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On March 6th a long time co-worker was sent to the old unemployment line. He was shit canned for no apparent reason. If you would ask the official reason you would be told that the Night manager position was done away with. They don’t seem to realize that John knew his shit. He could if needed help at the Frontdesk. And unlike some Manager on duties, he could really help. John could check in people and answer the phone without tying the phone up for ten minutes on a simple call. John also was able to work the restaurant computer. When that peace of shit would go down in the middle of the night I called John to help me fix the problems. Now all of this doesn’t mean shit if you let your opinion be biased by what you thought of him personally. There has been a lot of rumors about John. No one remembers that they are just rumors. And even if they were true you should not let them form your opinion of him. This is work people not fucking high school. There are a lot of you people I think are assholes, but I don’t let that affect the way I work with you assholes. With out further ranting on my part here are a few pictures.

Mod on the radio as Evil reflects in the window. Can't we always get along? Like this.
Parting thoughts from the Mod to the assholes out there. Mod standing next to copier.
Mod using keys.

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