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Friday December 16th 2005
Fuck You 8:25 am-
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Check your watches people. By my watch it happens to be 7:45. Now I’m scheduled until 7:00. I’ve written on this subject before. This will be an exercise in futility, but it keeps me from killing anyone.

At 6:55 the morning idiot calls to tell me she is on her way. No fucking big surprise here. This chick is always late. She’s one of those people that you could say would be late to their own funeral. So I wasn’t all that shocked when she called back at about 7:05 letting me know she was running late. Then at about 7:15 she called again telling me she wasn’t coming in. She also wanted me to call the boss and let him know she wasn’t coming in.

I’m the only one who knows that the person not coming in is the one who calls the boss to let him know. Of course I have common fucking sense most of the time. I let her know she has to call the boss. And that was the last I heard of it. The idiot desk clerk doesn’t have the sense of fucking decency to call me back to let me know what’s going on. The boss (if she called him) doesn’t have the god damn brains to call me either if he was going to drag his ass in to work like he should if one of his workers calls in.

So I’m still here at work. Writing this. And now it is 7:57 and I wonder what the fuck I’m still doing here. Funny shit someone just called in wanting to know if the idiot was in yet. I responded “if she was here you wouldn’t be fucking talking to me” and then promptly hung the phone up.

Now it’s fucking 8:00. I’m noticing things that piss me off now. The morning bellman for instance. What a tool. This guy doesn’t wear a tie. Every fucking guy here at the desk (and bellman) wear a tie. But not this guy. I want to ask where his tie is and tell him to fucking put it on. I know what the guy is going to say too. It’s to hot to wear a tie. Well fuck you buddy. The guy who was bellman when this tard was still in diapers wore a fucking tie. And he didn’t complain one fucking bit.

Jesus I want to kill people. Honestly I’m fairly pissed off. I make 8.75 a god damn hour. I shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of shit. Fucking cocksuckers. I’m now hoping other job opportunities come up. Because it’s just one thing after another. Give me a fucking raise you stupid bastards and maybe I would “do it for the team” like a good employee should. But as it is I would just as soon sell these sons of bitches to slave traders than have to look at them if I could.

Now I’m home and it’s 8:25 and I’ve cooled down a little. I still think (with the exception of two people) the entire front desk crew are a bunch of fucking morons. My dog has left more viable candidates for working at the front desk coiled up in a steaming pile on the lawn. That includes this so called boss of mine the Sheriff.

I’m at home now not because the people that should have come in finally arrived. I’m at home for the simple fact that one of the good employee’s in that back office filled with even more tools came in at 8:00. She is the only one back there that knows what she’s doing. And I wish that she would have some luck in getting out of this shithole. That place doesn’t deserve the good employee’s it has. And they are lucky that they do have those nice people. Because when all the nice and good people have left they will be stuck with me. And believe me that’s the last thing management wants to happen whether then know it yet or not. I can’t wait for that day. Because then those fucks will have to deal with the biggest prick at that hotel. Me!

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