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Tuesday August 15th 2006
Thrones of Chaos 7:53 am-
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I love playing mmorpg’s. The one thing I like better than playing mmo’s is reading about those really shitty ones that seem to come out of the woodwork from no where. My favorite train wreck used to be Shadowbane. But now I have to switch over to the mmorpg Thrones of Chaos. A game that has had many names: Realms of Krel, Realms of Torment, and Age of Mourning. Who if you remember (or read the wikipedia entry) was the focus of a Something Awful’s article and then legal threats made by the developer.

So it surprised me when I read an article over at mmreviews.com and followed the link to the games forums to see a forum post announcing an interview over at Shacknews. The article called Shacknews – Thrones of Chaos Q&A, which naturally made me wonder does the Shack do pr spin for those assholes now? That forum post was up late last night. Yet there is no link to this article on the Shacknews frontpage or a comments page like the other articles have. And they can’t ask anything about the “games” troubled past at the least? Just seems odd.

I’m sure it’s nothing. But it is odd that such an ass kissing write up like that is posted before the actual post date and then the fact it’s missing from the main page of Shacknews. It will be interesting to see if this article ever appears on Shacknews, I would love to see the comments section once it does. The way it’s going this game will have more drama than Dark and Light.

Shacknews finally “published” their Throne of Chaos piece at 10:55 am. The comment thread for the article is here.

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3 Responses to ''Thrones of Chaos''
branny says:
August 30th, 2006 at 4:22 pm

well for one.. thrones of chaos IS NOT any other game but thrones of chaos.. just because someone bought some art assets doesnt mean its the same as where they were bought from.

branny says:
August 30th, 2006 at 4:25 pm

and you call Shadowbane a train wreck? hmmmmmm. I seem to recall Shadowbane selling like 200,000+ copies and making like 3 expansion packs.

I wish I could sell a train wreck like that. :P

and if Thrones of Chaos is so shitty than why are they bein contacted by major publishers already? hmmmmmmmmmmm

get a life your blog stinks.

Gawain says:
August 31st, 2006 at 2:53 am

BAH HA HA HA HA. Shadowbane IS a trainwreck. There can be no denying it. There was a very… VERY small core group of players who couldn’t get enough, and that was pretty much it. And 200,000+ copies doesn’t mean 200,000+ subscribers. lots of people’s cds *cough* didn’t work. And even more people quit after they realized the hype didn’t equal the game. But. BUT. the shadowbane guys at least were trying. These Mourning fucks are just endlessly selling the same repackaged crap to different people, with different names in the same old slots for developers, and with, i believe, ultimately the same results.

And now with even more lawsuit goodness! Jam packed with shitty nutrients!

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