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  • Monday January 31st 2011
    Real Filth 7:47 pm-
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    I was watching Californication onĀ  Netflix and had this exchange with Gawain which shows just how different we are musically:

    [02:13] Turk: is cradle of filth real? the annoying voiced daughter mentioned them just now?
    [02:13] Turk: I thought it crowd made that up
    [02:13] Gawain: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    [02:14] Gawain: yes, cradle of filth is a very very famous goth band. Everyone but you knows who they are. You kill me sometimes.

    Honestly I thought it was a joke name made up by the IT Crowd writers. I looked at the wiki page and I just don’t care that I don’t know about a “very very” famous goth band.

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    Thursday September 2nd 2010
    Unbreakable Chat Log 11:53 pm-
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    Me and him have had this conversation a few times already:

    [07:00] Gawain: Watching “unbreakable” again.
    [23:30] Turk: jesus why man?
    [23:30] Turk: have I not expressed my hatred of unbreakable?
    [23:31] Turk: the newb (who I thought saw it too) just saw it recently and he hated it too
    [23:35] Gawain: Really? Its probably in my top 10 favorite movies. Its certainly my favorite of Shamylaminanian’s films.
    [23:35] Turk: psst
    [23:35] Turk: the first one he did was a fluke
    [23:35] Turk: I liked that one
    [23:35] Gawain: yeah it was okay.
    [23:36] Gawain: But I liked unbreakable a lot more.
    [23:36] Turk: unbreakable offends me as a comic book collector
    [23:36] Gawain: I thought the ending was a little bit meh, but I loved Bruce Willis as a normal dude who learned he was actually a super hero.
    [23:37] Turk: and it does not at all mirror comic book stories
    [23:37] Turk: and that’s why I hate it
    [23:37] Turk: it’s all bullshit
    [23:38] Gawain: I guess? The authenticity of the comic book bullshit is a very distant concern to me over the fact that bruce willis playing a reluctant superhero kicks ass.
    [23:38] Turk: well your not a comic collector
    [23:38] Gawain: true.
    [23:38] Turk: and or don’t take comic books seriously
    [23:39] Gawain: I suppose that its similar to the way I hated that fucking Sandra Bullock movie where she was a computer security expert and some super hackers had created a way to hack any computer on the planet using a tiny pi symbol in on a website. That sort of made me furious.
    [23:39] Gawain: But I think that technically unbreakable was a better film.
    [23:40] Turk: yes exactly
    [23:40] Turk: to the sandra bullock thing
    [23:40] Turk: not that its a better movie
    [23:41] Gawain: Still, I enjoyed unbreakable. I’m sorry that it wasn’t authentic for you nerds.
    [23:41] Turk: apology accepted
    [23:41] Gawain: I think its probably the most “realistic” depiction of what would happen if a dude suddenly found out he was a super hero, comic bullshit aside, and that’s why I like the movie.
    [23:41] Turk: oh bullshit
    [23:41] Turk: in shallies little mind sure
    [23:42] Gawain: What would be different?
    [23:42] Turk: this unbreakable conversation goes back as far as 2006 by the way
    [23:42] Turk: what would be different?
    [23:42] Gawain: yeah yeah, what would be different?
    [23:42] Turk: I would have to watch the piece of shit again
    [23:42] Turk: samuel l jacksons character for one thing
    [23:43] Gawain: If a dude who was super strong and resilient found out in a sudden way beyond his control that he was in fact a “super hero” how would his reactions be different?
    [23:44] Turk: its jackson man
    [23:44] Turk: his character
    [23:44] Gawain: meh, that was just the foil. its unimportant to bruce willis’s character. Say he found out in a different way.
    [23:44] Turk: what was it black fury? for fucks sake
    [23:44] Gawain: What im saying is that his reactions are what I would expect to such an event.
    [23:44] Turk: sure sure
    [23:45] Turk: as I said in the past
    [23:45] Turk: that movie just rubs me the wrong way
    [23:46] Turk: I should like it
    [23:46] Turk: but I don’t
    [23:46] Gawain: … Is it the gay thing?
    [23:46] Turk: it’s mostly that it’s that fucking shamalamadingdongs movie more than anything
    [23:46] Turk: is there a gay plot in it?
    [23:46] Turk: I don’t remember
    [23:46] Gawain: No, I mean, how you’re gay, and there wasn’t a gay character in it for you to empathize with.
    [23:46] Turk: I don’t like m night shamamma
    [23:47] Turk: ahhaahahahaaha
    [23:47] Gawain: hahahahahaha
    [23:47] Turk: yes yes that is it
    [23:47] Gawain: man I totally pulled that right off.
    [23:47] Gawain: You are the best straight guy ever.
    [23:47] Turk: my hatred for m night shamalama has turned me into a poofter
    [23:47] Gawain: You’re totally the smothers brother with the mustache.
    [23:47] Turk: this may go up as a chat log on my site
    [23:47] Turk: I so need to post something
    [23:48] Turk: the one with the mustache is the cool one?
    [23:48] Gawain: no, hes the straight man.
    [23:48] Turk: your the dumb fucker then? ok
    [23:48] Gawain: yeah.
    [23:48] Turk: I can live with that
    [23:48] Turk: you being the dumb fucker
    [23:48] Turk: this is so posted on my site
    [23:48] Turk: admitting your the dumb fucker
    [23:48] Turk: I WIN!!!!
    [23:49] Gawain: You don’t win. I got you to admit to being homosexual.
    [23:49] Gawain: Though honestly it won’t be a big surprise for anyone you know.
    [23:49] Gawain: So I guess maybe you do win.
    [23:49] Turk: I would rather be a peter poofter than a dumb fucker
    [23:50] Gawain: Good thing I guess, huh?
    [23:50] Turk: stop being funny now I need to copy and paste this

