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  • Friday April 1st 2005
    Anti April Fools 6:36 am-
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    Today I quit smoking. I didn’t post anything on the actual date. This was written almost a year and a half later. Which I may add I’m still quit. I didn’t write about it and I didn’t tell anyone I was quitting. My thinking was that every time I announced I was quitting it never lasted. I always jinxed myself. So this time I didn’t say nothing to no one. I’m posting this to keep record of me quitting.

    I chose the first because of how usually this day is a day of jokes and pranks. It was a symbolic thing for me to quit on this day. I had “quit” months before. I “quit” after a friend of mine had harped me to death about quiting. I didn’t want to quit. But I didn’t want to hear my friend harping me every day. So I quit. Only as far as my friend knew. I covered it up for a long time until I told him the truth about my not really quiting.

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    Tuesday April 5th 2005
    New Who 2:27 am-
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    Anyone happen to see the new Doctor Who tv show? I did. It’s worth mentioning that I did not watch it on tv. No thanks to those fucks at the Sci-Fi Channel. The guys at the Sci-Fi Channel think the new series is lacking. Whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. So I downloaded the first two episodes via bittorrent (thanks Gawain!).

    And before I enlighten you all with my observation on the new Who let me just cover some news items that concerns the good Doctor. Good new or Bad news first? Bad new first. Don’t get attached to this ninth Doctor people. We only get him for one season. Thats just thirteen episodes and he’s gone. Apparently Christopher Eccleston (Doctor 9) doesn’t want to get typecast because of the role of the Doctor. The good news? The show will go on. The BBC has commissioned a second season of the show. Some guy named David Tennant is in talks with the BBC to be the tenth Doctor.

    This is what I think about the new show. I’m not sure what I think yet about the newest Doctor. Don’t get me wrong. I’m really happy that this is the Doctor Who that should be on our tv screens. This is a British/BBC based show. I’ll bet money that the new show won’t have the Doctor kissing his companion. In fact if it was up to me I wouldn’t label this guy the ninth Doctor. Nope I would dump that fucking abomination of Doctor Who movie from continuity. That was trash. And do we really need to have ever mention the Master again as portrayed by Eric Roberts? I bet poor Roger Delgado tossed in his grave and Anthony Ainley probably wished he was dead when that movie played on Fox.

    As long as they keep the this new Doctor Who free of any “Americanism’s” I’ll be a happy guy. This new Doctor I don’t really have an opinion of yet. Sure he has some mannerisms of the previous 7 (I really hate that 8th Doctor bullshit. It was a dream people, a bad nightmare. It’s ok to want to wake up from it.) Doctors. I see some of the good Baker in the guy. A little Davidson. Hell even a touch of McCoy. The guy is just trying to hard. And the thing that sucks is once this Eccleston finds his voice as the Doctor it will be to late.

    It’s just the story that worries me. Sure it’s only two episodes into it. But so far theres this mystery surrounding the Doctor. A mention of a War he fought in in the first episode that pops back up in the second. And it’s revealed that the timelords and their planet are gone. I just hope that this new show doesn’t forget the history of Doctor Who. And god forbid they actually run with plot elements from that damn movie. I have faith that the new show will do the right thing. Of course as it is with the Doctor only time will tell.

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    Thursday April 7th 2005
    F&B Blues 12:39 am-
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    Tonight I want to talk about phones among other things of course. Now let’s preface this shit with the notice that I freely admit I don’t like my job. Shit I hate my job. But I do try my best to do my job as good as I can. Including answering the goddamn phone. Which I hate doing. Do you realize just how many goddamn idiots there are in this world that are able to dial the hotels number? And every time one of these inbred fucking retards manages to punch in the hotels phone number (a feat pretty amazing seeing most of our clientele don’t even have opposable thumbs) I answer the phone.

    So it kind of really pisses me off when you have two bartenders down in the bar with a grand total of two supposed customers and between the pair of them they either can’t figure out their phone is off the hook or they just don’t care. This is my beef. If I didn’t answer the phone for about an hours period of time I would be in big trouble man. Shit would hit the fan as they say. But these two rocket scientists down in the bar they won’t get in any trouble. Well gee Turk why is that? I know your all wondering that question right?

    And I’ll answer that question in a bit. But first let’s look at these two “bartenders” a little more. The one lady used to be some kind of bar manager and she happens to be a big fan of mine. And let me say it’s always these two. They just are a pair. Any other bartender this shit don’t happen. These two fucking lolly gag all goddamn night and it really pisses me off. I’m supposed to wait for the bar before I do the audit. You know what? When it’s these two I go when I’m ready. Oops too fucking bad if it’s not even midnight yet. I’m not waiting for them. I wait for them and I’m sitting twiddling my dick until way past two in the morning. Bear in mind I’m only talking about a weekday here. It’s not even busy in the bar when this kind of shit goes on.

    Now to the question of why the bartenders won’t get in trouble? It’s really simple. The bar and restaurant is run by retards. At least that’s the way it seems. They couldn’t find a competent set of managers to run that side could they?. No they hired whomever answered the ad in the paper first. And that’s what you get. You get what you pay for. It’s a sad set of affairs when the food and beverage department is the most fucked up of all the departments in a totally fucked up hotel.

    And in all fairness to the two bartenders they aren’t the only f&b employees that get away with shit. For example. I work until seven in the morning. The restaurant opens at six thirty in the morning. On a good day if it’s the cook that’s been here longer than me the kitchen is at least open by this time. Now having employees to run the restaurant is another matter. One out of five days a week I may see the lady who runs the cash register in the restaurant. So the place is open, food can be cooked, usually theirs a waitress, you just can’t leave and pay.

