college theses kind of deal, one that studies the effects of an online community. I think the reactions (if any) would be worth the work alone. But thank god I’m to damn lazy to do anything creative like that.

    Of course there is the work can go fuck off and I quit kind of angle. But that really doesn’t hold any merit in being something creative and interesting. It’s a boring topic and I for one get sick of writing about the hotel. They don’t really read the site in mass enough to get any worthy reaction.

    But then as I said, I’m just no good at this kind of thing. Or I’m just to damn lazy to take the effort to do the work to make it a believable April Fool’s Day gag. So instead I write about the what ifs and maybes. Which in itself is a gag.

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    Tuesday April 6th 2004
    This And That 1:20 am-
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    I’m lazy. I keep opening up my news posting system to write up a new article. But only end up staring at the blank news text box. So it’s a good thing I’ve saved some stuff to write about.

    First up is the annual birthday dinner and a movie with the Izer’s. Each year we do this and each year is fun. I have yet to beat out the birthday of 2000 in the amount of fun I personally had, and I blame no one but me. We did get to see Kevin Smith’s new flick Jersey Girl. I found this movie to be the best of Smith’s work yet. They say he has matured as a film maker and I would second that statement.

    Second and staying on the subject of movies, I saw Hellboy last week. First let me say that I have never read the original Hellboy comic by Mike Mignola. So you won’t find me as judgmental of this movie as say the Hulk or Daredevil movies. With that aside let me say I enjoyed the Hellboy movie. It’s the first comic book movie in a long time that I have enjoyed. I do plan on picking up a collection of the comic book Hellboy one of these days, so I can possibly add it to the list of comic book movies that have fucking sucked.

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    Tuesday April 13th 2004
    Hellboy Comic Books 2:20 am-
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    I picked up the comics that the Hellboy movie was based on. I’m happy to report the comic books are good stuff. Mignola’s work on Hellboy has the same spirit that Jack Kirby maintained in the bulk of his work. If you don’t know who Kirby is, you will just have to trust me.

    Hellboy Comic Books Hellboy Comic Books

    Thankfully the movie does uphold the vision of the comic book. While it is not a direct translation (and that would be hard), it is very faithful to the important plot points of the comic. Dark Horse Comics has five books collecting the comic Hellboy. I’ve only read the first two volumes are were the movie gets most of it’s inspiration. Seed of Destruction and Wake the Devil which are available to buy at your local comic book store. I would highly recommend anyone who liked the movie and hasn’t read the original comics to pick these up.

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    Wednesday April 14th 2004
    G’s Manifesto 1:27 am-
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    Have you seen Gawain’s mmorpg Manifesto? He brings up some very good points and I think anyone that is interested in this kind of game should read his post. The growing list of what should be in a mmorpg is something every developer of these games should be emailed. Feel free to email G with suggestions if you think you have something that needs to be added to the list. Be prepared and have a good reason why your thing should be listed. G is awfully opinionated about these games, as we all are. Here are the first 5 on his list (to bait you into going to his site):

    1. A 100% player-driven economy. NO npcs, except for possibly quest npcs, though only on a very limited basis.

    2. A Dynamic landscape. The lands that the game takes place in MUST BE ABLE TO CHANGE EASILY. Trees must be able to be cut down, rocks must be able to be moved, and the landscape must be able to display damage. (from say, dragon fire or cannon shot)

    3. The land must follow real-world physics and cycles, and must be affected by them. When it rains, rivers and lakes rise. It becomes more difficult to walk on bare land, as it becomes slippery and muddy. When it snows, the rivers and lakes freeze (or CAN freeze) allowing characters to walk on their surfaces. After rain, fog must form above bodies of water, limiting visibility. Lightning must be able to strike tries and tall buildings, as well as characters (though the chance can be obviously low).

    4. Day, Night, Seasons, and other special conditions must have a real impact on characters. In the winter, characters without adequate clothing must slow down and eventually freeze, unless they find a heat source quickly. Rain must lower visibility, as must nightfall. If it rains blood and meteors, characters must be able to be damaged by falling debris.

    5. Players must be able to have an effect on the game world. Players must be able to construct buildings anywhere they please, provided they have adequate materials and time, and the ground is reasonably flat, and they have the required skills to do so. Players must be able to chop down trees, haul lumber, and process minerals, etc etc.

    Credit for the above list of course goes to Gawain. I had a small hand in the tweaking of number ten. And there has been a number of excellent suggestions from Doom.

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    Thursday April 15th 2004
    DAoC: Catacombs 6:30 am-
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    It seems Mythic is going to beat a dying horse to death. This Mythic Press Release details how they are at work on a third retail expansion for their game Dark Age of Camelot. Here is the mandatory quoted text:

    Catacombs deepens the world of Dark Age of Camelot by adding new content beneath Albion, Hibernia, and Midgard, said Matt Firor, Vice President of Development and Executive Producer at Mythic Entertainment. Instanced dungeons support a more casual gaming style by giving players exclusive play sessions for groups of all levels and abilities.

