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  • Sunday May 4th 2003
    Star Wars Kid 1:41 pm-
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    This is too funny. I saw it and laughed that you poor bastard laugh. And then I felt really sorry for this guy. Click the first screen of this geek Jedi to see the original movie. The second movie has music and saber special effects.

    Real Star Wars Geek Real Star Wars Geek Remix

    I saw this somewhere and couldn’t find it again. So props to whoever got this out here on the net.

    [drain file 24 show]
    [drain file 25 show]

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    Tuesday May 6th 2003
    X2: My Thoughts 12:16 am-
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    I’ve seen the second X-Men movie twice now. I have been holding off on commenting for a reason I really couldn’t identify. But after going through some of my old comics I realized what it was. It was a certain deja vu I felt seeing the movie. I guess it shouldn’t come to anyones surprise that the new X-Men movie is not an original idea. God Loves, Man Kills (pictured below) was Marvel Graphic Novel number 5.

    X2 the comic?

    It was published back in 1982 and it and the X2 movie share the same basic plot and characters. William Stryker, his plot against the mutants, making his own Cerebro, Magneto and the X-Men teaming up is all there.

    The story is just broken down to it’s simplest form. Simplified for the non X-Men fans. But it’s pretty much the same. Except it’s not. It’s really a watered down version of a groundbreaking comic story.

    Let’s take Stryker for example. The movie Stryker hatred for muties is fueled by the fact he had a son that was a mutant. Yeah that’s pretty good motivation. Throw in the bit about how he sent the kid to Xavier’s mutant school adds to the movie Strykers dislike of mutants.

    But in the comic the character of Stryker is so much more. This Stryker also had a child that was a mutant. But his reaction to the child was that it was a monster and the comic Stryker killed his child. But that wasn’t enough. The comic Stryker also kills his wife because he had decided it was her fault for bringing the monster into this world.

    Now you have a good start for the comic Stryker going here. But it gets better. The comic Stryker finds religion and truly believes that all mutants are the spawns of satan. So the comic Stryker sets up a church to start a crusade against the worlds mutants.

    All of the religious ideas are stripped from the movie. And it hurts the movie Strykers character. The movie Stryker is a hollow movie badguy and nothing more. It’s a shame in a way because the comic Stryker was just a guy doing what he believed was right. Sure he was a madman but it worked better.

    The rest of it was pretty much the same. But it’s all mixed together with other X-Men stories. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the second X-Men movie. You can’t take a comic book story and translate it into a movie. Some of the ideas and plots have to be dropped or changed to suit the fickle movie going audience.

    And I think that has to be done, I really do. If the third movie is going to cover the whole Phoenix story it has to be taken a carefully look at and cuts and changes need to be made to make it a non comic fan friendly movie.

    In the end if you like the second movie and you want to experience this story the way it was meant to be go to your local comic book store and look for the just republished God Loves, Man Kills.

    Nuff Said.

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    Wednesday May 7th 2003
    Manager Chat 7:36 am-
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    Because I’m bored here is a little chat I had with the assistant general manager of the hotel. I like to point out there is not a actual general manager. So this makes her the assistant manager of nothing.

    Turk: hey!
    Turk: you going to give me the 25th off?
    Turk: hello?
    Turk: don’t ignore me
    Manager of Nothing: Yes I am giving you the 25th off
    Turk: thank you Boss
    Manager of Nothing: no problem
    Turk: how a copy of the daily sheet so I’m not so bored off my ass
    Turk: how about
    Manager of Nothing: I am working on it
    Turk: is what I meant
    Turk: ok
    Turk: I have a copy of it at home Boss
    Turk: I’ll sell it to you
    Manager of Nothing: bring it in and make a copy on the fax machine
    Turk: bah
    Manager of Nothing: come on do me a favor
    Turk: the fax machine is not a copy machine
    Turk: ok since you got me the 25th off
    Turk: I’ll see if I can find it
    Manager of Nothing: thank you
    Turk: anytime
    Manager of Nothing: gotta go, have a meeting to go to
    Turk: well I got to get back to work
    Turk: bye Boss
    Manager of Nothing: have a great day, I will probably see your mom today
    Turk: ok
    Turk: tell hi
    Turk: tell her hi
    Manager of Nothing: ok
    Manager of Nothing: see ya later
    Turk: yeah

    Welcome to the internet, your famous now.

