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Friday December 19th 2003
Spyware & Viruses 4:18 am-
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So the Spyware problem I wrote about yesterday got me ten whole points. No one can tell what I can get with my points, which just supports my claim that this “points system” is just in place for punishment.

Now the spyware problem isn’t over. In fact it was a lot worse than I had suspected. The spyware coexisted with viruses. Besides the hundreds of little bits of spyware the computer in question (Node 3) had 12 viruses on it. I managed to clean out the virus’s after a few hours of fucking with it. There was one that was very persistent and wouldn’t die easily. It would spawn other viruses in fact. The virus in question was named TalkStocks.F (also known as Downloader.MSCache) and is a Trojan Horse.

The spyware problem isn’t solved on Node 3. In fact it is going to be a problem for a long time. The last remnants of spyware on that pc won’t go away. This shit is some stuff from N-Case and Bargain Buddy. You can run good old Ad-aware and it cleans the shit out, until you reboot and then it’s all back. Thankfully the pc I use (Node 1) is crystal clear. And that’s the way it’s going to stay. If I have to lock it down I will.

It’s funny about the viruses though. These pc’s we have came with McAffe VirusScan. Of course McAffe didn’t detect shit as far as virus’s. It’s funny of course because I downloaded AVG Free Edition and got the virus problem taken care of. Which is a great compliment to this free piece of software, which to me functions better than either McAffe or Norton.

And personally if it were up to me I would fire whomever it was that caused all of these problems. I don’t care if this is a case of ignorance. This shit is unacceptable. Hundreds of spyware, dozens of viruses all of which a business would not want. God forbid any of our clientele found out how insecure we are at this hotel because of computer incompetent employees.

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