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  • Tuesday August 1st 2000
    This And That 5:53 am-
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    Here is a few links that is a result of my recent Kevin Smith movie binge. If you don’t know who Kevin Smith is I say shame on you. Smith directed Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. My favorite is Chasing Amy. It’s got comic book references only comic book geeks can understand. The first link is to Kevin Smith’s production company View Askew. It has news and all kinds of interesting stuff about Kevin Smith’s films. Next is a trivia game based on the films of Kevin Smith. It has you identify quotes from the movie they have sound bites from the films and you have to answer who said it and what film it was from. It’s called Thirty-Seven?!?

    I found out who the Mystery Guest is. I kind of figured it was one of two people. I’m glad it was the putz. The guy is so lazy though, only one sentence? Come up with something better next time.

    Also, Ross I never did get your E-mail. This could because of my ISP wanting more money. So try the @hotelblues.com address, it should work.

    That’s all for now.

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    Friday August 11th 2000
    I Hate August! 6:52 am-
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    Warning! I am about to go into sentimental mode. You have been warned.

    I don’t like the month of August. In fact it could be said that I down right hate it. The reason you may ask for me to dislike a month of the year? Simple (yet really complicated) to explain. One of the so called loves of my life was born on the twenty first of this month. So when August comes around I always get sappy. I think about the good times and the mistakes I made.

    It started out me and this girl being acquaintances. We saw each other frequently enough that a friendship eventually started. And it was good for a number of years. We did things together. We hung out and did things as a “couple”. But we were not a boyfriend/girlfriend. We just enjoyed each others company. I eventually met her parents and most of her family. The family liked me. I liked her family. It was all hunky dory. She had a boyfriend that treated her like shit. I would be there for her when she was having some rough times with the guy. And this is when the trouble started.

    Maybe it was seeing her cry, maybe It was talking to her about everything that was going wrong. Maybe it was because I started to feel sorry for her. So I started to try to cheer her up. It became once a week thing. After a while I started to develop feelings for her. One of my friends has compared it to Stockholm Syndrome. You know the thing were hostages develop feelings to their captors? Now I don’t know if that’s how I can explain it. I don’t know. Needless to say I kept my feelings to myself for a long time. But it was getting weird. She knew something was going on. She broke up with the guy that was giving her trouble after a while.

    So one night at a party after I had consumed a mass quantity of alcohol I spilled my guts to her. She took it better than I had imagined. Her reply was that she loved me, yet was not in love with me. That statement confused me for a long time. We stayed friends after my gut spilling. Yet I could tell it was different. Then the love of my life joined the Air Force. We wrote letters to each other for six months or so.

    One day I got a letter from her telling me she had met a guy and that she was going to marry him. I didn’t know what to say. She came home for a week before the wedding and she visited me. She wanted to know if the wedding was local if I would attend. Luck had it the wedding was being held out where she was stationed. It seemed it was important to her that I approve of the wedding. So I did what any noble guy would do. I lied to her. I told her of course I would have gone to the wedding when I knew damn well I wouldn’t have. But it’s what she wanted to hear. So she married the guy.

    We lost touch not to long after that. I don’t see her often, when I do it is awkward. We say hello and ask how each other is doing. But that is the extent of the conversation. I lost a good friend because of the way I felt about her. I don’t like losing friends, it is a sad thing. I hold my friends very dear. My friends sometimes comes before family. All I can do is hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. And of course I go on hating August.

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    Saturday August 19th 2000
    The Guestbook 3:16 am-
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    I had some activity in the guest book, which has been slow lately. First we have an entry from the brother of Harpy number six. Who had this to say:

    Where did you here about my site: That one girl
    What’s up Turk. It’s been a while. I almost called you Scott again. I know…I’ll forever rot in hell. I apologize eternally (did I spell this right?) I have a lovely bunch of coconuts….deedily dee. Sorry you had to be witness to that, I again apologize. I’m just chillin’ out at work wasting time. This works just perfect. Get yourself a bonzai-buddy, they fucking rock. He’s a purple gorilla that tells stupid jokes and sings several songs (which are even more stupid). It’s definitely worth trying though so visit the website and see if you can get him for free still. I did and I’m not even half way regretting it. Bonzai-buddy.com, he’ll be your friend till the end. Kisses BOB

    Under the circumstances your forgiven for calling me that dirty word. Now the Bonzai Buddy he’s talking about is indeed cool. Mine’s a parrot. I like how it can read a website to you. Very funny when it reads this page. Speaking of “that one girl” you will have to wish her a happy birthday for me. Any way tell her I said hi.