    I’m so desperate to post something here. Thanks to Gawain for letting me be the “straight” man.

    [00:00] Turk: boy don’t do a google image search for dick smothers
    [00:00] Turk: wow
    [00:01] Gawain: you need to add that to the chat log.

    I’ve changed my gravatar to the Dick Smothers image below. I have found an image for Gawain to use as well.

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    Thursday August 6th 2009
    Wishful IM’s 12:01 am-
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    I get this kind of im and always hope it will turn out true:

    [18:52] <Name Removed>: thought you might like to know about the ramada… the employee’s paychecks have started bouncing. So they should permanently close their doors soon… =)

    I’m not going to hold my breath. But I sure will say a prayer for the worst hotel ever’s demise.

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    Monday June 22nd 2009
    House M.D. 12:35 am-
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    Chat log time. This time it’s how I learned to like House M.D. after rejecting the idea of watching it many times.

    Session Start: Sun Dec 07 2008
    [12:38] Gawain: man this chick in House is crazy hot.
    [12:39] Turk: who?
    [12:39] Turk: I can’t watch that show
    [12:39] Turk: seeing the dumb prince from Blackadder acting smart gives me limpdick
    [12:40] Gawain: this chick.
    [12:41] Turk: yum I would eat her on a cracker
    [12:41] Gawain: yeah.
    [12:42] Gawain: all the chicks on the show are crazy hot really.

    Session Start: Sat Jan 24 2009
    [04:17] Gawain: woo! new house MD!
    [04:17] Turk: bah

    Session Start: Sat Jun 13 2009
    [06:27] Gawain: yeah. Initially I used to hate medical shows too. The guys on SA kept talking abotu how awesome house was, but it took me until like season 4 to download ep1 of season 1 and give it a shot. I used to HATE er.
    [06:28] Turk: can’t do house
    [06:28] Turk: dude is too good as a bumbling idiot in Blackadder
    [06:28] Turk: and I refuse to watch him as anything else
    [06:28] Gawain: I really like it. im not sure if its my favorite show, but its probably in the top 3.
    [06:28] Gawain: have you ever watched it?
    [06:28] Turk: no
    [06:28] Turk: can’t
    [06:29] Turk: dude isn’t a complete fucking moron
    [06:29] Turk: you’ve seen him in Blackadder?
    [06:29] Gawain: you should give ep1 a shot, honestly. the humor is so black. yeah hes a super genius sort of in this one. hes also addicted to pain killers and a complete asshole.
    [06:29] Gawain: yeah.
    [06:29] Turk: just can’t

