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Monday September 18th 2006
My Day 6:03 pm-
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So I got my ass fired. That’s the recap. Here is what I did today.

First I called and talked to the Illinois Department of Labor and updated them on the latest developments. They were very interested to hear about my firing. The lady I talked didn’t think “the morale of the team would be better without me” was a sufficient reason to be let go. And that it was more than a little suspicious that I file a complaint and then a while later get fired for no good reason. Now that I no longer work for those assholes my desire to cause them trouble grows even more.

Second thing I did was file for unemployment. Which was fun. When it asked for the name of the person that fired me I entered “powers that be” and reason for being fired I put “the morale of the team would be better without me”. Will be interesting what those assholes at the hotel actual excuse will be when they fight my unemployment.

Thirdly I applied at the new Menard$ being built here in my neck of the woods. Was one of those deals were you go in and fill the application out and then someone interviews asking some general questions. Not sure if it’s a preinterview or if that was the real deal. Not sure what I would do at a place like Menard$. But a job is a job. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Finally I think I shall continue my boozing ways and go get a twelve pack. Seems like the thing to do when you’ve hit the bottom of the barrel.

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One Response to ''My Day''
Torn’s Girl says:
September 27th, 2006 at 7:36 pm

Oh my god I so can’t wait to go the NC Dept of Labor with the shit I am going through. They are trying to get me fired since I am so close to my five years, which means I get my pension. They also, for seven months, made me weekend supervisor without the pay. I did the job and even changed my hours and didn’t get the pay. Recently they lied so badly about me, that the house supervisor got involved. Damn if I was such a horrible worker why would they have kept me this long? I can’t help it they are jealous of me. I am proud that I have no children and that when I put my mind to something, I can achieve it. Nothing they can do will ever change me, but damn I cannot wait to tell them to kiss my ass. ( which I won’t ) Can we say defamation of character and slander. Also over 50 transfers have been denied.

OoOO a lawyer will love me if they fire me hehe

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