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  • Sunday February 1st 1998
    The X-Mas Party 3:00 am-
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    Our cluster fuck of a x-mass party is tonight. In the past there would be a committee to setup and organize the doings of the night. People could volunteer to be on said committee. No word was ever mentioned about asking the peon population to help decide what would go on at the party. The bigwigs have planned everything themselves. These gracious management types did put up a sign up sheet. It still was up when I left at 8:00 in the morning. I reckon that they don’t care how many people are coming.

    The other info that I have only heard about from word of mouth is the time of this glorious event. So I have been told that the party starts at 6:00. Dinner at seven. Afterwards the drunken reveling starts.

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    Monday February 2nd 1998
    Hung Over 3:00 am-
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    I have a HUGE headache. I never bought film for my camera. That’s ok, one of the guys there was kind enough to let me use his. So I still got a few pictures. Did I mention my HUGE fucking headache?

    The party started as all of them do, slow that is. The first hour is dead. Its dead because you are not liquored up enough to talk to people you don’t like. So it goes slow. I started good, had one drink. Just one drink. And then some Mountain Dew. I had it set in my mind that I wouldn’t get shit faced. I did good for a few hours.

    There’s something about vodka and orange juice thats doesn’t agree with me. Seems like every time I drink the stuff I get drunk beyond belief. Maybe its the vodka. But Bond never had nights like mine. No, this limey bastard he drinks the shit by the crate. You never see him in one of his movies bent over a toilet puking his guts out. Of course if he did I’m sure his tux is vomit proof, that Q is a hell of a guy.

    Ok I didn’t mind getting that food out of my system. That never hurts to get HI food out of you if you are stupid enough to eat the slop we serve. In fact I think 9 out of every 10 doctors recommend just this.

    Other than that I had fun. Drank a little, danced a little, and ate some swill. It could of been a worse night. How you ask? A certain Assistant General Manager and future Front Desk Manager could have been there. The FDM was working for us poor desk clerks. Such a nice guy doing that for us. Swell guy. He’s just great. As for the Assistant General Manager she never showed up and no one asked where she was.

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    Tuesday February 3rd 1998
    Working 3:00 am-
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    Started a page about having fun at work because being on my third day off I have nothing to bitch about from work. Got some pictures up of a current employee and an ex-employee. Go look! Working Check it out!!

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    Friday February 6th 1998
    This And That 3:00 am-
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    One of the cooks walked off the job today. Everyone is so happy at the hotel. Supposedly the guy had a run in with the restaurant manager. What happened (and this was from the F&B’s mouth) was this: The cook was asked by the restaurant manager to put out the buffet early. Just about 5 to ten minutes early. Well this guy takes his spatula and apron and throws them on the floor. He walked just because he was asked to put food out 5 minutes early. Hah! I have took a lot more than that and have not quit or walked out. Sure I would like to, but you got to make money. The stupid job is better than no job. But I digress.

    On a sad note I learned that the husband of our old Frontdesk Manager passed away. The poor guy has not been well. Since no one around the place remembers her, besides me and two or three other people. Not that any really cares. But I think its to bad.

    Another thing. Only my cousin from up north has taken a look at this joke of a webpage. You people I work with are bad. Thanks Aaron.

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    Tuesday February 10th 1998
    Links 3:00 am-
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    I have put up another new section. This one is called Just Links. As the name says its Just Links. You won’t find me bitching about work on that page. You also should check out my Dad’s page and my cousin Aaron’s webpage. Go check them out. I also updated my Harpy page.

    The place has been pretty dead. So nothing new to rant and rave about from work. Yesterday was the start of my first day off, but because we are short handed I get to work with two new people. I hate working with new people. And I think back to a couple of years ago when I was a terror of new people. They would complain to the manager about how I yelled at them and that I was mean. It was a great time,. Maybe tonight I should get a little nostalgic and hurt some new people. I also am working on getting a part time job. I’ve become kinda buddy like with the guy who owns a local video store. So if I’m lucky I can get this part-time job.

