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Wednesday September 20th 2006
Still Unemployed 10:31 pm-
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Went and applied at a few places today. The big ones being CompUSA and Barnes & Noble. I have not drank today. Ending my two (three?) day streak of boozing it up.

CompUSA was looking for Tech Department and Sales. Tech I can handle. Sales I’m not really all that excited about entering. I’m really bad at selling myself. The bonus here is a discount on stuff I buy from them.

Barnes & Noble, well I am a reader. So it seems like a nice thing to get into. Again the possible discount on products purchased at the work place did have a deciding factor in applying. Not sure what the hell I would do there. I put down clerk/stocker/accounting hoping I get lucky on one of those.

Update on the Equal Pay Act situation. This below was the email I got after I called and told the Illinois Department of Labor about my getting fired for no good reason other than my absence being better for the team:

I reviewed your statement below and discussed the issue with our management and legal staff. It was advised that you file a separate complaint for retaliation. You may download our complaint form off our website online. I will also send you another form just in case you cannot download it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I hope they got a chuckle out of me and the sheriff’s conversation. I sent her a copy. So I’ll be filing another complaint and see what comes of it. And I don’t want my job back as long as those assholes run the place. I would laugh pretty good it those guys got hit with the a fine (max being $2,500).

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