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Part Four

Day Seven and Eight
Monday July 10th 2006 and Tuesday July 11th 2006

I sit down at my desk and look at my computer and oh my God. I have tons of emails from the GM. He apparently was so shook up about last week that he didn’t leave the hotel all weekend. He has decided to go thru all his old emails and forward any that he felt would be “pertinent” to me. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he fires off some more emails. Not to me, but to the Prince. It is obvious he has spent alot of time writing and re-writing, sending and re-sending. All this and I heard he got drunk down at the bar too!

He pops out from behind the curtain and tells me to email him payroll. Huh? I ask.

Look at your notes he says – you wrote down my name to copy me on payroll, right?

Ok I get it – we are back to playing games again. He has obviously been spending alot of time thinking about this and I play along and tell him that I’ll get right on it. Not!

Then he tells me he wants to go over AP (accounts payable). Apparently he has forgotten the meeting last wednesday where he was told that he is “out” of all accounting matters.

Ok now this is where I am confused. The GM has been the GM for awhile and the Indians have owned the place for at least 3 years. Why is everything so fucked up? The GM says that he had a “great” system down with the noodle for paying bills. But, I have to differ. If the system was so great, why was my voice mailbox full of irate vendors? I spent saturday morning (while waiting for the noodle) going over the stack of bills that had been thrown on the filing cabinet by the noodle. I went over invoices and statements and compared them to the computer and it was obvious that somebody didn’t know what they were doing. I also wondered why the GM had in his possession invoices that had come in the mail. Why was he going thru the mail after he had been told to stay out of it? Does somebody want the system to fail?

So the GM asks me for a copy of the AP aging – here is the conversation:

GM:can I get a copy of the aging so we can go over it?
TT: no
GM: why
TT: because you were told at the meeting to stay out of accounting
GM: just give it to me
TT: no
GM: how will I know what bills need to be paid
TT: do you have last weeks?
GM: yes but it doesnt have the new bills on it
TT: well the noodle didn’t enter any new bills last week she just threw them on the pile
GM: then just print me out a copy of last weeks
TT: no – the Prince told me not to
GM: are you telling me no
TT: yes

He walks away and I call the Prince and it becomes very apparent that the Prince is not happy with the GM. Apparently, the GM went too far in some of his emails to the Prince. The Prince says that he is coming to town again on wednesday and this time they are giving the GM has final warning. Oh great, another fun meeting. The Prince said that he got so mad with the GM’s silly emails that he called him and asked him if he “was on drugs or something”. I had to have the Prince repeat this because it is just too much.

The Prince says that the GM “is an asshole”. He says that the GM wants me to quit. So I tell the Prince about my conversation with the old admin assistant and some of my other conversations with employees who have come into my office to complain about the GM. The Prince asks me if I think the old admin assistant would be willing to talk to him and some of the other guys who are coming on wednesday. I assure him that I think she would (wrong). So it appears that all I have to do is wait until wednesday and all will be fixed.

I call the old admin assistant and tell her about my conversation with the Prince. She is beside herself. She absolutely will not talk to anyone. She seems scared. Why? She is quitting right? I tell her that she is the one person who knows what the GM is really like. But she refuses. She says she might need a reference from him someday. From that point on she avoids me. Weird.

I get a visit from one of the maids who has a bounced paycheck in her hand from JaniKing. She says that she called JaniKing and they told her that they hadn’t been paid by the hotel, so the paychecks that they issued are “bouncing”. Ok, so I go to the GM to get the scoop on who the fuck is Janiking. He loves the drama, “see” he says “I told you these Indians don’t pay their bills”. But wait, didn’t you tell me that your “system” was working great. So I spend a couple of hours calling, talking, questioning, trying to find out the who, what, where of Janiking and why they hadn’t been paid. More wasted time.

Then I see that I have a new email from the GM “did I realize that the payphones in the lobby are being removed because we didn’t pay the bill?”. I go to the lobby and sure enough the phones are being removed. I go to the GM’s office and pull back the curtain. He is sitting at his computer typing away, he is smug and smirking at me. Now you have to remember, I have only been working one week. He has been doing this for months.

He tells me that he is going to do the P&L himself because I hadn’t done it yet. First of all, I wasn’t aware that I was supposed to do it. Secondly, if it was so fucking important then why didn’t he make sure the noodle worked more than a couple of hours on Saturday? I asked him if he knew how to navigate in the accounting software. He says yes. So why doesn’t he print his own fucking reports?

I am in my office when a customer wanders in. Did I know that all the toilets in the women’s bathroom are plugged up and there is no one working at the front desk, the lady says. She explains that they had been waiting for 15 minutes and no one has appeared. She says they just want to check out. So I go looking for the idiot. There is a line of people at the front desk and no one working. Then I go into the bathrooms. Yep all the toilets are fucked up.

I go back to my office and get ready to call the GM, when the idiot wanders by with a plate of food. She has been down to the kitchen getting food and didn’t tell anyone. I wait awhile and then go out to talk to her (ok I’m curious about why she would do this). She explains that she is pissed. She applied for Lena’s job and was overlooked. She says that she has never received a raise, was never given a vacation and was shorted a weeks pay when they switched pay periods.

So I approach the sheriff with this news. He tells me that “the idiot has issues”.

So I am back in my office and I get a call from the kitchen. Why the fuck hasn’t the dumpster been emptied? She asks. She tells me it is overflowing and they are having a huge problem with mice as it is. Ok now I have already been told several times by the GM that his “system” for paying bills was working out great. So why hasn’t the garbage been picked up in a week. I go thru old invoices and get the number to the garbage company and call them. We are behind in paying are bill the lady explains. So they shut us off. I ask her did they called and let us know. She tells me yes, they called and talked to the noodle (she even uses the noodles real name) several times.

I call the Prince and he says “pay them now”. So I do. That was simple. But my day is pretty much wasted putting out fires, listening to employees complain, playing mind games with the GM, that I don’t really get much done. Just one more day to go.

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