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  • Tuesday September 1st 1998
    The Thorpe Boys Return 3:00 am-
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    Here they are again. Ladies and Gentlemen the Thorpe boys:

    “And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting, on the pallid bust of Palas just above my chamber door. And his eyes have all the seething of a demons that is dreaming and the lamplight o’er him streaming casts his shadow on the floor. And my soul from out that shadow which lies floating on the floor shall be lifted, NEVERMORE.”
    Final stanza of “The Raven”-Edgar Allen Poe

    Sorry to have out done you once more, but we assure you, nevermore. From the mind of sick, sick bastards, such as us, we wish to congratulate you on the wonderful emblem of E.A.W. We believe that through the power of our own patriot (Scott Thorpe) and his many, shall we say, “avengers”, the E.A.W. shall relinquish the Cro-Magnon known as Wade. We wonder what a good acronym for its name would be. How about something like “Wishing About Dating Ericka”. It has that harsh ring to it, don’t you think. Keep the website growing and we assure you we shall return. Until then, never underestimate the power of E.A.W.. As the Vulcan’s say “Live long and prosper”. 

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    Wednesday September 2nd 1998
    Rumor Mill Time 3:00 am-
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    Ok here’s the dirt on the Audit front. Rumor has it that Dawn (my fellow auditor) is getting the old shit-can treatment. Now I don’t want to give away the name of my source but her nickname would be short old crabby lady.

    Of course when I asked the front desk manager about the possibility of her being fired he said that no she wasn’t being fired. That he gave her final warning he did confirm. And we kicked around the idea of me training the any new auditor we may hire. Oh yeah. I can hear it now. “From now on your name is Turd.” screams the crew-cut auditor. He kicks the trainee on to the ground “When you pass training you will become Turd First class!!!” He stands over the trainee and glares “give me two-hundred push ups Turd.” Oh yeah I can’t wait.

    And they better call Richard to be on the safe side. I say this because I want it clear in the idea I will not be working seven days a week. I am not the Front Desk Manager. That’s not my job and I will not do it.

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    Friday September 4th 1998
    Clothes Don’t Make The Man 3:00 am-
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    Yesterday the Frontdesk and Bellmen employees got fitted for new uniforms. Now I’m admittedly not a fashion critic and really don’t have any fashion sense. But I of course have a complaint. Because lets face if I didn’t have a complaint it would be amazing. Over all I don’t mind the selections. My first complaint would be that the Bellmen are going to wear the same as the Frontdesk staff. Now a shirt and tie is ok for us at the desk. But the poor Bellmen have to do a little bit more than us. They have to go out and do the great sign and carry room services and stuff like that. They do enough work that they sweat their asses off, at least some of them do. So I think that it goes to show that the FDM doesn’t know what those Bellman do.

    Ok now that’s out of the way, here’s my complaint. The ties that they want guys to wear are ugly. They look like Stan and Laurel Hardy ties. They look like goofy cheap Kathy Lee Gifford slave labor produced items. So I would have to guess that a certain Auditor will accidentally forget to wear his. Oops.

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    Sunday September 6th 1998
    Trust No One 3:00 am-
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    Ok Really quick. Now I had Jami jump me because she was told I had made a few dumb blondes remarks on this page. I scanned down the page and there is no reference to anything like that recently. I would go through the whole goddamned site, but I have the Employee Picnic to go to. And I am late for it.

    I admit that I do sometimes bash new people in general on this site. But, you have to understand that I’ve been at the hotel for over six years on this tour of duty. So I have seen desk employees come and go. And believe it or not I have seen a few dumb blondes in my time.

    One thing I can tell any of you is that I won’t deny anything you see here. And I won’t delete anything just to save my ass. If I said it you will find in this mass of pages that my website has become.

    And finally I want to apologies to Jami for anything I may or may not have said. Because to be honest if I don’t say it on this site sometimes I say it in anger at the hotel.

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    Tuesday September 8th 1998
    Back To School 3:00 am-
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    I made a trip down to my old high school today. I have not been back for at least a year and a half. As of late I have been going through my old yearbooks. I like to go back every once in a while just to see the few teachers I liked. It’s weird to go back there, the school has changed.

    The main reason I went back was to go and see my old Football Coach who also doubles as a History teacher. Mr. Peterson started when my class were freshman so I think we got to know him better than the rest of the teachers we had. It was like we started high school together in a way.

    While I was sitting there talking to him, I for some reason couldn’t help but think of this one time around my freshman/sophomore year when I was out for basketball. It was at practice and someone came and told Mr. Peterson some bad news. I really don’t remember who told him or if he came to practice knowing this bad news. So any way we had been doing some running drills or something and Fago had falling down and twisted his ankle or some shit like that. So Peterson gave me his keys to go and get bandages and stuff like that. Keep in mind the keys were not only to the coaches office but his keys to his car and home. The varsity coach was leaving to go home around this time so Peterson stressed not to forget to bring the keys back up.

    And of course I forgot the keys down in the office, which I made sure was locked when I came back up. Well he took care of Fago and then asked for his keys. This was when I figured out I left them down in the office. Without sounding as if Peterson was a badguy He quite frankly snapped. He was pissed. I remember that his face got as red as can be. He told me to go and do stairs. That’s when you run up the stairs and then back down the stairs and repeat. Now under normal circumstances I hate doing stairs. But he was so mad that I obliged him no problem. In fact after he had cooled down and explained what had happened he told me to stop doing the stairs. I clearly remember telling him “That’s ok Coach I’ll just keep doing stairs.”

    You see his uncle or aunt had passed away and he took it pretty hard. But when Peterson told you to do something you did it. There was no smart mouthing or any of that shit. I think (and I’m not a coaching expert) that those ten years ago when my class was in school still, discipline was something we believed in. And I admit that I didn’t really care to much about discipline in the classroom. But for sports I really believe it means something. I don’t claim to know what the football coach for South Beloit is like now but I do know that their record is 0-2. We had a winning record back in the day. My last to years in school is what I’m talking about. And I think it had a lot to do with the coaches we had. You figure out who coached at that time.

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    Wednesday September 9th 1998
    The End Is Near!!! 3:00 am-
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    I have seen the end of civilization as we now it ladies and gentlemen. I was going through some of my PC games links and found this on OGR (Online Gaming Review). It seems that Eidos Interactive is putting out a computer game based on the great Mel Gibson movie Braveheart.

    I don’t know about the rest of you semi-intelligent people out there, but this really scares me. I really think this is a sign of impending doom. That and the fact some company made a game out of Water World. I’m scared.

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    Saturday September 12th 1998
    The Sign Stays 3:00 am-
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    On the 8th of this month we had our big inspection. Now I have heard that when you fail the final inspection that the big guys in Atlanta will not only take the franchise away, but they will tear the great sign down. God that would be a awesome picture opportunity. Not that I want us (the hotel) to lose the brand name, its just I do have this site here to run.

    Well after fucking around for thirty minutes with tables and cells I have gave up putting the side by side point by point blow for blow of the last two inspections. Here it is really simple. In march we blew chunks with a 843 out of 1000. Well on the 8th of this month we got 901 out of 1000. So we did better.

    On to the next order of business. I was going to write up about how Scott (the oldest Thorpe Boy) is a true to life good guy. I do happen to have proof to this effect. I decided against it though when I realized that if I talk about him I probably would have to mention Ericka a couple of times at least. Well I did a little count and her name appears 18 time on this page alone. With five more references to her on the current Working page. That’s 23 time over all. By coincidence Scott appears a total 23 times also over these pages. That’s strange both of them referred to 23 times each. Stranger than fiction.

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