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Part One: Harvard

Let me set up the story so everyone has this in the right perspective. On November 28th of 98 I was let go from the hotel I worked at. The next six months I did nothing. Ok I did go and look for a job once or twice and I even dicked around with temp agencies. But nothing really ever came up from my half assed attempt to find a job. Four month or so into my unemployment I did work at Ecolab for two weeks. This was a period of hell because I really loathed the job. So jump to about the sixth month of my paid vacation I call unemployment and I came to the startling conclusion that I was almost to the end of my unemployment checks.

Part Two: The VP

So there I was working in that shithole Harvard, hoping that I would get my Big Break. My Mother from the start of the gig in Harvard was telling me that I would be able to interview for the Manager job. This kept me in Harvard, in retrospect I think my Mom was only trying to help her friend the GM of Harvard. And I also think the interview was pure chance.

Part Three: Mosinee

Finally the VP decided where I was to go for training as a General Manager. I was shipped up to a place called Mosinee it’s located about three hours into Wisconsin. It was a drive I did three times. I would go up there, spend the week at the hotel, and then drive back home for the weekend. The one thing that jumps to mind when I think of Mosinee, WI is the terrible smell of the place. In Mosinee they have a paper plant. This, of course, is a place where they make paper. It’s because of this place there is such a stench in the town of Mosinee. I was told it’s because they use sulfur in the paper making process.

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