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  • Monday June 11th 2001
    Lumpy 4:00 am-
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    This could very well be a very controversial topic. I went to the fireworks last night for the Sand Festival. Me and the Isley’s, the Saddler’s, and the Lindsey’s. Pathetic opening at the fireworks. They were really low and from where we were sitting a tree blocked the view. Ok I’m not here to talk about fireworks. In school most of us had nicknames. I was referred to by many names by many people. Tank, Mayo, Velvet, Tuubero The Good Luck God Of The Lottery, and probably a few I have forgotten. Most of us has had nicknames. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    I refer to one of my friends as Lumpy. I Have since high school. I don’t remember who gave it to him. And it’s not meant in offense.


    Tonight I was asked to stop referring to him as Lumpy. I was told to use Uncle Dan. Lumpy told me because his wife told him. Shit I don’t really have that big of a problem with the whole issue. In fact I understand why. They don’t want the kids referring to him this way. What I don’t like is that the wife couldn’t tell me this herself.

    I’m big on “if you have to tell someone something, do it your fucking self not have someone else do it for you.” If any of my friends (or their wives for that matter) have a problem I would like to think they would know to tell me themselves. I have something to say I say it to who it needs to said to. I won’t have someone else do my dirty work for me. I suppose Lumpy’s wife doesn’t know me that well. It just kind of irks me.

    I know what your thinking. Am I not really doing what I’m bitching about by writing this here on the website? And I would have to say yes. But in my defense this just happened. Give or take a hour or two. When I see The Bride Of Lumpy I will tell her. Any of my friends want to chime in on this one? If so direct any comments to my e-mail or throw one into the GuestBook.

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    June 2001
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