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  • Thursday February 28th 2008
    This And That 2:04 am-
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    Been a while. I’m updating for the sole reason being I’m taking WordPress 2.5 Beta 1 for a spin here on my live site. I like some of the changes to the backend. Only a few things about the write and edit pages I don’t like. I love the changes to the actual edit box on the write/edit post pages. Now I just need someone to come up with a dropdown menu plugin that is compatible with 2.5 and I’m all good.

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    Thursday December 20th 2007
    Wavatars Plugin 2:58 am-
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    For awhile now I’ve been using gravatar. It’s a site that lets you setup a universal avatar to be used in whatever supports it. I can leave a comment at some other blog and have my current avatar show up without me having to do a thing. Which is nice. I have all of my different game characters head shots setup as my gravatars. I use my character from Dark Age of Camelot for my current avatar:

    Turk’s Gravatar

    Even Gawain has one. He use Angela Lansbury (the subject of some sex fantasy?) for his gravatar:

    Gawain's Gravatar

    The downside of gravatars is when people don’t have one. It then defaults to a generic question mark image. Until I found this neat WordPress plugin called Wavatars. Wavatar generates a random image built of many different parts for anyone who doesn’t have a gravatar. It is based on the commentors email address and would be the same at any site that uses the default setup. Below are twenty randomly generated wavatars so you can get the idea what this plugin does:


    I don’t often talk about this kind of thing. But I like the idea of how this one works so I felt it was worth posting. Also the creator of the plugin has a pretty nice blog which can be found here.

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    Tuesday December 27th 2005
    WordPress 2.0 8:43 am-
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    So today WordPress 2.0 came out. I have been following it’s development, even running a svn copy here on my home computer. There are a number of improvements. Improvements you can’t really read about at the WordPress site since they have yet to really upgrade some of the texts dealing with what it does exactly since the last version (1.52). You take a look over here to see what is going on in the 2.0 release.

    I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade this morning. Since it was just released I’m sure maybe a few bugs may pop up. For instance searching my site has an odd bug were it prints some goofey text out at the top of the page. For example:

    string(6) “goofey” string(6) “goofey”

    A small bug I admit but sorta distracting, at least for me. Again though it’s a really nice upgrade that adds some features I’m happy enough with that I’m willing to risk it. If anyone happens to see something goofey going on leave a comment in this post.

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    Thursday November 3rd 2005
    This And That 5:31 am-
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    I was reading If these words were people, I would embrace their genocide and I realized I agree with everything Maddox has to say. Especially all the words that have evolved out of blog. I don’t know why that word rubs me the wrong way. But it does.

    The word “blog” is literally shorthand for “boring;” a vulgar, overused word that strikes your ear with the dull thud of a cudgel to the soft spot of a child. It’s an abbreviation used by journalism drop outs to give legitimacy to their shallow opinions and amateur photography that seems to be permanently stuck in first draft hell. Looking in the archives of the blogs, one would expect someone who has been at it for years to slowly hone their craft and improve their writing and photographs, since it’s usually safe to assume that if someone does something long enough, he or she will eventually not suck at it. Even with lowered expectations, you’ll get a shotgun blast of disappointment in your face.

    I hate when someone refers to my site as a blog. I don’t know what you would label my site as. But it sure as hell is not a blog. It’s just my website. As far as improving with time, I guess I can only hope so. The next quote makes me chuckle every time I think how hard it was to get my site design to work with WordPress:

    It’s an unspoken rule that every blog must use the same layout as every other blog: long, slender columns of annoyingly condensed text, thousands of links to other blogs, plugs for shitty political books, and more links to yet more blogs

    It’s all of course a matter of taste. But I like my fucked up style that I use. Lot’s of html and tables with just a very small bit of css. I would love to learn all this css shit and I’m sure I will as I play with it. That same overused look of most of these “blogs” is one of the reasons I stuck with Coranto as long as I did. That’s one of Coranto’s big pluses is how easy it is to modify once you figured out the ins and outs of it’s operation. Another advantage of Coranto is a smaller and friendlier community. WordPress has what I would call unfriendly approach to new users.

    Which leads me to ask myself why I use WordPress instead of Coranto? I guess a lot of it has to do with just how much easier it is to use right out of the box. The install is like two clicks. You really can’t beat it’s ease of use. It’s getting to look a certain way that is hard. But even that isn’t so bad once you understand the basics of templates and the loop.

    Everything I have learned was by myself though. Unlike the huge amounts of help I got over at the Coranto Forums. I’ve given up on the so called support forums WordPress has. You got to help yourself if you want to do anything with WordPress. In the end it’s worth it though. The ease of use I mention is the biggest factor in my decision to switch. But I can’t adopt this blog-blogger-blogoshpere attitude the majority of them have.

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    Thursday June 9th 2005
    This And That 10:10 am-
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    The change over is pretty much done. I have successfully imported all of my news database in from Coranto and now just need to edit out the references to the old system. Plus of course all the pages on the site that were not handled by Coranto that I need to add to this new system. I’ve also for the most part been able to recreate the “old” look of my website after a few false starts. It’s a mockery of WordPress’s beautiful blend of valid xhtml and css that the other themes use.

    Which brings me to some of the new features one can find here now. First of all you can register so you can be able to comment on the posts. Not that you have to really register as of yet thanks to the addition of a plugin called Spam Karma. Which I am testing out at this time. It mat prove to be too eager in it’s duty of fighting spam. But I’m willing to give it a shot. You also may notice a few other changes in my site because of some of the neat features of WordPress such as the calender, theme switcher and the before mentioned comments system to name a few. Give it a shot and test it out for me and let me know if anything you post that is not spam gets eaten up by the spam blocker.

    Not much else to say really. Still no word on what the deal is with the position of the front desk manager. I’m starting to think that I’m no longer interested in the job. The temp gm’s one week to let me know is up and I consider the offer over as of now. They want me it’s going to cost them even more now. I don’t jump through hoops for anyone, especially these unprofessional fucks that run the hotel.

    [Listening to: A Frustrating Encounter – Douglas Adams – (1:32)]
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    Saturday June 4th 2005
    Testing 9:54 am-
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    This is a test.

    If your seeing this… Well if your seeing this that means that I’m messing around with my website. I’m thinking about switching from using Coranto to something called WordPress.

    This plugin is very neat: wp_versioning which lets you keep old versions of posts and compare them or revert to the older version. For example here is version 1 of this post and compared to the newest edit.

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