    Catacombs system of player versus monster instanced dungeons will allow more casual players of Dark Age of Camelot to quickly find and adventure in exciting and challenging areas geared to their level. By eliminating the need to search (and sometimes wait) for monster encounters, in Catacombs, players generate private adventuring areas for their groups on their schedule.

    New technical features for Catacombs include:

    • Major art upgrade to Dark Age of Camelot player character models utilizing the EMotion FX 2 graphics engine that provides more detailed facial features, hairstyles, and skin tones as well as enhanced armor, clothing options and character animations.
    • Instanced content will allow player groups to adventure in private dungeons.

    New content for Catacombs includes:

    • Players can explore a new underground city for each Realm based on the backstory of one of the Realm?s underground player races. Each city leads to new dungeons, catacombs, enemies, loot and adventures.
    • One new playable class for each Realm.
    • Content will be provided for all character levels.

    As if the tedium that Trials of Atlantis was not enough. Now we get to have instanced dungeons. It just seems like that is the hot thing to have in a mmorpg these days and those boys at Mythic didn’t want to be left out.

    My question is will this be enough? A november release is pushing it’s luck with entering the retail market around the time World of Warcraft will come out (I hope). Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Mythic should put it’s collective heads between their asses and kiss it good by. I’m just wondering if this expansion and the free RvR expansion will be enough to keep the mass migration to WoW when it comes out. And I know it’s going to happen.

    If Mythic should take anything from WoW it should be the way quests are done. Make them more fun. Make them more accessible to the newbs. I’m not saying for them to steal the yellow exclamation point or anything. I’m just saying do something to add on to the “story” of the game. Make it interesting to do quests that are sorely lacking in the current game as it stands today.

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    Saturday April 17th 2004
    Midlife Crisis Of Infinite Earths 12:17 am-
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    Personal information, a topic I don’t cover often here at the website. At least not for a long while. When I do it’s heavily disguised. But tonight I’m going to open up just a little, covering a few topics that deal with my so called life.

    Starting on sunday I’m going to change the way I do things. Changes that have a lot to do with the fact that I am not getting any younger. I don’t want to label this as a diet. Because I’m to damn fussy to follow any diet (well maybe the John Cash Diet would be ok). But I am going to give up pop. So no more Mountain Dew. No pop at all. I plan to switch to some kind of girly french bottled water. Something like Evian, but probably a cheaper brand.

    I also will be dusting off my weight bench and will be lifting weights again. I used to do it in high school for football, so it shouldn’t be to hard to get back into it. In the day I could bench over 300 pounds. I don’t plan to turn into the hulk or anything. I just need some kind of exercise. I want to loose some weight. I don’t expect to end up looking like some male fashion model. I just want to get my shit together and this seems like a good start.

    Which brings me to the next item. I have noticed as of late my lack of companionship of the female species has been something that’s been on my mind. Now I don’t want to sound like more of a loser than I am, but as a man you just crave these things. Not that I have anything to offer a woman. I have a shit job with which there is no possible advancement. So what future could I provide for any woman? And last time I checked my good looks and charm haven’t been pulling their end. So losing some weight couldn’t possibly make my luck with women any worse.

    Now that I’ve managed to type this much drivel I wonder if my best friend is right. He joked today that I was having my midlife crisis when I told him about these plans. Maybe that’s what this all is. Maybe. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m sticking to my guns this time. I just need to focus on whatever motivation I can find.

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    Monday April 19th 2004
    Midlife Crisis Continues 3:03 am-
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    After careful consideration and the loss of a twenty dollar bet, I have rethought my no pop stance. I’ve decided that is to drastic of a change and opted instead to go with a diet pop instead. I still get the caffeine I need and zero calories. I just got to get used to the taste.

    It’s kind of funny that the last post deals with my lack of female companionship. Looking back at last year this time I had a talk with this girl that I had became emotionally involved with. It’s funny reading that post now. How shaken up I had got just because this chick had called. And really this chick is a perfect example of what I talked about last post.

    What have I to offer to a woman?. Nada, zilch, zip. While me and this chick made good friends, as soon as I got other ideas the friendship was gone. She didn’t want anything to do with a loser of my caliber. Either because of the fact that I made little money or because I’m just not visually pleasing. Take your pick or it could be both.

    So I wonder does wanting to loose weight and getting in some kind of shape make me a shallow person? Am I doing this all just because I’m fucked in the head? Do I need a woman that bad? Which really is a problem. I’m rather picky when it comes to chicks. Or I guess I just know what I like. And I know what I don’t like.

    Which makes me kick myself I didn’t go after some of the chicks in high school that didn’t fit the description of what I like. Because I know for a fact that at least one of them is looking pretty damn good. But no I had to waste my time on my three year crush.

    Now that I’ve reached the end of this post I can’t think of a good way to end this one. So I’ll just leave it with this being the end of the post.

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