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  • Tuesday April 1st 2003
    This And That 12:16 pm-
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    Today is generally the day one would put up some kind of bullshit about something bad happening. I have decided to not bother with it, because I can’t come up with anything good or believable. My usual thing is some kind of “the hotel shut me down” kind of April Fools Day prank. But unfortunately these new people are way to incompetent for this to work this time.

    So I’m just going to skip the whole thing. It’s not even fun to take shots at these guys. They make it way to easy. And it’s sad the way things are.

    On another note I was asked again about helping them with a website. They apparently didn’t get the message the first time. So one last time let me answer the question of me doing a website for the hotel (in bold type no less): No Fucking Way. Not for free, not for money, and not even if you begged. And if you have to ask why? It’s because I can.

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    Sunday April 6th 2003
    SWG Beta 3 1:53 am-
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    So I mentioned before how I got into the Star Wars Galaxies beta. The beta is now into it’s third phase. In beta 2 it was hard for me to get any play time in. With beta 3 the servers are up more and I have actually played the game for a long stretch now.

    I’m under a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so I can’t divulge any real details. But let me say that my opinion of the game has changed. At first I thought it was just a Star Wars EverQuest mod. And maybe it is in a way. But the environments are right out of the movies. And so far I have yet to notice the leveling treadmill that so many mmorpg’s have. I’m sure it’s there, I just have been caught up in the movie like worlds I’m exploring to notice.

    The beta has even been getting in the way of my time playing Dark Age of Camelot. Which sucks, because Turk (my main) is still holding at level 39. Of course I’m not quiting Camelot. SWG has a long way to go before it’s in any shape that would make me quit playing DAoC. Time will tell.

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    Monday April 7th 2003
    Work Morale 11:31 pm-
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    About a week ago they took away the computer I used. Granted when I say I used, I mean the computer I played on. There has been no work related use of that PC for a long time. Of course that’s not saying having that PC didn’t affect my work performance.

    Which is something this brain trust at the hotel doesn’t care about. Morale. My morale is low now since the computer moved to sales. And I’m only talking about the state of my morale. I don’t give a shit about the rest of them. And again this morale issue isn’t something the present regime at the hotel gives a shit about.

    Because a happy me is a better employee. Of course right now I’m not happy. It works like this. They do me a favor, I do them a favor. And for this to work they have to do me a favor first. So as it is right now I won’t do them any favors. Life is tough.

    Which also brings me to what I refer to as my time/their time. I’m on their time when I’m at work and punched in. My time is any time I’m not punched in and at work. From now on if they want to talk to me, the have to do it on their time. My home phone is turned off. I don’t need it any more. I only had a phone to get on the net. And since I got the cable modem, the phone is no longer needed.

    And when I’m on my time I got no time for them. It really is as simple as that.

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    Thursday April 10th 2003
    Shadowbane 1:39 pm-
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    Well I got the game Shadowbane and I installed it and I tried to play it. My first problem is that the games auto patcher is all fucked up. The first screen shot shows what I’m talking about. It tells me and lots of other people that one or more of the .cache files are corrupt. It advises you to reinstall this piece of shit. And this doesn’t work. Check out this thread at the Shadowbane forums for what the developers tell their paying customers to do. And what they have you do has about a 1% chance of working. Check out pages 9 and 10 of that thread for my comments.

    One Two
    Three Four
    Five Six

    Needless to say I’m done with this steaming pile of shit called Shadowbane. I wish I could return this game. But it was purchased at Walmart and those guys are impossible to get then to give refunds. So my Shadowbane disk has become my new beverage coaster. Stay away from this game if you know what’s good for you.

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    Friday April 11th 2003
    Late April Fools? 5:16 pm-
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    Oh sweet jesus let this be a cruel and late April Fools Day joke. This link has got to be a cruel joke. Here is a snip:

    Hollywood couple J.Lo and Ben Affleck have secured a deal to remake the classic movie Casablanca, according to reports.The pair are said to be delighted with the multi-million pound deal and are now in talks wirth American producers.The original film was a hit in 1942 starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

    Someone please tell me this is a joke. Why lord why?

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    Tuesday April 15th 2003
    EQ RTS Shot 4:46 pm-
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    Depending on if you paid attention to this little news story from July this screen shot may surprise you.

    EQ RTS Shot

    Thats a shot from an as yet untitled EverQuest real-time strategy game. Sony has a teaser site up right here.

    The game is called Lords of EverQuest. The website for the game is up and can be found here. They have some info on the game, a faq, and more screenshots.

