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  • Wednesday December 7th 2005
    Dumb Google Ads 5:21 am-
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    Not that I have anything against the Jewish people, I don’t. But I wonder what it is in my recent posts that I get served up these kinds of Google ads:

    Dumb Google Ads

    Google AdSense says it displays ads:

    that are relevant to what visitors are looking for on your site

    Which again is kinda weird for these ads to pop up. I’m thinking the system isn’t perfect maybe? Or maybe I’ve used the word kosher once to often?

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    Friday December 9th 2005
    Steak Stink Room 1:14 am-
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    I had a rocket scientist tonight people. I swear the amount of stupid inbred retards this hotel attracts is amazing. This “guest” (and I use the word lightly) calls me up from his room. The problem being that the room smells like steak. Now at first I figured it was the guys foreign/drunken accent and I was miss hearing him. I’ve worked in the place a long long time and I’ve never ever experienced this phenomenon of rooms stinking like steak.

    So once it was established that it was his room stinking of steak I immediately came to a number of conclusions. First and foremost is that this guy was looking to get a discount. Secondly that the guy was just slightly off his rocker to use stinking of steak as his excuse to get the money off his room. I’ve heard a lot of stupid excuse people would use to get money back but this clenches it as the dumbest one yet.

    Now I’m the kind of person who enjoys these assholes. So I go through the proper steps to deal with this nutter. First I apologize for the stinking steak smell of his room. Now I knew the guy wanted money back. But he (they really always) couldn’t cut right to the chase. He had to embellish his story of stinking meat for much longer than needed. Next I offer him the solutions available to me at this time of night. The only one being moving from his steak stinkified room.

    But of course this would solve the problem and cut against his goal of money back. So of course it’s a no can do on the move. These kinds of cheap ass guests always have a counter to the easy fix to their problem. This guy had a friend that was of course heavily medicated. So heavily medicated that a move was not possible. The guy won’t give up though. He keeps me on the phone like I’m holding back my team of top secret steak stink cleaners. I have to tell him that the only option tonight is moving. End of story.

    Well of course this goes against his goal of getting money back so we come the end of our conversation on the phone. These guests next almost always make an appearance at the desk. To be able to hammer home the tragedy of their complaint. In this case I’m privileged with about twenty more minutes of this guys steak stink. Honestly it’s at this point in this game I would like to be able to tell the cheap bastard to pack it in the ass and get the fuck out of my hotel. But I can’t. I only reiterate the only solution to his steak stink room is moving and I tell him further solutions await him in the morning with the managers.

    Before the guy leaves the front desk area he reaches across the counter to offer me his hand to shake. I hate when they do this. I do not want to shake a customers fucking hand. I haven’t the slightest idea where his hand has been and I would rather not touch it. Of course this is slightly rude I suppose. I always pause awkwardly for a minute before excepting the handshake. After the guest leaves I make a beeline tot he bathroom to wash my now possibly infected hand.

    Now to be clear I want to mention that I don’t really give two shits whether there was a stink of steak coming from the guys room. Don’t care in the slightest bit about these peoples bullshit stories. True or not it’s always the same thing with these kinds of customers. They want money back because their fucking cheapskates. I’ve seen these kinds of people quite frequently in my time at the hotel and I can spot them from a mile away.

    The last talk I had with this guy I made it clear that he was not going to get a lot of help in the morning from management seeing how he refused to move. If you refuse our help at the time of the complaint how can you expect something to be done eight hours after the fact. This of course was a outright blatant lie, a bluff if you will in my attempts to foil these kinds of people. Management would have gave this guy money back. And that goes against my purpose in life of sticking it to the guests when I can.

    After about thirty minutes I got another call from my guy in the steak stinky room. He had fallen for my bluff. The guest called apologizing left and right about his mistake. The steak stink was from the room service they had ordered earlier. He blubbered a few times with apologies. He made sure to tell me not to mention this to the managers in the morning because it was all a mistake on his part. I of course accepted his apology and told him to have a good night. You see the extent these people will go to save a few bucks? It disgusts me more and more. But I’m happy that this unhappy costumer has been dealt with in the manner they deserve.

