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Let me set up the story so everyone has this in the right perspective. On November 28th of 98 I was let go from the hotel I worked at. The next six months I did nothing. Ok I did go and look for a job once or twice and I even dicked around with temp agencies. But nothing really ever came up from my half assed attempt to find a job. Four month or so into my unemployment I did work at Ecolab for two weeks. This was a period of hell because I really loathed the job. So jump to about the sixth month of my paid vacation I call unemployment and I came to the startling conclusion that I was almost to the end of my unemployment checks.

This is where the second hotel I worked for comes in. And for the record I still had about 134.00 dollars left on the unemployment. My loving mother told me that the company she works for was looking for GM’s. This is a company that hires GM’s really young. They have GM’s that are 18 or 19.

To me this is crazy, what kind of experience can you get that will help you run a hotel? Most of them only worked at the desk for a year or two. But anyway, the ones I met are very capable at getting the job done. So to get my foot in the door I was set up to go work in Harvard, Il. Now let me say this abut the town of Harvard. It sucks! Really I mean that. It just has this I am a small shitty little piss ant town written all over its face. It didn’t even have a Taco Bell for Christ sake. So I went down and met with the GM of the hotel. Here is the my feelings on this lady. This is going to sound mean, but hey it’s me. She is incompetent.

I mean that in a nice way. She is to nice and to sensitive to be a person in command of a hotel. And that’s the way I feel about it. Its a command position just like it was a tour of duty in the army. I just didn’t like anything about this women.

I was working again and had an income coming in, So I had to find something to bitch about. This is what I came up with. The thing that I decided that sucked about my new hotel gig was the drive to get to Harvard. It was only about 35 miles or so. And on the day I followed my mom down there it worked out into a nice easy drive. I even took note as I followed her so I could find Harvard on my own. I of course am a complete idiot when it comes to going somewhere for the first time. Even with my notes and a map I managed to seriously fuck up the nice and easy drive to Harvard. The first day I had stayed there from the morning meeting with the GM. So I had no problem getting there. It was in the morning when I was ready to drive home I made one mistake. I figured that If I reversed all of my directions I had wrote down I would be able to get home no problem. I assumed that if I had a turn right on this street on the way there that I would turn left at the same street on the way back. Wrong. So after I visited some of the other bumfuck town in a 100 mile radius of Harvard I managed to get home. So to me this was a serious problem I had with this job. I was pissed and ready to quit. But I decided I really needed the cash so I would try it again. The drive to Harvard in the night was a really bad idea. I seriously screwed the pooch. I once again had a tour of all the town around Harvard. I finally admitted I was lost when I started to lose 97 WZOK on the radio. I was something like 140 miles of target.

So I start working the audit at this hotel. I trained with the other auditor for two days. Two days! In no offence to my intelligence I need more than two days to learn the whole process of the audit. It was just not learning the audit I had to also learn how to use the computer system so I could check in and out people and all of the other stuff someone in the hotel industry would be expected to know how to do. So after my two days I set upon the job by myself. Ok and here is were I get some of my reasons for not liking the GM of that hotel. If I had problems I was not to call her. I was to call another one of the hotels within the chain. After I called her at ungodly hours of the morning this is what I was told. I’m not kidding here. I have a hand written note that she tells me this. Now to me this is a really shitty thing to do to an employee. I mean really that was just the worse thing anyone could do to make you feel less at home on the job. Even in my last tour of duty at the first hotel you could always call one of the managers at home and get them to help you. This was an outrage. Now maybe I’m overreacting. But I don’t feel that way. But that was pretty much the only worth while stuff to mention during my period as a night auditor. Of course later down the road I would play the night auditor role again.

My next installment of Management Memoirs I will cover the interview with the VP and how my piece of shit Dodge Shadow almost died on the way back from Chicago.

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