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Thursday August 3rd 2006
IM Chat Log 4:02 am-
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[03:52] Turk: Shithole Inn plans for future
[03:52] Gawain: is that you?
[03:52] Turk: yep
[03:53] Gawain: hows that cattails?
[03:53] Turk: Colleen Vivian is a twat
[03:53] Turk: it sucks bad
[03:53] Gawain: aw
[03:53] Gawain: but it serves good home cooked food at an afordable price!
[03:53] Turk: bad food
[03:53] Turk: worse service
[03:53] Turk: jesus
[03:54] Turk: that end of the building would be burned down if I was in charge
[03:54] Gawain: Vivian currently is working on her master’s degree with the American Intercontinental University online. She received her bachelor’s degree from them in business management, with emphasis in marketing. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA
[03:54] Turk: yeah
[03:54] Turk: she’s a twat
[03:54] Gawain: holy crap dude. the Intercontinental University Online
[03:54] Gawain: seriously.
[03:54] Gawain: god I wouldn’t want that published.
[03:54] Turk: heh
[03:54] Gawain: Id just say I was getting my degree.
[03:55] Turk: well she is working for the bottom of the barrel
[03:55] Gawain: This whole article is written poorly. I wonder if I should call your hotel up and ask them If they need a new public relations manager.
[03:55] Gawain: because jesus christ.
[03:55] Turk: no such thing
[03:56] Turk: thats as good as the daily news gets
[03:56] Gawain: I can’t believe she referred to your area as “working class”
[03:56] Turk: heh
[03:56] Gawain: thats rule number fucking one.
[03:56] Gawain: you NEVER put your customers in a “class”
[03:56] Gawain: jesus.
[03:56] Turk: twat
[03:56] Gawain: what makes me sad is that she probably makes more than me.
[03:56] Turk: god
[03:57] Turk: don’t make me think about that
[03:57] Gawain: lol
[03:57] Turk: a twat makes more than me
[03:57] Gawain: her plans include adding a new vending area? THAT IS HER BIG PLAN? ANOTHER GODDAMN SNACK MACHINE??!
[03:57] Turk: no
[03:57] Turk: there are no snack machines in the hotel
[03:57] Turk: none
[03:58] Turk: as it is now
[03:58] Gawain: it says shes adding a new vending area.
[03:58] Turk: yeah sure
[03:58] Turk: when?
[03:58] Gawain: I guess that could be a little in-house shop or something.
[03:58] Turk: news to me
[03:58] Gawain: lol. its you.
[03:58] Gawain: they’re gonna give you some boxes of candy bars to sell.
[03:58] Turk: we have a “gift shop”
[03:58] Gawain: HAHAHAHAH
[03:58] Turk: they are open 7am-11pm
[03:58] Turk: thats it
[03:58] Gawain: “we’re adding a new vending area. Here he is now, working behind the desk.”
[03:58] Gawain: HAHAHAHHAHA
[03:59] Gawain: “hey vending area, go peddle these candybars”
[03:59] Gawain: im dying
[03:59] Gawain: hahahahaahaha
[03:59] Gawain: I can see you wearing a little paper hat
[03:59] Gawain: hahahahahahahah
[03:59] Turk: not very funny from were I’m sitting
[04:00] Gawain: oh jesus. oh god. hahahah
[04:00] Gawain: I woke meg up. shit.
[04:00] Turk: heh
[04:01] Gawain: I can’t explain to her why this is so funny.
[04:01] Turk: heh
[04:02] Turk: it’s not funny

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