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    Thursday April 17th 2003
    Panic, Terror, And Confusion 12:30 am-
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    So last night at work I get a phone call. It was one of those strange kind of phone calls. The chick at the other end of the phone is at a bar. At least that’s what I assume because of all the loud noise in the background. The chick asks if a guest is staying here. She gives me the name. I look in the computer and find the guy this she is looking for.

    Up to this point it was a normal call for me. Some drunk chick is calling looking for some dude because apparently her friend wants to fuck this dude. Business as usual for me. But I get thrown for a loop when this chick says my name.

    The short conversation that followed is only kind of lingering like the way a dream does when you first wake up. Not that I’ve dreamed about this subject, I haven’t. When I realized who it was I was talking to the feelings I had were hard to describe. First off I just about dropped the phone.

    So let me see what did I feel? Terror, confusion, more terror, and lots of panic. Why did I feel all of these things? The answer is hard to explain. There is lots of reasons why it’s hard to explain. Most of them have been talked about before. And I don’t really feel like bringing it all up again. I kind of figured this was something that wouldn’t come up again.

    But it did. The chick is someone I used to know. It’s been almost three years since I’ve talked to her. This post here explains it a little. The conversation we had was awkward. By the end of the conversation she asked if I wanted to see her or something along those lines.

    My answer was yeah sure. But that wasn’t good enough for her. She wanted to be sure about it. So I told here yes I wanted to see her. I think I went on to much about how I wanted to see her. I wonder if I sounded to eager.

    After I got off the phone panic set in again. I watched the clock as the time ticked away. I thought about what we would talk about. I thought about what I would say to her. I had been chatting with a buddy on aim and had this conversation:

    Turk: jeez I just got off the phone with my old buddy that one girl
    Aim Buddy: oh god…eek…. how did that come about
    Turk: she was calling for a girlfriend of hers looking for some guy staying here
    Turk: I just about dropped the phone when I realized who it was I was talking to
    Aim Buddy: i bet
    Turk: She’s going to come down to see me
    Aim Buddy: oh god…. how u dealing with that
    Turk: I don’t know yet
    Turk: I could quit and run and hide
    Aim Buddy: lol
    Turk: or I can just be cool about it
    Turk: I’m not sure what I’m going to do
    Turk: I mean what do I say to her?
    Aim Buddy: i hope everything goes well…. i have no idea… it seems very awkward
    Turk: yeah it will be fine. Or worst case I end up insulting her on accident
    Aim Buddy: lol
    Turk: I’ll try to behave. It’s my own fault all that happened
    Turk: It’s been almost three years since I saw or spoke to her
    Aim Buddy: eh i wouldnt go that far….. yeah
    Turk: nah it was my fault
    Turk: I liked her in a way that wasn’t friendly from the start
    Turk: I knew what could/did happen
    Aim Buddy: yeah
    Turk: man I shouldn’t be as nervous as I am
    Aim Buddy: yeah but i underatnd it
    Turk: it’s just odd
    Turk: you women are evil
    Turk: I’d go gay if I could get turned by a big hairy ass
    Aim Buddy: lol!
    Turk: man I’m going to end being sarcastic and I’m going to piss her off
    Turk: why do I even care?
    Turk: fuck
    Aim Buddy: lol
    Turk: at least it’s something to write about
    Turk: and I know how she is, she’s been drinking
    Turk: maybe I can hide
    Aim Buddy: lol
    Turk: duck down really quick when she comes in and pretend theres no one here
    Aim Buddy: lol
    Aim Buddy: i think thatd be worse
    Turk: I got to have another smoke. be right back
    Aim Buddy: k
    Turk: back
    Aim Buddy: k
    Turk: god I’ve been checking myself in the mirror
    Aim Buddy: oh good lord… she has u bent all out of shape
    Turk: yeah
    Turk: I’ll be fine

    I worried for nothing as it seems. She never did come in to see me. My panic, terror, and confusion is now replaced with anger.

    Anger because I can’t help but feel like I had just been dicked around. Under the circumstances I just wonder what her motivation was. I wonder if this wanting to come and see me is at all related to the fact she was drinking. Maybe her intentions were honest. Maybe she just didn’t have the time. I just don’t know. I never have been able to guess what she was thinking.

    And yes part of me wants to see her. But part of me doesn’t know what I want. She gave me her cell number and I ponder if I should call her. She can’t call me even if she wanted to, because I got rid of my home phone. Granted she can call me at work. But I’m off the next four days. So the next way to get a hold of me is through this website. Or she could send me an email, it’s at the bottom of every page.

    In the end I’m left with to many questions. Questions I don’t want to ask or answer because I’m scared. All I can do is sit and wait. After three years, whats a day or two?

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