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  • Wednesday March 16th 2005
    Twisted Logic 12:39 am-
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    Do you remember how I was talking about the hotel being so goddamned cheap that they stopped printing two receipts? Well heres one that totally makes no sense and mirrors the twisted “logic” these hotel management fucks employ.

    No matter if a hotel employee takes in money or not one is supposed to fill out and drop a drop envelope. So while we try to save money (and trees) by printing only one copy of a guest receipt it is completely reasonable to waste paper (the poor trees!) dropping an empty envelope? Does this make sense to anyone who is not in hotel management?

    Because it really makes no sense to me. Sometimes I wish I was making this all up. I’m told that this is done for accounting purposes. Which once again baffles me. For all the years that that the old account worked here at the hotel we never had to this kind of thing. I’m starting to really hate working there again. I’m not sure how much longer I can last with this kind of shit going on.

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    Tuesday March 22nd 2005
    Hotel News 3:23 am-
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    Tonight I want to talk about something that as I see it is not my part of my job. To me certain things just don’t fall under the job description of the night auditor. For example, tonight I come in and the front desk guy tells me he has some bad news for me. He proceeds to tell me how for reasons unknown to him the gift shop person isn’t coming in and I’m going to have to sell bus tickets.

    Now I’m not certain if I’ve made my stance known on the whole bus issue. So let me make sure to explain myself. For almost seven fucking years I had to make coffee for hotel guests and these cocksuckers that ride the bus would come in and drink it all up and make a total fucking mess. The day they moved those fucks to the other side of the hotel I did a dance. I hate the bus people, the bus drivers, and every single one of these stupid assholes who calls a hotel for info on the god damn bus schedule.

    I’m not selling one single ticket. I think my position is clear. And for starters no one is management has left any kind of instructions on how much to sell the tickets for. No info on what to post the ticket sales in the computer. Which is no surprise really because that’s just how fucking unorganized these management people are here. I’m supposed to develop psychic powers and via this telepathic ability read their god damn empty heads on just what I’m supposed to do.

    So you can understand why I’m not selling tickets. I’m a night auditor, whom at the least is considered part of the front desk. Now no where in there should I be selling bus tickets. Not when the cluster fuck that our hotel management is doesn’t have the common decency to tell what to do. Leave me some detailed instructions. I’m anal like that. I want to know the simple details these people are to stupid to think to leave me.

    And honestly even if they did leave the information I need to sell tickets I still wouldn’t. I consider those fucking savages that ride the bus my mortal enemies. Everyone of those bastards that comes I will tell them to buy the tickets from the lazy bus driver. Of course as it is I’ve yet to see a single person wanting bus tickets, so it’s really a moot point.

    No I think the lazy person that’s supposedly in charge of the gift shop should come in and work. But it’s a lot easier to pawn your responsibility off on someone else. It’s just the way this place is ran. This place has gone so far past miss communication we are now at radio silence. And as Dennis Miller says of course that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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    Wednesday March 23rd 2005
    Fuck The Rules 6:29 am-
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    So once again I’m going start bitching about the hotel. I want to touch on a few things. The hotel has rules. Now rules are great. Rules keep people from doing what they are not supposed to do. Now I freely admit that I do not follow certain rules. But I take this weird attitude that if others can break the rules then so can I.

    Today for example some two employees call in. They want me to tell the morning bellman to punch them in. So I told them no. But of course they call back and ask to talk to the bellman. And of course the bellman is nice guy and he does this for them.

    Now last time I checked this was one of those things that was against the rules. As I said there are rules I break, but there are some I don’t break. For example I don’t say room numbers out load and I won’t give a key to anyone other than the person registered to the room (with proper id). These things are just some of those things that I consider are major no no’s. I also consider punching in for others a no can do.

    And the rule book seems to back me up. Take a look at the bottom of page four:

    Punching in a time card for anyone other than yourself will result in termination of employment.

    But it appears as long as your a manager it’s ok to break rules. I say this only because one of these two employees was a manager and they said it was ok. Which I don’t quite see as being fair. Now I’m sure that if I was to call in one night I was supposed to work and I asked for someone to punch me in it would be wrong right? Or do I take a lesson form this manager and decide that this rule is no longer valid.

    That’s how I read it of course. Because if these people are too lazy (or short of time) to come punch in themselves then it must be ok to do it. So tonight I’m going to log into World of Warcraft right after I call the hotel telling them to punch me in. I’ll putz around for about twenty minutes and then come in. I can’t get in trouble right? Because it seems to be ok when the Engineering Manager does it.

    But in the end I’ll get in trouble of course. Because I’m not an ass kissing suck up. Not only will I get in trouble but the poor front desk clerk I’ll dupe into doing it will get in trouble. Doesn’t exactly seem fair does it? But that’s just the way it is here at the hotel. The rules are ignored by the management at their convenience. And fuck the little guy if they try to do it. Remember people it’s not important that you do your job well. What’s important is how well you can kiss ass. If you can do that the world is your oyster.

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    March 2005
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