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  • Wednesday January 1st 2003
    Hotel News 4:44 am-
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    Ramada’s new owners put hotel in landmark shape is a Rockford Register Star article that talks about the hotel’s new years eve party. This was a very informative news item. As the usual with this kind of thing here are the good bits:

    “We were hoping to get 500 people,” said Kimberly Thompson, Ramada Inn sales director, “but we just didn’t get them.”

    And here is one more quote from this article:

    “This is my own personal project,” said owner Noor Tejany, who is in South Beloit for the New Year’s Eve event. “This hotel was here for 35 or 36 years. It’s a landmark to the city. We definitely want to keep it alive and bring it to the next level.”

    Lets examine these quotes for a deeper meaning.

    The first one “We were hoping to get 500 people but we just didn’t get them” what does that say to you? This is a quote from the sales director according to the paper. Now what is a sales director supposed to do? To me a sales director is supposed to get business to the hotel. The Rockford Register Star hits it on the head when it says:

    For weeks, the hotel planned but failed to advertise its “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Mardi Gras” party.

    I would have to say that this sales director is to blame, wouldn’t you? Again this is just my opinion and I am no sales director. But who else can you blame this on? No one else except for the person who approved this half assed “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Mardi Gras” . Can you guess who approved this fiasco?

    Who do you think a sales director answers to? First would be the general manager. Why would the gm allow this mess to go on? Maybe the gm was under orders himself. So who gives the gm orders? Well look no further than the second quote taken from the paper. The owner must have let this failed party come in to creation. Why would he do this? The paper’s quote says:

    “We definitely want to keep it alive and bring it to the next level.?

    According to the paper this is what the owner said. Well I guess this failed “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Mardi Gras” is his mistake. He wants to “keep it alive and bring it to the next level”, doesn’t sound like he’s doing that yet does it? In fact if you look at his quote from the paper again you may see that even the owner doesn’t have high hopes for the hotel:

    “This hotel was here for 35 or 36 years”

    Was here? That sentence is in the past tense. Was here? Where has it gone? Apparently even the owner of the hotel himself doesn’t have that high of hopes for his “personal project”? This isn’t a very supportive thing to say when he plans to keep it alive and bring it to the next level is it? It’s shame that a landmark of the city has to be run by the obviously incompetent. Maybe the next bunch of owners that come in when these people finally give up will do something with a landmark of the city. This statement can be the new year resolution of the hotel.

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    Saturday January 4th 2003
    More Xbox 11:58 pm-
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    Well I just beat Halo on the easy setting. I admit it’s not really that much of an achievement. Not much of an achievement on easy, on the higher difficulty it’s a different story. And again I say Halo is a great game. It is one of the better fps on any system. The PC version won’t be out for a while. At least thats the way it sounds. I was amazed how much better the graphics were when I moved the xbox to a 27 inch tv. The old tv was an ancient little thing, compared to the 27 inch.

    I also picked up the Xbox game Mechassault. This another game I picked up because of the guys at Penny Arcade. Mechassault is one of those Xbox Live enabled games, which me not having Xbox Live doesn’t do much for me. But it does have a really decent single player campaign. I’m having some difficulty picking this one up. I’m getting there, but I would get my ass handed to me playing online. So I’m no Mech King, but I’m trying.

    I need to pick up a good RPG for my Xbox. I have three choices. Two of them are games I already own. The third game isn’t out yet.

    First choice would be Baldur’s Gate:Dark Alliance a great game I played the hell out of on the PS2. I’m not sure I want to buy it again. There really isn’t much re-playability left on that one.

    Second choice is Morrowind. Morrowind a game I have had for the PC for a while now. A game I still have yet to explore fully. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what Morrowind can offer. I most likely will pick this one up because it’s out now.

    The third game isn’t out yet and there really isn’t a solid release date as of yet. But who can pass up a honest to god Star Wars single player RPG? Man not me. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic like Halo is one of the reasons I bought the Xbox. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is another Xbox title that is supposed to be coming to the PC. SW:KOTOR is developed by Bioware. Bioware are the guys who did the classic Baldur’s Gate games. Again a must buy.

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    Wednesday January 8th 2003
    Pain In The Ass 5:07 am-
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    Man I love conflict. I really do. I hope work understands that I’m not a pain in the ass to just them. Case in point, check this thread out over at the unofficial Coranto Forums. I also should say that I’m not giving this kid trouble just for the hell of it. I really am against a move to PHP. Of course if you don’t know what Coranto is this little post doesn’t really matter. Just move along, there’s nothing to see here.

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    Sunday January 12th 2003
    This And That 11:52 pm-
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    Well I have more or less recovered from a case of stomach flu. Not the most fun thing to go through. And that’s the most interesting thing to happen to me since the last post. Jeez what a pathetic life I live huh?

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    Thursday January 16th 2003
    Sales Director Defense 2:31 am-
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    I just had a talk with the sales director of the hotel. The sales director who used to tell me how she and “The Dude” would read my site and have a good laugh. The sales director who came to me and actually started to defend her position on the new years eve debacle. I was going to not mention who the person was I talked to, but then I looked at my Standards Of Conduct and saw I didn’t have to bother.

