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  • Tuesday February 1st 2005
    Smooth Jazz 3:25 am-
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    So I work in a hotel right? And I like to bitch about the management right? Well this post is me bitching about the hotel, but it’s not about management (to a certain degree it is). No this post is about Multi-Systems, Inc and their product WinPM. Now WinPM is what they call a Property Management System. This is a program that handles every aspect of a hotels daily business.

    Now I wrote about these guys way back in July of 2003 and it was a cheerful happy post about how great the system was. Now here I am sitting waiting for their tech support (and I use that term very loosely) to call me back. I’ve been having some problems tonight and with all the sitting on hold I figured this would be a good thing to write about.

    Here’s a recap of where I am with them right now. I called earlier about their system being bogged down. So I call and get through to someone. I tell the lady on the other end of the phone my problem. Lag bitch! And then a guy comes in and wants a room. Now I had asked her to restart the server for me. I put her on hold and go about the timely process of checking this one guy in. Something that should take 30 seconds took 5 minutes. And while this chick was on hold she decided to reboot the server right then and there. She didn’t call back to ask if that was a good time to do it. But no biggie. For a little while it seemed like that fixed my problem.

    But then I get to doing the end of day stuff in this WinPM and hit a roadblock. The whole thing froze. And I waited a good 20 minutes to call tech support. And heres what happened next. I ended up on hold for 55 goddamn minutes. I called on a second line and got an answer in 3 minutes. Which is just a really fucking great way to run a tech support call in place I imagine. While on hold I memorized the stupid recording that plays in two minute intervals:

    All of our technicians are currently assisting customers with the same high level of service that you will soon be receiving. We apologize for any inconvenience. Your call is important to us. Thank you for your patience while holding.

    And when the stupid recording wasn’t playing they had the radio station KYOT 95.5 playing in the background. Smooth Jazz! Now I’m just about ready to go fucking insane. It’s really sick and twisted to play Smooth Jazz while someone is suffering on hold. It got to the point that I began day dreaming about how I could go back in time just like John Connor to help kill the installers of this fucking stupid system. It’s a silly notion I admit. But that’s what I was thinking with the Smooth Jazz and that recored message playing for 55 fucking minutes! I’m sure in my sick and twisted Smooth Jazz inflected mind these fucks at MSI are the equivalent to the guys at Cyberdyne Systems Corporation who probably setup Skynet.

    Since I don’t have access to a time machine I sit here waiting for them to call me back. And I go on waiting because I know that soon I will be receiving a high level of service. Because I know that I am important to them. God I wish I had a time machine!

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    Friday February 4th 2005
    No Smooth Jazz 2:08 am-
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    Jesus I tell you I had hoped that this shit would have been fixed. I’m still having problems with the “great” WinPM and the folks who do tech support for them. The newest twist is that when you call now it just fucking rings and rings. Which makes me think I was harsh on the whole Smooth Jazz thing now. I miss that reassuring stream of jazz blasting through the phone as I sit here in front of the computer twiddling my dick.

    So anyway I have the same basic problem as last time. Except I don’t think I really can blame those guys at MSI. I think (and this is just a hunch) that the server has some problems. Someone here has hooked it up to the internet. And I think everyone knows what that means. If theses retards here are using the server to get on the internet I may as well consider that pc a lost cause. That thing probably has more spyware and viruses than I even want to think about. Just the fact that our subscription to the McAfee VirusScan has expired is a sure sign we have some problems here.

    With MSI’s phone support not answering my only option for help is using there Online Support Form. Which is really cool and all. But I’m not that reassured with the response I get after hitting submit:

    Thank you. You will hear from us within 24 hours.

    24 hours? I’m gone in 5 hours buddy. Thankfully it turns out the response time is faster than what they say. I of course didn’t really expect it to take 24 hours for them to call back. And of course I don’t really care how long it takes to fix this mess. Because at 7:00 am I’m going home. I don’t give two shits if the audit is done or not. I’m only here for as long as they schedule me. Well for as long as it takes for first shift to get their lazy asses in here.

    In the end I do got to say that the people at MSI’s tech support are on the ball. At least when you can get through to them. The guy tonight had my shit fixed in under a hour. So once again I would have to say all the problems are on the hotel shoulders. Which is bad for the hotel. MSI charges 88 bucks an hour to fix spyware and virus problems. Which I think is the only way these guys here are going to learn. But sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

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    Tuesday February 15th 2005
    Hotel News 4:33 am-
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    I’m going to start sounding like a broken record here. But it’s something that just pisses me off and I have to write about it. The computer problems continues at the hotel. All of the advice I have offered to those in charge has been ignored. Congratulations I say. Because of the incompetence of the hotel management the computers here are swarmed with all of the kinds of shit one would not want to have. And I’m only looking at the spyware end of things. God only knows what kinds of nasty viruses we have.

    I’ve been told recently that the gm here considers himself a kind of guy that knows a thing or two about computers. I can’t help but laugh at this. If allowing your business computers to infested by shit equals knowing a lot about computers then I guess I don’t know shit about computers. And just for example lets take a look at one of the little bits of spyware that was found on one of the work computers.


    This particular bit of software is called Virtual Bouncer. While this is not something high risk, it is a nuisance to say the least. Symantec says:

    VirtualBouncer masquerades as a legitimate Spyware remover but sets itself to run when you start the computer and remain memory-resident. When it is running, the software will periodically attempt to contact its author’s servers to download updates and instructions.

    Some versions we have seen will nag the user, using pop-up advertisements in Internet Explorer, to purchase an upgrade to Virtual Bouncer, by telling him/her that their system is at risk.