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    Thursday December 15th 2005
    Respect 12:47 am-
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    It’s funny the things I hear from the employee’s that are not trying to dig their head up the managers ass. I hear about low morale and I hear about a general disdain for their workplace. It’s really a shame of what this hotel has become. As the title suggests this post is about respect, or the lack of it. Respect is something that goes both ways. What is respect exactly? Just so we all are clear on the matter. Wikipedia says:

    Respect is the objective, unbiased consideration and regard for the rights, values, beliefs and property of all people.

    Now I’m a firm believer that respect is something that is earned. It’s not something that can be given away freely. At the hotel I’m of the opinion that my respect is not something I give out with the other party really deserving it. Respect for others will override my mercenary attitude when it all comes down to it. This is something few people understand.

    My boss (the sheriff) doesn’t seem to understand any of this. The other person that does audit has had her vacation approved. Now this in it’s self does not bother me. She’s a good worker and has earned the vacation time. Now me I can’t use the vacation time I’ve earned because theres no one to work the two extra days I need off to have a weeks vacation. God forbid I want to use the full two weeks. It’s even worse how much the sheriff bends his back for the one employee in particular. That person gets every day they ask off for approved. And once again I can’t have my vacation time? It’s all a bunch of shit.

    It’s funny really this subject. The other auditor works weekends, every friday and saturday. When she goes on vacation guess who’s working on friday and saturday? That’s right not me. I don’t really care who works the audit when I’m not there. I don’t give two flying fucks. But it’s not going to be me. And it all comes down to respect. The Sheriff will be working.

    I also hear that the sheriff is afraid of me. Which partly explains why the coward won’t even ask me to work those days when the other auditor is on vacation. It just goes to show what kind of guy the sheriff really is. While I like to rant and rave here on the web there is also my mercenary mentality. I’m all up for overtime. But you got to ask me. And I won’t make it easy either. I shouldn’t have to do all the leg work for a guy.

    It’s about time the sheriff starts actually acting like a manager. He doesn’t know it but him working third shift for the other auditor will give him his “wings”. It’s not much I admit, seeing how every real front desk manager the hotel has had was able to work shifts for their employee’s. In this time and place one has to lower their expectations of the management the hotel gets. But it will be the first managerial thing he’s done that I will approve of. And believe me acting like a pussy isn’t going to earn you any respect from me. I can’t stand cowards. Grow a fucking pair and starting getting some respect.

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    Friday December 16th 2005
    Fuck You 8:25 am-
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    Check your watches people. By my watch it happens to be 7:45. Now I’m scheduled until 7:00. I’ve written on this subject before. This will be an exercise in futility, but it keeps me from killing anyone.

    At 6:55 the morning idiot calls to tell me she is on her way. No fucking big surprise here. This chick is always late. She’s one of those people that you could say would be late to their own funeral. So I wasn’t all that shocked when she called back at about 7:05 letting me know she was running late. Then at about 7:15 she called again telling me she wasn’t coming in. She also wanted me to call the boss and let him know she wasn’t coming in.

    I’m the only one who knows that the person not coming in is the one who calls the boss to let him know. Of course I have common fucking sense most of the time. I let her know she has to call the boss. And that was the last I heard of it. The idiot desk clerk doesn’t have the sense of fucking decency to call me back to let me know what’s going on. The boss (if she called him) doesn’t have the god damn brains to call me either if he was going to drag his ass in to work like he should if one of his workers calls in.

    So I’m still here at work. Writing this. And now it is 7:57 and I wonder what the fuck I’m still doing here. Funny shit someone just called in wanting to know if the idiot was in yet. I responded “if she was here you wouldn’t be fucking talking to me” and then promptly hung the phone up.

