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Examples Of The Point System

  • -10 pts for having a negative professional winning attitude ***
  • -5 pts for not wearing the proper attire until the uniforms are in
  • -3 pts for not wearing your name tags *
  • -2 pts for not greeting everyone approaching the desk
  • -2 pts each for unlocked cash drawers
  • -1 pt for using slang on the phone instead of professional winning words **

My Thoughts

You notice there are no examples (in writing) of what positive points will be given for. Nor are there any examples (again in writing) that say what rewards you get for having positive points. Further proof this whole thing is just a way to punish the employees.

You notice there are two point totals. The hotels and then mine. The reason I’m including a total figured by me is not because I’m looking for trouble (I am), but because of my total contempt for the way things are going at the hotel. None of these people have a clue what I do (or what they are supposed to do). They don’t know how to do my job, so how are they able to give me points one way or the other? It’s bullshit. I have to worry about some fucking person who has less hotel experience than my left nut giving me these stupid demerits. It doesn’t help I’ve only seen this “front desk manager” twice, which was on account of that gay training they put us through. I haven’t seen this person since. And that is the problem. As far as I’m concerned we don’t have a front desk manager. And that’s really what all this boils down to. This bullshit here is the last straw.

* A person has more than one they wear? this one is stupid.
** Someone explain to me exactly what “professional winning words” are?
*** See this post for an explanation.

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