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An inside look at the way the worst hotel ever operates from the eyes of the new (at the time) Account Manager. This person worked at the worst hotel ever from July 1st to the 13th in 2006.

Part One covering days One and Two

Here is where the lies start. I’m told that my hours are 8-4 monday, tuesday, and thursday. Because the lame noodle that is doing (not doing) the job before me has a second job on wednesday and friday afternoons so she is allowed to leave early both days and on those days my hours are 8-2. So I accept the job with those hours because the pay sucks = $11.53/hour. First you need to know something about me, I am perceptive and yes I did have a bad feeling about this place and I hadn’t heard a good thing about the hotel but I am drawn to this kind of shit I guess.

Part Two covering days Three and Four

I have an idea. Who knows more about what is going on here than the GM’s secretary? no one So I decide to have a little talk with her. I catch her as she goes outside on one of her cigarette breaks. I chit chat a little about her leaving then I go right to work on her. So what is the GM really like? I ask her and I swear to God this is what she said: He is a liar. I have heard him lie about every single person who works here. He is evil, she says. He does evil things and says evil things. She gives me some examples and I am shocked.

Part Three covering days Five and Six

He runs back to his office and calls the Prince again. I wait a couple of minutes and call the Prince myself and he puts the GM on hold and tells me what is going on. The GM has called to tattle on me again. The Prince says he will bring me change when he comes to town the following wednesday. That won’t help I tell him. I hang up. Apparently, he reams out the GM because the GM comes into my office before I leave for the day and tells me he has had a rough week and plans on getting drunk.

Part Four covering days Seven and Eight

Ok now this is where I am confused. The GM has been the GM for awhile and the Indians have owned the place for at least 3 years. Why is everything so fucked up? The GM says that he had a “great”? system down with the noodle for paying bills. But, I have to differ. If the system was so great, why was my voice mailbox full of irate vendors? I spent saturday morning (while waiting for the noodle) going over the stack of bills that had been thrown on the filing cabinet by the noodle. I went over invoices and statements and compared them to the computer and it was obvious that somebody didn’t know what they were doing. I also wondered why the GM had in his possession invoices that had come in the mail. Why was he going thru the mail after he had been told to stay out of it? Does somebody want the system to fail?

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