    Now it’s fucking 8:00. I’m noticing things that piss me off now. The morning bellman for instance. What a tool. This guy doesn’t wear a tie. Every fucking guy here at the desk (and bellman) wear a tie. But not this guy. I want to ask where his tie is and tell him to fucking put it on. I know what the guy is going to say too. It’s to hot to wear a tie. Well fuck you buddy. The guy who was bellman when this tard was still in diapers wore a fucking tie. And he didn’t complain one fucking bit.

    Jesus I want to kill people. Honestly I’m fairly pissed off. I make 8.75 a god damn hour. I shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of shit. Fucking cocksuckers. I’m now hoping other job opportunities come up. Because it’s just one thing after another. Give me a fucking raise you stupid bastards and maybe I would “do it for the team” like a good employee should. But as it is I would just as soon sell these sons of bitches to slave traders than have to look at them if I could.

    Now I’m home and it’s 8:25 and I’ve cooled down a little. I still think (with the exception of two people) the entire front desk crew are a bunch of fucking morons. My dog has left more viable candidates for working at the front desk coiled up in a steaming pile on the lawn. That includes this so called boss of mine the Sheriff.

    I’m at home now not because the people that should have come in finally arrived. I’m at home for the simple fact that one of the good employee’s in that back office filled with even more tools came in at 8:00. She is the only one back there that knows what she’s doing. And I wish that she would have some luck in getting out of this shithole. That place doesn’t deserve the good employee’s it has. And they are lucky that they do have those nice people. Because when all the nice and good people have left they will be stuck with me. And believe me that’s the last thing management wants to happen whether then know it yet or not. I can’t wait for that day. Because then those fucks will have to deal with the biggest prick at that hotel. Me!

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    Saturday December 17th 2005
    Dark & Light 8:56 am-
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    Dark & Light is a supposed next gen mmorpg. It comes out next late year sometime. In the mean time you can play the prequel game Settlers of Ganareth for free. Except when they say play for free they mean not play some buggy piece of shit hack job of a game.

    One Two

    And don’t think your going to find any help on the official forums, because they are a cesspool. If you really want to try playing this piece of shit head over here if you have problems.

    Three Four

    The sad thing is they duped some poor souls into actually buying the privilege to play (test) this game. I guess some people like throwing their money away. I think it’s safe to say this one can be added to the list of mmorpg’s to stay clear of. Good luck if you do try it and I hope you have more patience than me.


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    Tuesday December 20th 2005
    Idiots! 8:26 am-
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    I’ve called someone an idiot on the internet. Shame on me. I called someone who works at the same hotel as I do an idiot on the internet. What they forget is that (besides two or three other individuals) I think everyone at that hotel is an idiot on and off the internet. In this day and age I’m the bad guy for having an opinion. For you idiots in the crowd (that’s right all of you!) an opinion is:

    A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

    Or as Harry Callahan says:

    Well opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.

    When I called that idiot an idiot it’s just my opinion. I’m not telling any of the other idiots to think that this idiot is an idiot. I leave that kind of thing up to the idiot themselves to figure out. Believe it or not the world is full of idiots. It’s scary I know. It’s just something we idiots are going to have to deal with. And it’s important to remember that I am an idiot. I will admit it to any of you idiots any time you ask.

    To the idiot in question I offer this humble apology.

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    Friday December 23rd 2005
    Bored At Work 5:49 am-
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    I’m sure that very few of you ever think to yourself “I wonder what this guy looks like?” I’ve been bringing my digital camera with me to work since the sign got all fucked up (it still is broke). It was a particularly boring night so I decided to see what I could do with the timer on my camera. There are under 5 picture of me on this site for a good reason. As you can see:

    One Two

    Jesus I swear I don’t look that bad in person. It’s a combination of me hating work and having a really old shitty digital camera. But there I am. Just for those who wonder. That second pic is how I am almost the entire eight hours of my shift.

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