    CbCsLsOlRel Y bx y
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    Wednesday February 11th 1998
    First Concern™ 3:00 am-
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    Have I ever mentioned that my work place is hell? Well it is. I get there late, of course. I didn’t care. We had a fair size group coming in. So I was working alone from say 3:15 to 5:00ish. Now the phone rings off the hook, so it makes checking in people hard when you have to answer the phone every second. I would put people on hold and wait to finish checking in people. The accountant and the gm’s secretary try to help. But I think they only get in the way. The only one that stays out of my way when we are busy is the night mod. And that’s only because he’s been there a while. The accountant has been here longer but she tries to help to much. same goes for the gm’s secretary.

    The other problem I have with second shift is the fact I’m used to being there alone on third shift. No annoying guests to bother you. No annoying managers. Just me and the security guard. You see I can’t handle the guests. When they ask a stupid question I want to smack them one. I want to tell them where to go. But I also bite my tongue on third shift because there is generally less of the guests to deal with. That is not the way it is on a busy second shift. The pesky guests are all over the hotel. And they keep coming in.

    Which brings me to another point. When we got bought by the new company that runs us now, we (the peons) thought they were great people running the show. They have a glamorous feel to them. And the first year it seemed they gave a shit. After that initial year was up they lost their glamorous feel and took on more of a weasel like appearance. (The definition of weasel by the way is this: any small carnivore of the genus Mustela, of the family Mustelindae, having a long, slender body and feeding chiefly on small rodents.) And they certainly consider us small rodents. I now come to First Concern™. First Concern™ was a big thing that every employee had to go to. Several classes we all had to attend. You were supposed to have your First Concern™ button on at all times. The management (weasels) pick an employee at random and if they had on their First Concern™ button they were given $20.00 bucks. No one to my knowledge ever got the $20.00 bucks for there First Concern™ button. The guests were are First Concern™. Notice I say were, as in past tense.

    I guess the whole point of this rant is this, if we are going to make the guests are First Concern, then the weasels should work on better scheduling.

    FUFW A QoK emZl mDNwmtbgQxli k
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    Sunday February 22nd 1998
    The Old Days 3:00 am-
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    A few days ago I got pissed about how something’s are done half-assed by my co-workers. so I decided to write down what is was that they were doing wrong. There is only four items, but they are important. So I left it with the soon to be front Desk Manager. When I came in the next day to pick up my paycheck I asked Mosher (the Accountant) if they got my note and if anything was going to be done about it. She told me that yes something would be done. Payday was the start of my four days off.

    My Note

    So on my first day back I figured everything would be correct, foolish me. These people forgot to do two out of the four things I had bitched about. And as the Auditor it is supposed to be my job to do this stuff anyway, I know this. Its just that in the “good old days” things were done differently.

    I hate that every time I think about when it was fun to work at the hotel that I automatically say “good old days”. It makes me feel like a dinosaur. I am an extinct species. None of my kind is left. I miss some of them. Of course the “good old days” were not always good, but that’s a different story. Anyway… In shall we say the “old days” everyone knew what they were doing. The desk was ran by a sweet old lady named Barb. She never gave anyone shit about getting days off or anything like that. then you had a competent desk staff that would generally look out for each other. First shift would try to make sure the place was in nice shape for Second shift. second shift would look out for the Auditors. And the Auditors would make sure everything was smooth for First shift. You get the idea?

    When Barb hired someone they would most times end up staying awhile, unlike today when we go through new people by the month or less. Barb also knew how to make the schedule. There was always enough people on to cover whatever shift it would be. And in those days we could work alone without whining and nagging.

    Well I’ve lost my momentum. When I started this rant I was ready to turn in my notice to quit. Now I’ve lost the anger, for now. Tomorrow me and some friends fly off to sunny Florida. Hopefully its sunny.

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    February 1998
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