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  • Friday September 3rd 2004
    WoW Stress Test Stress! 1:46 am-
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    The World of Warcraft stress test beta is live and running. I had many worries about playing during this stress test. Some of these worries were put to rest. Some of them are just annoying.

    I assumed that there would be one server. I could just imagine the lag on this one server in my mind. Thankfully there are quite a few servers to chose from. Both the normal and PvP servers are choices. Also I swear that performance on these stress test servers are much better than on the closed beta servers. I was getting over 100 fps on the stress test server I joined. On the beta server I get around 30-50 fps. Maybe Blizzard tweaked some stuff here and the next time I log in on the closed beta server it will be all good.

    Now my biggest worry and something that just annoys the shit out of me is all of the god damn newbs playing this game. It’s just fucking chaos on this stress test server. The newb area is swarming with people. It’s standing room only around all of the mob camps. And the majority of these people must have never played a mmorpg before. Because their fucking clueless. All of the questions that fly by on the main chat channel are crazy. Where my trainer? Where is this? Where is that? Open your eyes and look around for christ sake.

    And don’t get me wrong. I don’t claim to be a power gamer at all. But I don’t have a problem exploring around an area looking for shit. And sure you can say I’m in the closed beta and I already know all this shit. But I looked around and explored when I first got into the game on the closed beta. And World of Warcraft makes all of this stuff so easy. There is no reason a player has to be that lazy.

    The funniest thing even with all of the people in the starting areas the game is still fun as hell. So far two of my fellow Dark Age of Camelot guildies are playing. With any luck we will have a guild going tomorrow. It’s only ten silver to get a guild charter and I feel that can be done by tomorrow. The problem will being getting enough people to sign the thing. I suspect I will be playing all day today. But what the hell I got nothing better to do.

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    Monday September 6th 2004
    My First Instance 11:33 am-
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    So I made it into my first instance of a dungeon today in World of Warcraft. I had logged into the closed beta server just to sell some stuff from the last time I played there. And it was just luck that a group was going into the Deadmines in Westfall to go after Van Cleaf. This is a big deal because you need one full group at the least to take on all the elite mobs in there. We passed through the shimmering blue portal and did really good until we met up with a goblin shredder.

    One Two
    Three Four
    Five Six
    Seven Eight

    The screen shots kind of speak for themselves in this case. One by one the party of two (levels 20 and 22) warrior and one (level 29) rogue met their doom and the sharp whirling blades of the goblin shredder. We never did make it to this Van Cleaf guy and it’s probably best. I think Van Cleaf and his men would have handed us our asses faster than the goblin shredder did. All in all it was a fun experience. Even though I died and took a exp loss (in the negative no less). I did manage to get a lot of nice loot that I will sell or send in the mail to my alts.

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    Tuesday September 14th 2004
    Trek On DVD 2:12 am-
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    So I’m happy as fuck now that original Star Trek is out on dvd in season sets. I picked up the Season One set at Walmart because those greedy fucks at Best Buy were selling it for ten bucks more. It was 96 plus tax at Walmart. Which next to buying it online this was the best price I could find. And the box it comes in is pretty damn neat.

    It’s great to be able to watch Kirk, McCoy, and Spock on dvd anytime I want to. I didn’t realize how many great episodes were in the first season. My all time favorite episode This Side of Paradise was in the first season I was happy to find out. It was this episode that really made me dig Captain Kirk. Kirk was so dedicated to his ship and crew that he would fight off this effect of total peace and tranquility the spores gave him. And then go on to try to piss off Spock just to snap him out of it.

    One Two
    Three Four
    Five Six
    Seven Eight

    Lots of good stuff on this set. To many to go on about. So if you like the original series you have to go buy this. Seasons two and three will be coming out soon on dvd as well. And then when I have them all I will be a happy camper.

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    Sunday September 26th 2004
    Han Shoots Last 4:35 pm-
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    That fucking Lucas. Han still doesn’t shoot first.

    Han Shoots Last

    By the way there is a new poll running over there down on the right side of this page. The question being What is the best Star Wars Movie?

    What is the best Star Wars Movie?

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    Wednesday September 29th 2004
    This And That 5:10 am-
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    I’ve been pretty quiet these last couple of weeks. I just haven’t had any thing to write about. I’ve been pretty busy watching Season One of Star Trek and then the Original Star Wars movies. I’ve also over time finally picked up all of the seasons of Futurama on DVD and I just can’t stop watching that show. It’s a shame Fox canceled it.

    On the game front I’m still playing World of Warcraft. They just entered phase 4 of beta testing and released a new patch that changed the way tradeskills and regular skills are handled. I finally got the chance to play with a Dark Age of Camelot guildie in WoW. And I look forward for the game getting released so I can play with everyone who will come to the lands of Azeroth.

    What else? For about a week and a half I secretly played Sims 2. Now this is a game that I’m embarrassed to admit I play. I played the first one the same way with the curtains drawn and the doors locked. But it’s odd how it grabs you and you just keep playing this damn game. It’s a phenomenon for sure. One that I don’t understand.

    I’m also playing the new real time strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and loving it. I never have played the table top version this game is based on. You don’t really need to to enjoy it. The game is very visceral and it’s pretty cool to see the units battle it out. And this game makes the rts genre a little easier to get into. There isn’t a lot of resource gathering to get in the way of the furious combat. This one is a must have for fans of rts games.

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    September 2004
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