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Part Three

Day Five
Friday July 7th 2006

I go about my routine and then I go to the food and beverage manager’s office to print some reports and catch her in the act of having a complete hysterical meltdown in front of 3 little old ladies who are having lunch. It is one of the most unprofessional performances I have ever seen. She is swearing at one of the cashiers.

Ok by now I know that the f&b manager has issues. I have had the pleasure of telling her that her drawer is short every single day and every single day she wants to argue with me about it. It either is or it isn’t and believe me it is. She tells me that I don’t know what I am doing and so I take her to my office to show her “the proof”. Somedays I can’t even show her the proof because “someone” doesn’t even drop the envelope with the proof. They just take the money home with them.

So, I go back up to my office to get some more “proof” for her and when I come back, I miss the door to her office and get lost. I end up in the back of the kitchen and come around the back way. She is in her office with the front door shut and the GM is with her. They are cooking up a plan to get rid of “K&C”. So I listen. It is your basic plan to get rid of an employee:

  1. cut back on their hours
  2. cut back on their power
  3. question their skills.

They laugh and plot. Later when K comes in, the f&b manager deserves an award for her performance. And so it goes, more lying, plotting, deceiving, etc etc.. What a sucking swirling eddy of despair it is. Later that day, the f&b manager comes to me with a request for “change”. So I go to the GM and ask him, where do we bank? here is the conversation:

TT: where do we bank?
GM: you don’t know?
TT: no, I need to get some change for the f&b manager, where do I go?
GM: that might be a question for the Prince
TT: you don’t know?
GM: we don’t
TT: we don’t what
GM: we don’t bank
TT: you mean we don’t have a bank locally?
GM: no
TT: where do I get change then?
GM: the limp noodle didn’t tell you?
TT: I wouldn’t be asking if she had
GM: you get it thru brinks
TT: how?
GM: don’t know
TT: ok – I’ll call the Prince of Darkness
GM: no! wait!! Just take a couple of hundred out of the MOD drawer and go to any bank.
TT: so we don’t have a bank of our own locally?
GM: no
TT: another thing, tomorrow when the limp noodle gets here we are supposed to do payroll and I heard you tell her that you want to watch. what time do you think I should get here?
GM: she didn’t tell you
TT: no, what time does she normally get in on Saturdays? she has been late everyday this week.
GM: couldn’t tell you
TT: should I get here around 7?
GM: don’t know
TT: do you have her cell phone number? I’ll call her and ask.
GM: no
TT: do you have her home number?
GM: no
TT: ok thanks

So I pretend to leave and walk into the outer office and stop. Guess who he calls? the noodle. As he is leaving a message on her phone, I stick my head around the corner and he sees me. Oh what fun these games are. He hangs up and follows me into my office. We have another fight and I accuse him of playing games with me.

He runs back to his office and calls the Prince again. I wait a couple of minutes and call the Prince myself and he puts the GM on hold and tells me what is going on. The GM has called to tattle on me again. The Prince says he will bring me change when he comes to town the following wednesday. That won’t help I tell him. I hang up. Apparently, he reams out the GM because the GM comes into my office before I leave for the day and tells me he has had a rough week and plans on getting drunk.

Day Six
Saturday July 8th 2006

I get in around 7 because I want to be ready for this payroll lesson. 8am rolls around no noodle, 9am no noodle, 10am no noodle, but the GM has appeared. I ask him if he thinks the noodle might not appear. He says she better nobody else knows how to do payroll. Finally around 11am she shows up, wet, tired, limp and lifeless. I try to prop her up in her chair and get her moving. The GM shows up and I finally have the 2 of them in the same room together. Once the fuckfest is over, we finally get to work.

The payroll routine is a chopped up mess. The GM is more concerned with ordering me around “pay attention” “take notes” “watch what she is doing” he barks at me. My son is in town for the weekend and he stops in to see me. He is standing outside my office door and listening to this GM, the noodle, and me do payroll. Later, he asks me who the asshole was that was telling me to “watch what she is doing”. “Nobody” I tell him.

We finish up payroll and I have a ton of questions – some things just don’t look right. When the noodle left on wednesday she tells me that she is “hurt” by the fact that it is her official last day and nobody had a party for her. “After everything she has done for this place” she cries. I guess she forgot about all the hours she was paid for that she didn’t work – not counting all the hours she was at work and didn’t work.

So I told the GM on wednesday what the noodle said about her “party”. He never says a word about it to me again. But as I am walking out the door on saturday, I hear the GM call the noodle to come to his office. I later hear that he had a cake and some sort of “party” for her. Whatever.

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