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    X-Men Comics 11:40 pm-
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    Since the X2 movie just came out and I mentioned the original comic it was based on a few posts ago. So if you dig the X-Men movies and want to read the source material I have a few picks for you.

    Four books (shown below) called Essential X-Men Volumes 1-4. These hefty books collect issues 94-179 of the original X-Men comics. These comics are the good stuff. And they are more or less the inspiration for these X-Men movies.

    X-Men Comics X-Men Comics
    X-Men Comics X-Men Comics

    You can nab these suckers at you local comic shop or if you have to you can get them at Amazon.com. Essential X-Men Volume 1, Essential X-Men Volume 2, Essential X-Men Volume 3, and Essential X-Men Volume 4.

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    Thursday May 8th 2003
    Company Perks 11:46 pm-
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    Working at the hotel has become a lot funner since the new owners bought the place. What do I mean? I just found out about some new company perks and I wanted to tell the internet all about them. Of course there are some restrictions on who can use these perks, but that is a minor detail.

    The first perk is calling the hotel when your shitfaced repeatedly. I know this doesn’t sound like much of a perk. Which is cool because I’ve always wanted to call my place of work after I’m pissed drunk just to fuck with whoever is working. Of course I’ve always been afraid that this kind of thing would get me fired, but I don’t have to worry about that any more. And you can call more than once, preferably you would call repeatedly.

    The second perk is use of the company van to cart around you and all of your drunk co-workers or buddies. This is a nice one. I guess the issues of insurance and just the fact of driving drunk have been worked out. Which is cool because this is a perk I will use. I don’t know how they got by the insurance and driving drunk thing, but what the hell you only live once. And you don’t even have to be on the clock to take advantage of this one.

    Now you may ask how I know that these perks are in effect? Well I’m glad you asked. I have it from a source close to the owner that this kind of thing is allowed. And here I was thinking that they didn’t have any clue on how bad morale was at the hotel. Well you proved me wrong with these moral boosting new company perks.

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    Tuesday May 13th 2003
    Gawain The Blind 12:48 am-
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    I really don’t like Diaryland sites. It just something about the service they offer I don’t like. Maybe its because all of the sites look the same.

    But I have found one Diaryland site that I do like. Gawain The Blind is a website that deserves to be in your bookmarks/favorites. This guy writes in a way that I envy. Here is a sample from his current entry:

    My happy place is a place where virgins prance about naked, it rains Pete’s Wicked Ale, and not only does PMS not exist, but it has been replaced with MPF, which stands for “pre-menstrual fun” and which involves sexy undergarments being worn on one’s head. In my happy place, Carrot top was never born, Phil Hartman never married, and Belushi never overdosed.

    I would like to think that me and Gawain are like minded. I just can’t say enough good things about the guy.

    If you get the chance and you have money to burn also stop by his store for all kinds of cool merchandise.

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    Wednesday May 14th 2003
    In The Real World 11:33 pm-
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    On the 8th of this month I wrote about the new Company Perks at the hotel. I wanted to make a clarification on the subject of that post.

    I wasn’t criticizing anyone in particular for going out and having some fun. I was just pointing out the fact how some people can break or bend these supposed rules that are in place at the hotel.

    I’m all for having fun and as it was pointed out I have been known to get extremely shitfaced. I personally just won’t be involved with three of the people from that night. As I’ve explained elsewhere on this site when I’m off the clock I’m on my time. Now on the clock that’s different, I’m on their time. But I will not hang out with these people on my free time.

    I don’t like these three individuals in question. I’ll be nice and fake a certain level of respect when I’m on the clock. But I will not, and can not tolerate these people if it’s on my time. Respect with me has to be earned.

    In the real world (as opposed to the fantasy world one is in when they are punched in) I don’t give a fuck who you are. I don’t give a fuck what your job title is. I don’t give a fuck who it is you know.

    And that’s all I got to say about that. I hope this cleared up any questions one may have.

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