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    The GuestBook 3:17 am-
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    Next up we got another entry from Karstaedt:

    Where did you here about my site: it was written on a urinal!
    Hey Chris, wassssssup! Just thought I would let you know RindFleisch (in English translation that is ground meat!) has been visiting your website. I wonder if he has told you? Any ways I am bored off my ass and thought I would drop you line and see wasssssup! Hey, if you ever here from Ross, give me his e-mail address or give him mine. Oh before I go a person who shall remain nameless (K#v$n) likes to wear black leather panties! Hahahaha!

    Crazy is all I can say. I wish Ground Meat would write again, I miss the big lug. My question where is the urinal with my website address located at?

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    Monday August 21st 2000
    Clarification On The August 11th Post 9:25 pm-
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    I just knew that this was going to happen. Maybe that was the reason I wrote it the way I did. For the record the “I Hate August” bit was about a lady named Angie. Lovely woman who I have fond memories about. She was born on this date. So I say Happy Birthday to her. She was the prototype Harpy. And as Forest say’s that’s all I got to say about that. So one more time the August 11th bit was about a girl named Angie, it regards no one else. Proof of the August 11th bit can be furnished upon request from any number of sources. This isn’t any attempt on my part at being sarcastic or flippant.

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    The Guestbook 9:48 pm-
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    My good friend Ross stopped by the website and signed the GuestBook adding to the controversy on Mr. Ground Meat:

    Where did you here about my site: on the shelf next to the soap
    Hey Turk what’s new? nothing here. working my ass off. missed ya that one weekend. why is everyone scared to wake you up? leather underwear uh? think she uses a choker chain on him too?

    I could see the choker chain. I don’t want to visualize leather underwear, oh god to late.

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    Tuesday August 22nd 2000
    The Proposal 6:00 am-
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    The offer of freelance work is interesting. You shouldn’t have used the term “freelance work” as that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Being the comic book freak I am I look down on the idea of freelance work. Within the comic book industry “freelance work” often meant the creative help was going to get fucked in the end. Often when artist or writers did “freelance work” the big comic companies cheated them out of royalties when it came to their work. Often the actual artists and writers didn’t even get credit for their work.

    So now that you want my help on a business level I am happy that you would consider me. Freelance work honestly isn’t something I have thought about. I have no actual idea of the cost. For my website the cost is only in the software and the registering of the domain. So in helping you on the basis as a paid employee under the wording of “freelance work” I have to be honest in that I have not really ever thought about what I would charge. I have had “Friends” ask for my help and have offered my services free of charge. I guess I will have to talk to the parties involved to get an idea of what it is you are wanting done.

    As far as cost and to when I could help you out it really depends on what you guys are looking for. So you let me know what it is exactly you want or need and I will make a decision based on that.

    This response doesn’t indicate I’m saying no. I just really need to know what you have in mind. I just really need input from you guy’s as to what you want. It’s not my website so I can’t make a proposal right off the bat. So if this doesn’t offend your delicate sensibilities feel free to drop me a line.

    Also if you don’t want something to be seen in the guest book my advice to you is don’t sign the guest book. If you remember my troubles I have had over the site, you should realize I’m not in the habit of amending or editing my website in any way. If you have to get a hold of me try my e-mail or you could call me. If you don’t have my phone number it is in the book.

    Don’t take this as I’m saying eat shit and die. I just never have considered doing work on the “freelance” basis. You never have understood my sarcastic nature so I hope I haven’t offended you.

    You let me know. And your welcome.

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