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Wednesday August 9th 2006
The Issue 1:52 am-
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I was late getting to work tonight. The second shift lady not wanting to have to work my shift calls the sheriff. The sheriff tells the second shift lady to call the gm. Big surprise there. So the second shift lady calls the gm’s Douche Bag’s hotel room. She gets no answer. Another big surprise. She is smart enough to leave the gm a message. Which at just about this point I show up 24 minutes late.

The second shift lady explains everything that had happened in my 24 minute absence. She warns me that the gm Douche Bag may call in regards to her message. Which he does. Now mind you that I’ve not spoken more than three or four words to the gm since the first time we talked and his subsequent commenting frenzy. His call is as brief as any of our recent conversations. It went something like this:

Douche Bag: I hear you were late. What is the issue?
Me: Issue?
Douche Bag: Yes the issue.
Me: The Issue why I was late?
Douche Bag: Yes.
Me: The issue is that I was late.
Douche Bag: Ok.

Now the whole thing was very confusing to me. For a number of reasons. The issue? I’m still stumped by that. The issue is that I hate my job and you and everyone at the hotel and that I have to talk myself into coming into work and I have to continue to talk myself into staying once I get to work. That is the fucking issue. Can I tell him that? Should I have told him that? Fuck him. If the gm does not know my issues with the hotel by now, he will never know them.

And when did being late really become an issue? The idiot seemed to get by quite fine without ever getting or trouble. I wonder if she had to ever explain the issue of why she was late. And she was late every single goddamn day. I wonder if this will become an issue. I wonder if they will write me up for this? Keep in mind the idiot never got written up for the time she was super late. The idiot was never written up as far as I know.

Not that any of that matters. I’m filling out applications and turning them in with my resume. It is only a matter of time and luck now. All I need is a job offer and the issue is all gone. I’ll take any job that is full time and equal in pay to this current job. I doubt very much that I will make my “deadline” of the 10th. It will not bother me if I miss my mark. If I do, oh what a glorious day that will be. And my day will come. I have nothing but time.

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