    And that’s just what the whole department is like. No one in charge over there does anything. I think they are afraid to get their hands dirty or something. I mean god forbid you do some work yourself. With the way the entire side of the hotel over there is run I’m sure the management of the f&b department is just as much unreliable as the employees below them.

    And then of course you got to look at the people that the f&b managers report to. Chain of command is really the weakest link in the hotel. And all of these problems I write about can be firmly thrown on their shoulders when it comes down to just who is at fault here. Sure you can blame some peons who don’t give a shit about their job so much that they are either to stupid to realize the phone is off the hook or they just don’t care about the phone at all, or the whole management system that lead to them being hired is broken.

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    Friday April 15th 2005
    Hotel News 1:18 am-
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    It’s funny I wasn’t going to comment on one of todays subjects just because it’s one of those things that seems like a joke by now. But the other bit of news I do want to comment on sort of ties it all together and I figured what the hell.

    The Front Desk Manager is quiting. And calling him that is just me giving him the respect that these asshole at the hotel couldn’t seem to find the time to do themselves. Won’t pay the guy and won’t give him a title. But they expect him to do the work. The FDM finally had enough of that bullshit and gave them a weeks notice. And one weeks notice was him being very generous. I would have gave them the finger and walked out a long time ago.

    Now while I’m sorry to see him go, I’m happy he’s not going to let the hotel fuck him in the ass anymore. And that’s really how I saw it. These assholes can’t even pay him what a front desk manager makes let alone give him a meaningless title of fdm. He made less than me for Christ’s sake. They just figured he’s young and he will take whatever bullshit that falls out of managements collective mouths as they spew their lies at him. I say good for you! You will be missed man.

    The second shift front desk clerk asked/stated that I would be asked to take the job of front desk manager. I just want to make sure it’s clear to everyone reading that if these people ask me to become the front desk manager at best I’ll politely laugh in their faces. The worst case scenario is of course I’ll end up laughing so hard in their faces they all get sprayed with my spit as I do my best to keep from imploding from the laughter I will end up generating. Honestly you people don’t have enough money to get me to do that job. So don’t waste mine and your oxygen by asking. Not that they will ask.

    Now that second bit of news, the one I did want to comment on. The current (now ex) GM is no more. It’s honestly getting silly now. Management here could probably be consider endangered species. I’m sorry to say that I do not have any heart felt words on the departure of this gm. Let me simply say that taking the hotels lifespan and history into consideration this GM will not be missed. You won’t even be a footnote in the hotels history book. Sorry for your trouble and better luck next time! And to this new GM all I can say is don’t use any American colloquialism if you don’t understand just how fucking stupid one can sound when they don’t use certain terms and ideas correctly.

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    Friday April 29th 2005
    I Don’t Tryout 12:54 am-
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    Tonight the acting general manager asked me about how things are going. And I told him how it is. I told him that the place was a mess. I then asked him just long it was going to take him to find me a boss. It’s been two weeks already I reminded him. The chain of command is broken and the front desk is slowly falling apart.

    I need a boss. Funny coming from me isn’t? But the thing is, who do I complain to? Who do I report the things I see that is wrong at the hotel to? Who do I call at 7:05 am when the first shift hasn’t shown up yet? I need that front desk manager for all of these things. Because when it comes down to it I always respect the chain o’ command. And I’ll be damned if I have to go over someones head. Even when there is no head I’m going over. It just doesn’t feel right. I shouldn’t have to be put in that kind of position.

    I then expressed some thoughts on the current crop of possible candidates for the front desk manager gig. I hear things. I’m more informed than the hotel management can guess. I probably displayed just a little to much vehement disgust on the subject of one ex fdm that was in the contention for the job again. I made claims that I would walk out if that person got the job. I may even be prepared to follow through on that claim. And of course after I had expressed myself the gm asked me more or less why I didn’t apply for the job. My response can best be summed up with this movie quote:

    After 12 years in the minor leagues, I don’t tryout.

    Honestly you guys probably think I’m crazy. But it’s just really the way it is. Now while I don’t have Crash Davis’s good looks or charm, I do feel like I’m in his predicament. And that is why I told the gm I would never apply for the job. I told him he could offer me the job. Which of course went unanswered. I’ve worked at this hotel since I was a sophomore in high school. I don’t think that after all that time I feel the need to apply for something that they should have the common god damn sense to offer me.

    Of course as it was pointed out in a conversation with a friend just the other day that is why I’m still a night auditor who makes less than nine dollars an hour. And I’m fine with that. I just have these crazy notions on how things should work. I fully understand that my idealistic expectations are just that.

    And you know what else? Fuck them. While some of the management here at the hotel may not know me personally there are some that do. I know I have a personnel file going way back. Just by reading that these people “should” know to offer me the job. I mean for christ’s sake I’ve been fired from this shithole and then hired back by the same guy that fired me. If I didn’t know what I was doing I think I never would have made it back into the place.

    No fuck them. If they did offer me the job I would (as I’ve stated before) laugh in their face and tell them no. The way things are now at the hotel I can’t imagine the money would be worth it. It would probably only be a grand or two over what I make now. And that’s just not good enough. No maybe in another time and another place I would have applied for the job. But that time and place is long gone. It’s only here and now unfortunately.

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    April 2005
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