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Thursday April 7th 2005
F&B Blues 12:39 am-
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Tonight I want to talk about phones among other things of course. Now let’s preface this shit with the notice that I freely admit I don’t like my job. Shit I hate my job. But I do try my best to do my job as good as I can. Including answering the goddamn phone. Which I hate doing. Do you realize just how many goddamn idiots there are in this world that are able to dial the hotels number? And every time one of these inbred fucking retards manages to punch in the hotels phone number (a feat pretty amazing seeing most of our clientele don’t even have opposable thumbs) I answer the phone.

So it kind of really pisses me off when you have two bartenders down in the bar with a grand total of two supposed customers and between the pair of them they either can’t figure out their phone is off the hook or they just don’t care. This is my beef. If I didn’t answer the phone for about an hours period of time I would be in big trouble man. Shit would hit the fan as they say. But these two rocket scientists down in the bar they won’t get in any trouble. Well gee Turk why is that? I know your all wondering that question right?

And I’ll answer that question in a bit. But first let’s look at these two “bartenders” a little more. The one lady used to be some kind of bar manager and she happens to be a big fan of mine. And let me say it’s always these two. They just are a pair. Any other bartender this shit don’t happen. These two fucking lolly gag all goddamn night and it really pisses me off. I’m supposed to wait for the bar before I do the audit. You know what? When it’s these two I go when I’m ready. Oops too fucking bad if it’s not even midnight yet. I’m not waiting for them. I wait for them and I’m sitting twiddling my dick until way past two in the morning. Bear in mind I’m only talking about a weekday here. It’s not even busy in the bar when this kind of shit goes on.

Now to the question of why the bartenders won’t get in trouble? It’s really simple. The bar and restaurant is run by retards. At least that’s the way it seems. They couldn’t find a competent set of managers to run that side could they?. No they hired whomever answered the ad in the paper first. And that’s what you get. You get what you pay for. It’s a sad set of affairs when the food and beverage department is the most fucked up of all the departments in a totally fucked up hotel.

And in all fairness to the two bartenders they aren’t the only f&b employees that get away with shit. For example. I work until seven in the morning. The restaurant opens at six thirty in the morning. On a good day if it’s the cook that’s been here longer than me the kitchen is at least open by this time. Now having employees to run the restaurant is another matter. One out of five days a week I may see the lady who runs the cash register in the restaurant. So the place is open, food can be cooked, usually theirs a waitress, you just can’t leave and pay.

And that’s just what the whole department is like. No one in charge over there does anything. I think they are afraid to get their hands dirty or something. I mean god forbid you do some work yourself. With the way the entire side of the hotel over there is run I’m sure the management of the f&b department is just as much unreliable as the employees below them.

And then of course you got to look at the people that the f&b managers report to. Chain of command is really the weakest link in the hotel. And all of these problems I write about can be firmly thrown on their shoulders when it comes down to just who is at fault here. Sure you can blame some peons who don’t give a shit about their job so much that they are either to stupid to realize the phone is off the hook or they just don’t care about the phone at all, or the whole management system that lead to them being hired is broken.

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2 Responses to ''F&B Blues''
PsychoAuditor says:
April 8th, 2005 at 8:05 am

When I workd at Holiday Inn two years ago, the part I hated most was that I couldn’t begin audit until the bar closed at one in the morning. Since these two women at my hotel were slow at closing it, it would turn out to be more like half past the hourand sometimes later. Not to mention they’d need an escort to their car since we didn’t have security.

I hated working there, because all I really wanted to do was get my shit done but they’d drag their asses. The van drivers were equally a pain, since we were close to the airport and dealth with airlines and their crews.
Airline business has to be about the worst IMO, and with the jokers we had driving the vans, they’d be lucky to get anywhere on time, especially if one of the restaraunt employees was hitching a ride to work with the hotel shuttle.

As for the phones…

I’m pretty good about it, but late at night if nobody’s around and I know it’s an outside call and I still have arrivals, many times I’ll say fuck it. I know they’re either asking for directions or looking at making reservations. If they hang up and try again, odds are I’ll pick up, just in case it’s the boss lady, or someone trying to call a guest in house. Seeing I don’t start until midnight, I pretty much know why someone is calling late at night, and I don’t time to fuck around with people on the phone because I have work to get done and like most auditors, I have to create my own breaks.

Antiroleplay says:
April 9th, 2005 at 3:30 am

I think its just mandatory to have several morons in the chain of command in any buisness.

like say, for instance, at the bank I work.. we have 150 computer stations and 360 employees.

You’d think that someone in the bank could do math. Then again, maybe that’s asking too much.

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