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  • Monday July 6th 1998
    As If Anyone Cared 3:00 am-
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    I had a chat with the Assistant General Manager last night. She was mad because she was up for a job with the parent company and was not even asked about it, let alone the chance of an interview for the position. She was very pissed about this. Going as far as to say she’s had it with those fucking Fishmen.

    I would feel sorry for her if it wasn’t against my fuck-you attitude. I’m sorry, Shit happens. As I recall I wasn’t asked to be Frontdesk Manager. Life’s a bitch some times. Get over or get a fuck-you attitude like mine. Goddamn fucking whining stupid bitch. Sorry there folks my supply of Prozac ran out early this morning. Or as an old buddy of mine would say “Your what hurts?”

    And in protest She’s looking for another job. Once more I would recommend a fuck-you attitude. Don’t get even, get really mad and break shit.

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    Tuesday July 7th 1998
    Grossly Misinformed? 3:00 am-
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    Ohh boy, had the first Manager to visit the page that I know of. Our esteemed Food and Beverage Director. He Had this to say:

    Some of the things are very true, but others you are grossly misinformed on and should not comment on until you are informed,(I don’t mean to be a “manager” in giving this criticizm). But in all I enjoyed my stay THANK YOU!

    First I never said I was informed. This whole thing(the website)is all based on my opinion and on the things I see with my own eyes. And I have seen allot of things. That of course is besides the point. The point being you ask? To be honest I lost the point. I guess basically what I’m doing here is just expressing my right of free speech. And I’m definitely not trying to force my opinions on others. So if you read this I not trying to tell that I think you should believe the same thing that I believe. Nuff said.

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    A Talk With The F and B 3:00 am-
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    Being the first top Manager to see the site I had a talk with him to see what he thought:

    Turk: Howdy.
    Jvlbl: Hey I was in the front office
    Turk: doing what?
    Jvlbl: just hanging
    Turk: so what part or parts do you think I am misinformed on?
    Jvlbl: our AGM and the chicago position
    Turk: That came from her mouth
    Jvlbl: she was telling a little white L**
    Turk: any thing else in particular
    Jvlbl: or just not the whole story
    Turk: What else did you object to?
    Jvlbl: also the night manager positoin was done away with
    Turk: Did I say otherwise?
    Jvlbl: no I guess not (sorry)
    Turk: Its ok. I have had the site for eight months now. I forget some of it.
    Jvlbl: and in gm’s defence he’s really not all bad
    Turk: I don’t think he’s bad. I’m just poking fun at him and his job.
    Jvlbl: and i thought it was good
    Turk: thanks
    Turk: Anything you think I should revise from a managment point of view?
    Jvlbl: can i be on the non excriment management list
    Turk: Surething.
    Jvlbl: what a guy
    Turk: that was written in anger.
    Jvlbl: come on now
    Turk: Really.
    Jvlbl: why
    Turk: Because I got written up for sitting down after nine hours.
    Jvlbl: that was not good and i know who did it and she told me she did it when she did it and i told her that i disagreed
    Turk: She was doing what she thought was right.
    Jvlbl: but who the hell am i?
    Jvlbl: true, but not looking at the big picture. but i wasn’t there so i don’t know the details
    Turk: Nor was I.
    Jvlbl: anyway…….gotta roll lots o things to do i’m a busy busy guy
    Turk: See ya.
    Jvlbl: next mod shift

    So there you have it, non-excrement.

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    Thursday July 9th 1998
    Me A GM? 3:00 am-
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    My mom just called me, and offered me a gig as a General Manager. She works for a company called AmeriHost. She says that its a great company to work for. Its a property in Sycamore IL. Mom says the pay is 25,000. And I really am kind of afraid. I have never been in charge of employees. I to be honest have a bad time with fellow employees anyway.

    I have a few problems about this. One, I don’t know anything about this company called AmeriHost. Its been my opinion that all of the companies that have owned the HI have all started like they are the greatest thing on the face of the planet. Not to many of them turned out that way in the long run. Two, its to damned far away. I don’t want to drive to work that long distance every day.

    The third problem is that it just shows that my mom just doesn’t know me at all. I can honestly say I am not GM material. And know that we got a top manager reading this page, I’m sure he can back me on this. And as much as I bash our GM, I admire that he has the balls to do it. That could be another reason why I wouldn’t take this job. I have seen the kind of hoops our GM has had to jump through for our owners. I couldn’t do it.

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    Fan Mail 3:00 am-
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    Hello again dear employees. I have been meaning to post a bit of fan mail that I have gotten. I couldn’t figure out how to get my mail, but Turk was kind enough to tell me how. So with out further ado, I give you my first fan mail:

    dear g man

    I would like to congratulate you on the timeliness of your letters being posted on the net, to bad i can not say the same for your evaluations to employee’s. Let us not even bring up raises. Now I know you do not feel employee’s have the right or even the ability to think, but amazingly enough, to day while shoveling coal into the boilers during my 15hr shift a thought came to me. There may be a cost savings to the hotel if we up dated our heating system to a natural gas system, that way we would not have to pay me to shovel coal all day and I may have time to code my bosses invoices for Paula. I know this is a little radical, to go from the 1800’s right into the 1950’s but I just thought i would bring this idea to your attention. I know I am not worthy to be granted such excessive amounts of time off in a day, but you should be happy that on my time off I spend some of my time trying to keep up on the goings on at the hotel.

    Your Groveling Employee


    So there you have it my dear employees. I am a little disappointed that more have not sent me feedback on my letters. Please send all e-mail to me at gman@hotelblues.com.

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    Tuesday July 21st 1998
    Lumpy Returns 3:00 am-
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    My old buddy Lumpy is in town. Him and the wife have came up from Arizona to visit me and the Izers. Lumpy will be in town for about a week. He has a funny way of knocking on your door when you least expect him. But that’s what makes Lumpy special in a extra chromosome way. I love the guy.


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    Friday July 24th 1998
    Private Ryan! 3:00 am-
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    I just returned from seeing Saving Private Ryan. And was totally amazed. Usually after seeing a movie I feel like the main character. When I saw Diehard I went away feeling like I could take on a skyscraper full of terrorists. With Saving Private Ryan I did not go away feeling like a W.W.II soldier. In fact I no longer have the child dream of fighting in the big one. John Wayne era W.W.II movies always gave you the heroic feeling. Those movies portrayed W.W.II as a great war. Not that I ever thought wars were great. They made it feel like W.W.II was a noble battle. Where as opposed to movies about Vietnam. Which portrayed that war as a dirty ruthless fight.

    Saving Private Ryan did not try to glamorize W.W.II. It showed it the way my Grandpa told me about it. “You would be standing right next to a guy and see him get shot to pieces.” Grandpa would go on to say “John Wayne movies don’t show you the truth.” And that “they were bullshit.”

    Saving Private Ryan Showed the landing at Normandy like I would figure it really was. The poor bastards first out had the shit shot out of them. Speilberg did war scenes with a camera effect that made it feel like you were there on the beach with them. It was very erratic camera movements. It added to the claustrophobia of the scene. They also showed all of the gory detail of war. When people where hit, they fell down. None of the running around like a funky chicken. Blood was everywhere. And these GIs wanted two things. Their momma and morphine.

    Well enough of me playing Siskel and Ebert. Go see the goddamn movie. And do not bring kids to see it. And mark my words Tom Hanks is getting another Oscar for this movie.

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    July 1998
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