    She wasn’t even talking about the hotel directly, she was referring to my news item on the Rockford Register Star article. I hope she knows how much our conversation meant to me. I don’t write this stuff to be liked. I write it to be read. And her coming to me shows that at least one person reads my stuff. She may not like it, but you can’t please everyone can you? What validation.

    What this also means is that if the sales director read it, then the rest of them have too. I wonder how the owner feels about it? Then I think to myself “I don’t really give a shit what the owner thinks do I?” Nah I don’t give a flying fuck what any of them think. If I was doing something wrong they would have fired me a long time ago, again. Wouldn’t you have? Nah and “they” know “they” can’t fire me for this web site. But you would like to wouldn’t you? Damn that Freedom Of Speech.

    Anyway, the sales director also mentioned how I said the hotel didn’t get behind the Sobos when they kicked ass at football. Her pathetic excuse was that they did have GO Sobos on the great sign. Which is like really white of them seeing how they had it up for like not even twenty four hours.

    The sales director informed me that her and the hotel had bought radio ads during the games and also purchased ad space in the yearbook. And I’m sorry to inform that this just isn’t good enough. Support is not buying ads that just are there to pimp the hotel. Ok? Support is the Dairy Ripple. Next time you drive by that place take a look what they have on their sign still.

    You still laughing now?

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    Wednesday January 29th 2003
    Still Here 12:13 am-
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    I seem to have let the site go again. Not much has been going on. I still am into my Dark Age of Camelot kick and spend much of my time running the Guild website. I’ve been fighting a cold the last couple of days and that really is the highlight since my last post.

    The only thing of note is that the hotel may be going broadband. And new computes. Computers that are not shit. I will be able to kiss my AOL account goodbye. “They” also are thinking about doing a website.

    Which brings up a funny thing. If “they” do a website “they” think I’m doing it. Not that I’m saying I won’t. It’s just something I got to think about. Maybe I’ll make a new poll with this as the topic. Yeah that’s what I’ll do.

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    Thursday January 30th 2003
    I Hate People 3:50 am-
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    I did a quick search for this posts topic and came up short. This surprises me. So let me say with no doubt in my mind, that I hate the hotel’s guests. I hate them all. They are the stupidest people I’ve had the displeasure to meet. Drunken hillbilly stupid sonsabitchs.

    Take that in for a moment and you may ponder why it is I work at a place of business that one has to deal with customers. If you asked me this question I would have to just stare blankly at you. Because I don’t have the slightest clue why I work at the hotel.

    Back to the drunken hillbilly stupid sonsabitchs. I don’t care who they are. What I mean is if the guest is just some family traveling to those assholes that are with some place of business. It’s that last group I hate the most.

    I don’t give two shits what company you are with. Just because you happen to work for the guys who make the machines that makes the shakes at McDonald’s doesn’t mean I’m going to treat you like your god. Fuck you and fuck your company. I treat everyone the same way they treat me. Of course this may not be the best way to handle a hotels clientele.

    But why is it that people act like that? Does working for so and so company make them a better class of person? No I think it doesn’t. And I understand that these fucks are big money for the hotel. But I will not take this kind of shit from these before mentioned drunken hillbilly stupid sonsabitchs. If your an asshole to me, then I’m going to be an asshole right back at you.

    These guys that motivated me to write this for instance are either to drunk or stupid (possibly both) to look up a phone number for a bar. So naturally these fucks call me and want me to get the number for them. I tell them I don’t have a phone book handy and to try the phone book in their room. Then they ask me what time this bar closes. In their drunken stupor and possible ignorance assume I work at this shithole bar part time. So I tell them I don’t know. A simple truthful answer.

    Well this isn’t good enough for these fucks. They hang up and call back, but this time a different asshole asks the same thing. The skill of looking up a phone number is to much for these guys? I tell them the same answer as before. This is when I get the “I work for so and so” line. I again state that I don’t have a phone book handy and they hang up on me. So I decide to look up the number and I call the shithole bar and ask what time they are open till. I call the incompetent asshole back and relay the information.

    Then these great guests of the so and so company walk out the front doors of the hotel with open bottles of beer. Which is kinda illegal in these parts. I would have liked to called the cops on them, but didn’t. The very brief one hour goes by and these even drunker fucks come back.

    One of the gentleman (and I use the term lightly) asks me how much a cab ride costs from the shithole bar to the hotel. I was kind of baffled that the guy who just took a cab didn’t know what he paid for the cab ride. Again I give him the honest answer that I don’t know what the going price is on a cab ride. This jackass then goes on with his drunken hillbilly cohorts on how he “can’t believe that this guy doesn’t know what the cab costs.” I say to him that I don’t use the cabs, I have a car. Hence I don’t know what the prices are on the cab rides.

    Again to me this is a pretty logical answer to his drunken statement. But this drunk fuck keeps repeating how he can’t believe that I don’t know the cab prices. It was around this point I wish I could sterilize the whole lot of these asshole, for the sake of mankind. I’m sure that if these drunk fucks can even remember the events of the night in the morning they will probably complain about me.

    And the thought of this doesn’t bother in the least. I do my job. And the one thing I know is part of my job is not putting up with the kind of drunken hillbilly stupid sonsabitchs the hotel attracts. Man I hate people.

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