    Session Start: Thu Jun 18 2009
    [05:20] Gawain: lets see. The only other show I can recommend is House, which I have recommended before. before you go crazy, please remember that I am 2 for 2 or 3 for 3 now.
    [05:20] Turk: no house

    Session Start: Thu Jun 18 2009
    [05:26] Gawain: my plan once I get laid off is to drive over there, pick up some booze, and force you to watch house. I didn’t like that one. it was too corny for me. especially the mid air fight.
    [05:27] Turk: eh
    [05:27] Turk: not watched it yet
    [05:27] Turk: fuck house
    [05:27] Gawain: see I think you would really like it if you watched it.
    [05:27] Turk: I’ll get you even more booze and make you watch Blackadder till you can’t watch house anymore
    [05:27] Gawain: I liked black adder. I like house more.
    [05:28] Turk: you know what fine
    [05:29] Gawain: hahahah
    [05:30] Gawain: Demonoid link
    [05:31] Turk: 7 in the first season?
    [05:31] Gawain: if you hurry you can catch up to season 6 before it starts.
    [05:31] Gawain: 22
    [05:31] Turk: I stand committed to my not going to like it
    [05:31] Turk: eh
    [05:31] Gawain: ok, but you have to watch at least 3-5 episodes before you quit.
    [05:31] Turk: oh fine
    [05:32] Turk: there’s 7 of the first season on pirates bay
    [05:33] Turk: first 5 queued up
    [05:33] Gawain: ok
    [05:33] Gawain: I was hooked in season 1 but I can’t honestly remember if it was from the pilot or not. i think it was.

    Session Start: Thu Jun 18 2009
    [05:59] Gawain: wow im getting almost 600kbs to download season 1 of house.
    [06:00] Turk: the whole season?
    [06:00] Turk: where you get it?
    [06:00] Gawain: demonoid.
    [06:01] Turk: well if Iike these I’ll find it there
    [06:01] Turk: first one down
    [06:04] Gawain: im gonna watch season 1 again I don’
    [06:04] Gawain: dont remember it.

    Session Start: Thu Jun 18 2009
    [07:44] Turk: I just don’t like it
    [07:44] Turk: he’s not a fucking moron
    [07:45] Gawain: eh, im not going to make you watch it. Still, the season finale of season 5 was the best finale ive ever seen on tv. and if you don’t watch all the previous seasons you can’t enjoy how awesome it is. But if you don’t like the show you wouldn’t like it anyway so no big.
    [07:45] Turk: I’m watching it
    [07:46] Turk: just not right him being smart and sarcastic
    [07:46] Turk: it’s not bad
    [07:46] Turk: its just got to much stacked against it for me to like it
    [07:46] Turk: one its a medical show
    [07:46] Gawain: dude, if you make it through to the end of season five, it will blow your damn mind.
    [07:46] Turk: dude is a damn good actor
    [07:46] Turk: ok
    [07:46] Turk: I’m watching
    [07:47] Turk: I miss his brit accent
    [07:47] Turk: but…
    [07:47] Turk: the dude is growing on me
    [07:47] Gawain: I actually had to watch the finale AGAIN after I watched it the first time, because once you find out whats going on, there are clues throughout the whole episode.
    [07:49] Turk: ok ok I fucking like it
    [07:50] Gawain: lol really.
    [07:50] Turk: gimmie a link the that first season torrent
    [07:50] Turk: yes fucker
    [07:50] Turk: I like that he doesn’t like dealing with people
    [07:54] Turk: loved his first patient interaction
    [07:55] Gawain: yeah its always great when he actually has to deal with patients. it never fails to entertain.
    [08:01] Turk: fuck you really
    [08:01] Turk: now I can’t watch blackadder again
    [08:01] Turk: really this is good
    [08:03] Gawain: heh. whats my score now?
    [08:03] Gawain: or as I like to call it. my awesome quota
    [08:03] Turk: fuck who’s counting
    [08:03] Turk: yeah yeah

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    Monday March 9th 2009
    Top Ten Movies 4:10 am-
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    I’m no good at compiling top ten lists of anything. The topic of top ten movies was brought up by Gawain.

