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Friday July 7th 2006
Nightaudit.com 1:30 am-
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Every now and then I look around for other sites like mine. Not that there are any site just like mine. What would the odds be on that? No I just look for other sites that cover the hotel/audit topic. So now and then I do a google search for night audit just to see what I can find. Mostly I find links to sites that really are not what I’m looking for. And of course I’m usually in the top 10 in this google search.

This time when I did my search I found another site. I found Nightaudit.com. A forum that’s set up for people just like me. They currently only have 9 registered user and a total of 2 post (one is mine) and I felt like maybe just maybe I could shift them a little hits by writing about them. Because I know what it’s like to not get a lot of visitors. My first five years were like that. I’ve already informed my forum guys about the place. It would be nice to get some kind of community going regarding this line of work.

But let’s be clear on what my idea of a community should be. Gawain sums it up perfectly in this aim chat excerpt:

[00:27] Gawain: lol. its like the luke skywalker to your darth vader.
[00:28] Gawain: you’re all like.. luke… I am your FUTURE!
[00:28] Gawain: and they’re all like.. NOOOOOOOOO
[00:28] Turk: according to whois it’s been registered since 04
[00:28] Gawain: lol. with zero posts?
[00:28] Gawain: jesus, you shouldn’t even bother.
[00:28] Turk: first post there is from 2/6
[00:28] Turk: yeah
[00:28] Turk: well
[00:28] Turk: what the hell
[00:29] Turk: a community type thing has always been my goal
[00:29] Turk: just tainted with hate of course
[00:30] Gawain: lol. and a pinch of disgust.

I’m not interested in management. Nor do I want to maintain any kind of management friendly vibe in any community I happen to be a part of. I think that (taking a quote form Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta):

Employees should not be afraid of their managers. Managers should be afraid of their Employees.

That would be the basis of any community on the net for night auditors that I would have a part in. Which really is what my website is all about really. I’m sure that anyone who frequents my site probably already knows this. I’m sure as that website grows and picks up some people we will find out just what kind of place it will become. Either way if your an night auditor be sure to head over there and sign up so we can see what kind of community it will become.

On a side note if your idea of a night audit community falls in line with mine make sure to visit my night audit forum and register for my forums. We have over 20 members and over 700 posts. Which until Nightaudit.com gets going you can be sure to find a little more activity in my forums.

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