    This adware program must be manually installed. However, there are several known programs that have Adware.VirtualBouncer within them and that install it as the program itself is installed.

    Now this just proves that people here are dumb as bricks. This thing is manually installed. It means that someone got the pop up and clicked yes. Which just makes me feel like I’m really weird because I don’t fall for this kind of bullshit. This one bit of spyware is a perfect example of the state these work computers are in. And it comes back to this gm and his expert knowledge of the way computers work. In fact I would question this gm’s entire career in the hotel business based on this obvious lack of fucking common sense on the way this gm handles the computers at work.

    I have seen a lot of these general managers come and go in my decade or so of working at the hotel. And on the topic of this current one let me just say one thing. The current gm is no Shawn Kennedy, I’ll tell you that. A lot of the claims put forth by this current gm can only be found in a certain kind of guy. Shawn Kennedy was one of these guys. I would see that guy all the time. Nights or mornings it didn’t matter. The current guy I have seen once or twice. And the claims of working in every department and working ones way up the ladder? Again this Shawn Kennedy is the only gm I have ever met that one can say they can do every job in the hotel.

    The quality of the management can only reflect the quality of the hotel. Which just goes to show what a sorry state of affairs the place is in. And who else can you blame? I don’t think the blame can be aimed at the peons. I think at some point these fucks need to admit they have no clue at what they are doing. Or at least admit they don’t give a shit. Because that’s the way I see it. It’s sad really how far this hotel has fallen. It’s sad to see it continue to fall. And I feel sorry for those employees who never worked here back in the old days. It was a different time and place. But that time and that place is long gone.

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    Tuesday February 22nd 2005
    Hot Or Not 1:01 am-
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    I’ve been finding myself wasting a lot of time browsing through Hot or Not and I have come up with some crazy notions. Hot or Not (for those of you not in the know) is this virtual meat market where one can toss up a picture to have the vast wild and horny internet judge if your picture is “hot or not”.

    Now I’ve decided I like Hot or Not for the same reasons I dig the idea of strip clubs. I can take a look at the offerings of these women without having to get involved in any manner. It’s all done without worrying if I know the chick or not. Which is a big deal for me. I completely loose all ability to function in the proper manner when it comes to these kinds of things when it turn out I know the ladies in question. Which is another story all together.

    So while I clicked on the Hot or Not scale from 1 to 10 on these ladies I came up with a set of rules that would determine just how I would vote. After a while it became a game. And after noting that my lazy ass hadn’t written in a while I figured this would be an ice change of pace from my hotel bitching and Game stuff. Below I offer my very loose set of rules for how I vote for the ladies of Hot or Not:

    Under Garments
    More Cleavage
    You and Your Girlfriend
    Your Naked?
    Looking All Drunk
    Lot’s of Cleavage
    Cowboy Hats
    Did I mention Cleavage?

    Small Pictures
    Your Pet
    Your Kid
    Your Boyfriend
    Cross Eyed
    Badly Cropped Photos
    Your Car

    Now each of these things can raise or lower on just how I decide to vote depending if it’s under hot (which can raise the score) or if it’s not (which lowers the score). And keep in mind that while on the internet I like to keep my male chauvinistic ways in high gear.

    I’ve also noticed that I tend to rate redheads a little higher. Which really is no big surprise as I have a fondness for redheads. I also tend to score lower on pictures that have groups of people blacked out. If your to lazy to get a photo of just you you deserve the score of 1. I also can’t stand these people that feel the need to make a montage pic. You know the ones with 5 or 6 pictures edited into one picture. That rates an automatic 1. It’s to much information. I want to see one picture. Make that one worth it.

    I also can’t stand black and white pictures. It’s the 21st century for christ sake. Color is good when it comes to these things. I don’t want to see poorly done photoshopped backgrounds either. That pisses me off. And would it kill you to smile? I don’t want to see pictures from a wedding, prom, or any other gathering of people. And none of this class picture shit either. If your last good picture was a class picture then it’s time to call it quits before you even think about putting a picture up.

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    Thursday February 24th 2005
    Flashed! 5:24 am-
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    I got flashed tonight. Which was kinda cool. I don’t usually go in to work expecting to get flashed. In fact this would be the first time this kind of thing happened. It’s just one of those nights.

    But it’s kind of odd. It’s the same deal I have with watching strippers that I know. This chick that did the flashing works across the street at a bar. And I’ve been in the place a few times and know her. I don’t know her well enough to consider friends and shit. But I know her well enough that her flashing her tits at me does make me feel awkward.

    And believe me it’s not a case of the chick in question being ugly as fuck. This girl is hot. She’s the kind of chick that a guy would be completely happy being made miserable by her. She’s the kind of woman a guy would be happy forgetting all about his friends and anything else the girl didn’t think you needed anymore. Hawt to use the lingo of the internet.

    And you can also believe me when I say that they (her breasts) were very nice. Which I think should be said as it’s not often I do get attractive women showing me their goods. Not that she had them out for a long period of time or anything. But in the few seconds I did get to see them I would have to say that on a scale of 1 to 10 that they were around an 8.4 just for those of you keeping score. Of course that’s not any kind of official ruling more a guesstimation on my part. One would have to do the proper research to honestly and objectively rate these kinds of things.

    But I guess this kind of thing is just one of those nervous ticks I seem to collect. Or it’s just that I like being able to only view women I don’t know as objects to be desired over. I’m not quite sure on this one yet. But it’s very odd. I’m going to feel very uncomfortable the next time I go over there and get a beer from her that I can tell you.

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    February 2005
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