    [03:29] Gawain: My Top Ten Movies
    [03:33] Turk: damn it I hate this top ten shit
    [03:33] Gawain: hahahahaha
    [03:33] Turk: fuck off
    [03:33] Turk: V for Vendetta?
    [03:34] Gawain: yeah?
    [03:34] Turk: I did not know you fell down and hurt your head
    [03:34] Turk: go to the hospital right now
    [03:34] Gawain: that was a great movie. It wasn’t as good as the comic, but it was still awesome.
    [03:34] Turk: see thing is
    [03:35] Turk: either it is as good as the source material or it is shit
    [03:36] Gawain: pffft. thats not true. I think the comics of Spider-Man are better than the movies, but the movies are ok. same with Batman. “the stand” by Stephen King is a great book, and a pretty good movie, but its not as good as the book. its not shit though.
    [03:36] Turk: my world my rules
    [03:39] Turk: Leviathan?
    [03:39] Turk: Army Of Darkness?
    [03:39] Gawain: yup.
    [03:39] Turk: come on
    [03:39] Gawain: and yup.
    [03:39] Gawain: neither one are classics, but they are both great movies.
    [03:39] Turk: are you bleeding from your head wound?
    [03:39] Turk: apply pressure

    I would have said more if I had seen Unbreakable in his list.

    So far I only have a top 1 movie. Also the original Star Wars would have to be in there too. So my top 2. Added Raiders and Empire Strikes Back. So top 4.

    1. Casablanca
    2. The Empire Strikes Back
    3. Star Wars
    4. Raiders of the Lost Ark

    I will update my list as I think of it.

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    Tuesday November 4th 2008
    Voting Today? 1:14 am-
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    And here is me and Gawain in a public service announcement about voting:

    [00:02] Turk: so you voting today?
    [00:03] Gawain: no
    [00:03] Gawain: the only way to win is not to play.
    [00:03] Turk: really? sitting this one out?
    [00:03] Gawain: I’m sitting them all out from now on.
    [00:04] Turk: I’m going to vote with my dad in the morning
    [00:04] Turk: going to throw in with Abama
    [00:06] Gawain: Obama.
    [00:06] Gawain: lol
    [00:06] Gawain: you kill me.
    [00:06] Turk: whatever
    [00:06] Gawain: hahahahahah
    [00:06] Gawain: whatever.
    [00:06] Gawain: hahahahahah
    [00:07] Turk: at least I’m not voting for an old fuck and a dumb twat
    [00:07] Gawain: thats true. I approve you not voting for the retard and the old guy.

    Vote Abama!

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    Wednesday September 17th 2008
    Ramada So Bad… 4:38 am-
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    It’s little things like this Betterbidding.com forum post that makes me chuckle to myself:

    I used PRICELINE for the first time. My bid was accepted by a Ramada Inn. I had requested a 2 star. When I mentioned it to someone where I am visiting, I was told that “nobody stays here. Even the police are afraid to go there.” I researched and found police reports and news articles that mentioned gang activity, brawls in the parking lot, armed robbery of the hotel, etc… I called Priceline and spoke at length to 2 people and was told that there are no refunds or cancellations. I don’t want a refund-I just want a different hotel in this town, even if I have to pay a little more. Do I have any options?

    Just how bad is it getting that someone using priceline doesn’t want to stay at the worst hotel ever for a cheap rate?

    Here is the chatlog with Gawain when I told him about it:

    [06:08] Turk: here is a great forum post my ramada inn south beloit google alert emailed me
    [06:09] Turk: you may have to scroll up
    [06:22] Gawain: hahahahaha
    [06:22] Gawain: those fuckers might as well close.
    [06:22] Turk: no shit
    [06:23] Turk: they don’t just to spite me
    [06:23] Gawain: hahhahaa.
    [06:23] Gawain: its totally personal.
    [06:23] Turk: oh yeah

    And I do feel sometimes they stay open just to spite me. They must know how good I will feel when they die a horrible death. I can out wait them though.

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