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Thursday January 19th 2006
Idiot Time 7:00 am-
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This subject just manges to confuse and irritate me to no end. But it’s something that I feel needs to be explored. It’s something of a phenomenon now I have decided. Maybe akin to some sort of sci-fi mumble jumble about time warps? I’m talking about the three time zones that manage to inhabit this one hotel.

First there is real time, followed by hotel time, and finally there is the strange thing I call idiot time. At the top of the page you will find a real time example of what I’m talking about.

See I had grown to understand that real time and hotel time is different. It was just one of those things. It was something I could deal with. What’s a five minute addition? But the addition of idiot time is just to much for me to take. Adding a generous additional 5 minutes to the hotel time means it’s ten more minutes until I can get out of the shithole. It’s unforgivable that this kind of thing is allowed.

It also make one question what exactly does the sheriff do at the hotel? He doesn’t seem to want to do his job that is clear. And I am getting really fucking sick of this bullshit. I have to wait extra because this stupid bitch can not make it to work on time? Is that fair? Every fucking day this chick is late. And does this supposed manager do a goddamn thing? No. It makes me wonder what it is exactly the people in charge saw in this guy to pick him over me to be the front desk manager.

If it was me it would have been real simple. The idiot is late every day? Well guess what? That bitch is fired. Simple as that. And then since I’m not a fucking pussy I would have worked the additional time until I could find a new person. I would have been happy to work in the idiots place. Since in this scenario I would have been the boss and that is just the kind of things bosses do. But not this boss. Not the sheriff.

I have made it my goal in life to see this bitch shit canned one way or another. I also make it a point to be to work on time when I know the idiot will relieve me in the morning. Now if the sheriff doesn’t mind this idiot being late every goddamn day, I’m betting he may have a problem with the overtime I accumulate because of her. An additional 5-10 minutes a day isn’t anything to ignore when the hotels primary goal is to cut costs and maximize profits.

I only mention all of this just for the fact that here it is 7:00 am in the morning. It’s all relative of the timezone you happen to keep track of. So far the idiot isn’t here yet. It’s really complicated to figure out if she’s 5 minutes late or 10 minutes late or shit she maybe right on time when she finally manages to get her dumb ass into work. Of course if she happens to come in at 7:00 am real time does that make her any where from 5-10 minutes early to work? It really just gives me a headache.

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